BREAKING NEWS: Baseball is back as MLB and MLBPA agree to terms

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

The MLB and MLBPA have agreed to terms on a deal. Baseball will be played this summer. Let’s get into the terms of the deal:

MLB and MLBPA terms:

A lot of this is just business jargon. However, there are a few important things to go over. First, off the CBT, the owners, and players came to an agreement that brings the CBT up to $230 million dollars. This will allow players to get more money from teams who want to spend.

Next, the minimum salary is going up to $700k. This is huge for players. The minimum salary is up almost $120k, making teams spend more and helping young players with less time on their clock. In other words, young players actually have comparable wages to veterans in the league.

Another thing, the bonus pool money increased to $50 million. This was one of the biggest things for the MLBPA. Bonus money is huge for players in the first six years of service. It allows them to add to salary via good play — the pool was small and was only going to the top players.

Lastly, and the biggest hold up here in the ninth hour, the International draft. This became a huge issue with the Dominican Republic players, as it would destroy the system that is set up in the DR. The MLB, however, chose to give them time to adjust to this new system. It will start in 2024 and they have until July 25th to come to an agreement on how it will work. If there is a deal made, then the qualifying offer system is gone. If no deal on that, qualifying offers will come back.

Will we get 162 games?

Short answer: Yes. The long answer, Rob Manfred has already canceled two weeks of games. However, there is a scheduling option where the league could still get all 162 in and that is what was agreed to.

Spring training will be starting up tom , and the next 24 hours of trades and signings will be crazy. Basically, all of the MLB offseason will be in the next week.

Here we go y’all, baseball is back! We are going to have a crazy few days with trades and big names still sitting on the market. Let’s worry about scheduling when that all comes to a head nearing the playoffs. Just enjoy the fact that baseball is here again.

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