2022 Browns Mock Draft 2.0

In my first 2022 Browns mock draft post-Watson trade, the Browns try to fill most of their remaining needs after the second week of free agency. We take a look at version 2.0 of the Browns mock draft.

2022 Browns Mock Draft 2.0

50. Travis Jones, 6’4″, 325lbs, DT, UCONN

Trade: Browns Trade Picks 44, 78, and 202 To Kansas City For 50 and 62

Travis Jones is a freak athlete at defensive tackle. His testing wasn’t talked about because of both Georgia defensive tackles, Jordan Davis and Devonte Wyatt, but Jones ran a 4.92 40-yard dash at 325lbs, and had very good agility and explosion testing as well. He had a 9.39 RAS, and sports 34.25″ arms.

Jones is technically refined, and is fantastic against the run. He provides some value as a pass rusher as well, and fills one of the Browns biggest positions of needs while being a good value at this selection.

Travis Jones RAS Card 2022 Browns Mock Draft
Travis Jones RAS card, courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

60. Drake Jackson, 6’5″, 254lbs, EDGE, USC,

Trade: Browns Trade Picks 62 and 118 To Tampa Bay for Picks 60, 133, and 248

Photo Credit: Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Browns had to trade back up to get Drake Jackson, as there was a run on the third tier of edge rushers in the 50’s. Trading up two picks to guarantee the last of the edge rushers may seem non-sensical, but there is a huge drop-off after Jackson. You’re looking at players like Josh Paschal, Sam Williams, and Myjai Sanders.

Jackson is still an extremely young player, and has been asked to play at a variety of weights due to changes in need while at USC. He is a great athlete, with elite explosiveness and above average agility, as well as having 34″ arms. Jackson posted a 9.83u RAS. He can develop into a great edge rusher, but will need time.

Drake Jackson RAS Card 2022 Browns Mock Draft
Drake Jackson RAS Card, courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

99. Jeremy Ruckert, 6’5″, 252lbs, TE, Ohio State,

Jeremy Ruckert was underutilized while at Ohio State, but has the size, skill, and athleticism to be a good tight end. His pass catching ability is near the top for this draft class. He is a good blocker as well. Ruckert can align at a variety of spots, and will be asked to do so in a tight end room that just lost Austin Hooper. Ruckert did not test outside of bench press, but he most likely would have tested fairly well.

133. Kyle Philips, 5’11”, 189lbs, WR, UCLA

Kyle Philips is a plug-and-play slot receiver who the Browns will love. He’s a willing blocker and a good route runner. He can fill in a lot of what Jarvis Landry has provided — while being significantly cheaper. Philips is a good athlete as well. He had an 8.28 RAS. His agility testing was elite, and he had good jumps. Philips had an average 40-yard dash at just 4.58, but his splits were very good, which is more indicative of success with short area burst.

Kyle Philips RAS Card
Kyle Philips RAS card, courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

223. Yusuf Corker, 6’0″, 203lbs, Saf, Kentucky

Yusuf Corker does not fit the age requirements that the Browns have followed under Berry. He didn’t test, but he is by no means a freak athlete. However, this is simply a scenario that a player at a position of need is available much later than expected. I’d be surprised if Corker isn’t a 4th or a 5th round pick, and so getting him here is purely a value selection.

246. Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa, 6’2″, 270lbs, DT, Notre Dame

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa moved from playing on the interior of the defensive line in previous years to playing 5-Tech for the Fighting Irish. Tagovailoa-Amosa projects much more favorably at 3-tech than he does at 5. He is a below average athlete for a true defensive end, and lacks the bend necessary to be a productive player there full time. However, he provides the versatility to do so if you need someone in for run support, and can also kick inside.

Tagovailoa-Amosa will need to put the weight that he lost for the past season back on to move back inside. However, as a defensive tackle, despite lacking the traditional size, he still scored an 8.49u RAS. He had an elite 40-yard dash, broad jump, and 3-cone (unofficial time) and had a good vertical jump and short shuttle (unofficial time), as well. The main thing pulling down his RAS is his size.

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa RAS Card 2022 Browns Mock Draft
Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa RAS card, courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

248. Nephi Sewell, 5’11”, 226lbs, LB, Utah

The Browns currently don’t have a lot of needs to fill in this draft. With the trade of Mack Wilson, it frees up the opportunity for another linebacker to compete for a roster spot. This draft pick is not a guarantee to make the roster, but Nephi Sewell is a solid bet to make.

Sewell is undersized, but has good movement skills and has a good pedigree with a brother already in the NFL and another soon on the way. Sewell posted a 6.97 RAS, despite having very bad size scores. The length could be an issue at linebacker, but I would expect Sewell to be a great special teams player, which could let him stick in the NFL.

Nephi Sewell RAS card, courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

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