Who was the Quarterback Mentioned in the Brian Flores NFL Lawsuit?

Tom Brady could be mixed up in the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL
Does the Brain Flores NFL lawsuit include a QB who just retired today? (Photo by Getty Images)

In a story that’s still currently breaking, former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores has accused the NFL of racist actions and the Miami Dolphins of forcing him to violate tampering rules in a lawsuit.

Of the accusations, one of the more major ones comes against team owner Stephen Ross.

Flores claims Ross offered to pay up to 100,000 dollars for each loss of the 2019 season, and pushed him to acquire a certain quarterback following the season.

Although many believe that quarterback to be Watson, it appears to be someone else.

In the winter of 2020, Flores claims a QB was invited onto a yacht with Flores and Stephen Ross during illegal tampering.

This came after Flores repetitively denied making a move for the said quarterback. Once he heard that he would be invited onto this boat, he “Refused the meeting and left the yacht immediately.”

Coming after 2019, this quarterback could not have been Watson, who was under contrast and did not request a trade until a year later.

Although, there was a prominent quarterback set to be a free agent that offseason.

Was Tom Brady the QB in question?

Tom Brady, who recently retired, was coming off of his last season with New England. Set to be a free agent when the league year started in March, Brady likely visited Miami. However, since the league year was not open, these actions would violate tampering rules.

It is also reported that Brady and Flores had a poor relationship, which may have been why he stormed out. This comes after many have confirmed the QB was not Watson.

Shortly after his championship in Tampa Bay, Brady spoke of one interview with a team during free agency. The team dropped out late, and Brady was shocked over which QB was chosen over him. This very well may have been Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was Miami’s quarterback at the time.

There are a few prominent quarterbacks who this could have been, but the story is still unfolding. As of now, Brady fits the description, and we will learn who it is as more about the Brian Flores NFL lawsuit comes out.

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