Florida Gators at the Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine wrapped up and four Florida Gators participated in some way. Kaiir Elam ran the 40-Yard Dash and then was there for medicals and interviews. Dameon Pierce and Zach Carter participated in most drills, and Jeremiah Moon participated in all drills.

All numbers are courtesy of Kent Lee Platte (@MathBomb on Twitter) and ras.football. A lowercase “u” following the number deems it as an unofficial mark. Heights are listed in four-digit format. The first number is feet, the next two inches, and the last number is eighths. For example, a height of six-foot five and three-eights inches would be listed as 6053.

Kaiir Elam

Kaiir Elam
Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Height: 6014
Weight: 191
Arm Length: 30-7/8″
Hand Size: 8-7/8″
40-Yard Dash: 4.39
20-Yard Split: 2.56u
10-Yard Split: 1.52u

Florida Gators cornerback Kaiir Elam’s most major concern to be answered at the Combine was his long speed. In his first drill, Elam did just that. While the field was “juiced” for the 40-yard dash, even if you add 0.05 seconds — as some believe NFL teams will — his 40 time is exceptional for his size. Hopefully we will get to see his change of direction ability on display at his Pro Day.

Dameon Pierce

Dameon Pierce scores a touchdown
Photo Credit: James Gilbert/Getty Images

Height: 5095
Weight: 218
Arm Length: 30-3/4″
Hand Size: 9-3/8″
40-Yard Dash: 4.59
20-Yard Split: 2.67u
10-Yard Split: 1.61u
Bench Press: 21
Vertical Jump: 34.5″
Broad Jump: 119″
RAS: 6.6u

Florida Gators running back Dameon Pierce has been one of the biggest risers throughout the draft process, and his Combine performance was solid enough to not raise any concerns. Pierce had good size, and a solid enough 40 time and jumps to not cause problems for teams looking to spend a mid-round pick on him. Every running back opted out of the 3-cone, so hopefully we get to see him perform at his Pro Day.

Zach Carter

Florida Gators at the Combine: Zach Carter
Photo Credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Height: 6042
Weight: 282
Arm Length: 33-1/2″
Hand Size: 10-1/4″
40-Yard Dash: 4.99
20-Yard Split: 2.9u
10-Yard Split: 1.73u
Bench Press: 19
Vertical Jump: 27.5
Broad Jump: 110″
RAS: 6.72u

Zach Carter had a rather disappointing Combine. If he is a defensive tackle, the numbers are pretty solid. However, Carter more likely fits as a 3-4 DE as a 4-tech, and in that case, the numbers are fairly disappointing. As it stands, he will most likely be asked to bulk up since he is not super athletic. Hopefully, he can improve upon these numbers at his Pro Day.

Jeremiah Moon

Jeremiah Moon and Zach Carter get a sack
Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Height: 6046
Weight: 249
Arm Length: 35″
Hand Size: 10-1/8″
40-Yard Dash: 4.76
20-Yard Split: 2.76u
10-Yard Split: 1.66u
Vertical Jump: 40.5″
Broad Jump: 133″
Short Shuttle: 4.55
3-Cone: 7.09
RAS: 8.36u

Jeremiah Moon had a pretty good combine. He came in with incredible length at the linebacker position. He ran an average forty-yard dash, but had incredible jumps. His 3-cone was pretty good, but his short shuttle was horrendous. All in all, it was a good day, and he gave teams a reason to bet on him on Day 3 of the draft. He will look to repeat his performance at his pro day.

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