BREAKING: Miami Dolphins Hire Mike McDaniel

New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to terms with San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel to become their next head coach.

McDaniel becomes the team’s 14th head coach in franchise history, and their 12th since Don Shula.

Following the firing of Brian Flores, Miami decided to look in a new direction, opting for an offensive-minded leader.

Mike McDaniel Background

McDaniel has an extensive offensive resume for someone as young as he is. At 38 years old, he’s been working in the NFL since 2005.

Most recently, McDaniel coordinated a 49ers offense that finished seventh in total yardage and made the NFC championship game.

This offense, lead by a seventh-ranked rushing attack, has made the ground game their bread-and-butter. Behind Elijah Mitchell, Deebo Samuel, and an elite zone scheme, the Niners have been able to get the very most out of their offensive unit.

Miami has severely lacked on the ground for the better part of two decades, and McDaniel brings a scheme that may fix some of those issues.

San Francisco has also done great work in maximizing their quarterbacks, which Miami is in desperate need of. Jimmy Garoppolo has consistently been given simple reads off the play action, limiting turnovers and maximizing production. With Miami looking to maximize third year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, providing this system brings the potential for success.

As far as leadership and communication, McDaniel showed a demeanor with the media Dolphins fans haven’t seen in a while. His consistently positive attitude brings a breath of fresh air to those who didn’t enjoy the media availability of previous regimes.

The Bottom Line

Throughout his time in the NFL, McDaniel has shown a knack for maximizing his talent. Miami brings another opportunity to do so. Their defense is playoff ready, and their offense brings superstar potential in Jaylen Waddle.

The Miami Dolphins, for the 14th time in their history, have a new sense of hope, and Mike McDaniel will hope to bring success that 12 others could not.

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