ATB Network’s MLB Top Ten Prospects: Opening Day 2022

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Welcome to the first installment of ATB Network’s top 10 MLB prospects. It is the opening week of 2022 and there are a LOT of good rookies. Luke, Sanket, and Tayyib break down their top ten. The order is based on the average spot on all three lists. Let’s dive into all the future stars of the MLB:

Top 10 Prospects in MLB for 2022

1) Bobby Witt Jr. 3B

Luke – He is just that guy. It’s simple as that. Bobby Witt Jr. is going to be great. He has all the tools at third. He is a high-level fielder already and his speed makes him a threat on the base pads. Not only is he a good contact hitter, but he knows how to hit for power, too.

Sanket – Hits for power and average, and has a really good arm. Will play third base most likely for the Royals. I believe he’s got the best chance of any prospect at becoming the top player in MLB.

Tayyib – The definition of a five-tool player. Athletic in the field and blazing bat speed make him the most exciting rookie in the game.

Votes: All number 1

2) Adley Rutchsman C

Luke – Adley Rutchsman has been talked about for what feels like forever. His defense behind the plate is spectacular. Great arm and pop time, and looks like a seasoned veteran behind the plate. A top-tier catching prospect is rare.

Sanket – Drafted right ahead of Witt in 2019, Adley has great catching ability and will probably be the best offensive catcher in the game when he reaches his peak.

Tayyib – Rutchsman’s athletic build, whippy throwing arm, and pitch framing IQ make him the best catching prospect in baseball — and by a pretty good margin.

Votes: Luke (3), Sanket (2), Tayyib (3)

3) Julio Rodriguez OF

Luke – Julio Rodriguez is probably the most fun of all the top 10 MLB prospects. He is a physical beast, but his mind is just as sharp. You will never see Rodriguez take a bad line to the ball.

Sanket -He’ll become the face of the franchise in a few years and has really good offensive game. A guy who can run as well, I think Julio will end up becoming like a right-handed Bryce Harper. 

Tayyib – Rodriguez has the physical tools to marshall the outfield in the majors for a long time. Add good plate discipline and all-field power, Rodriguez is one to watch.

Votes: Luke (2) Sanket (3) Tayyib (4)

4) Spencer Torkelson 1B/3B

Luke – The power-hitting first baseman is going to make some waves. He’s not as well-rounded as the others on this list, and he’s not a Gold Glove first baseman.

Sanket – Tremendous power and the heir to Miguel Cabrera. Okay defender at first, but his raw power is where he’ll make his money in the majors. 

Tayyib – An all-around hitter with plus power. Spencer Torkelson is the first baseman of the future in Detroit.

Votes: Luke (4) Sanket (3) Tayyib (2)

5) Riley Greene OF

Luke – CONSISTENT. That’s what Riley Greene needs to be. The Tigers need him to be consistent. He has all tools, but has struggled to put it all together.

Sanket – Detroit has two of the top 5 prospects in MLB as they try and win now. Greene has improved upon his power game a lot and will be a consistent threat behind Torkelson for the Tigers. 

Tayyib –  The outfielder hits for power and placement. A consistent swing and smart pitch recognition are Greene’s best tools.

Votes: all 5th

6) Grayson Rodriguez RHP

Luke – Velocity and control are not a problem, the problem for Grayson Rodriguez is that the O’s are playing the service time game. The kid would probably be starter #4 for the O’s this year, but it looks like they keep him down to start the year.

Sanket – The Orioles have terrible pitching, but luckily for them, Rodriguez is on the doorsteps of the major. A really good fastball combined with a great change-up gives Rodriguez the potential to become an ace for Baltimore.

Tayyib – Four-pitch repertoire features a fastball that hits 100mph. The Orioles prospect is a flame thrower with deceptive secondary pitches.

Votes: Luke and Sanket (6) Tayyib (7)

7) Anthony Volpe SS

Luke – The only reason Anthony Volpe isn’t a top 3 MLB prospect is that he has yet to face AA pitching. Volpe is a 5-tool player. He’s great at everything and is the reason the Yankees didn’t sign a top-tier shortstop. When you are the reason the Yankees don’t feel the need to spend money, you gotta be good.

Sanket – The Yankees are throwing all their chips in for Volpe. He’s the future for them at shortstop, and even though he’s only in AA, he’s already displayed some raw power and hitting prowess. Can he keep it up though?

Tayyib – The Yankees chose not to sign a long-term shortstop because of Volpe. The fleet-footed base runner boasts a fabulous feel for the game and is a threat on the pads.

Votes: Luke (7) Sanket (8) Tayyib (6)

8) Gabriel Moreno C

Luke – I have Gabriel Moreno at this spot mostly because of the value of a good catching prospect. Don’t get me wrong, I think he will be good, but I like players like CJ Abrams more. Positional value gives Moreno the boost.

Sanket – Toronto has a couple of good catchers in their system in Alejandro Kirk and Moreno. Moreno is a solid player with good hitting and good defense, and is terrific at throwing out runners. 

Tayyib – The Venezuelan catcher’s compact swing and good instincts should translate well into the big leagues. A patient hitter, Moreno minimizes strikes and grinds at-bats.

Votes: Luke (9) Sanket (7) Tayyib (8)

9) CJ Abrams SS

Luke – CJ Abrams is already better in the field than Fernando Tatis. He is the shortstop of the future in San Diego, and the Tatis injury could allow him to solidify that spot. He is fast and hits with precision.

Sanket – An absolute speed demon on the bases, Abrams will become the Padres shortstop once he gets to the majors, and Tatis will move to the outfield. Also a plus hitter, Abrams ceiling is a 20-20 guy.

Tayyib – Not ranked

Votes: Luke (8) Sanket (9) Tayyib (N/A)

10) Shane Baz SP

Luke – Shane Baz is going to be very good and is just going to make the Rays look even smarter for the Chris Archer trade. Baz could allow them to move on from Glasnow if they want to save money.

Sanket – Not ranked

Tayyib – Shane Baz’s fastball is elite. The young pitcher has the sweet spot of high speed and movement on his heater. It will become one of the best pitches in baseball.

Votes: Luke (10), Sanket (N/A), Tayyib (10)

That’s the end of our first rundown of the top 10 MLB prospects. Be sure to check back with us for more great MLB content throughout the season!

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