With all due respect, the Lakers must hire Mark Jackson

After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Lakers are looking to rebound. This starts with finding the right coach who will fit the team like a glove. With the recent news of the Purple and Gold interviewing Mark Jackson, he could be the perfect hire to hoist banner number eighteen in the Crypto.Com Arena.

What could Mark Jackson bring to the Lakers?

Mark Jackson’s basketball mind is vastly underrated when it comes to his coaching style. He is often credited with laying the groundwork for the Golden State Warriors dominance. He coached a deadly young duo in the Splash Brothers, so just imagine what he might do with two seasoned veterans in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Sure, he hasn’t coached in years, but you never lose your passion for basketball; it’s ingrained in you.

Jackson also creates a degree of defensive feasting. Meaning he will make it difficult for his opponents to score. When looking at his tenure with the Warriors during the 2013-14 season, they were ranked fourth in team defensive efficiency. That same season, the offense tanked top 10 in team scoring.

Averaging well over 104.4 points per game should indicate that not only was that team capable of locking down opponents, but numerous buckets were also made.

If Jackson is hired, think about how high that defense rating would be! Think about how much scoring would improve if he became the Lakers’ coach. He has the ability to unlock so much within their team roster and bring back memories of the Warriors club he coached not long ago.

How this Helps Lebron and Anthony Davis

This hire would greatly benefit the Lakers team because of the intense energy Mark Jackson brings to his teams. It could also be viewed as his revenge tour. You get a coach who has an a high emphasis on defense and scoring. Who do the Lakers have on their roster who is a defensive assassin and an ageless marvel who still chases down blocks and scores in the high twenties as if they are still in their fifth year of their career?

Oh, two people named LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Having these two also helps Jackson since it gives him an opportunity to prove his critics wrong. His hiring is even endorsed by Lebron himself. So, with all due respect Lakers, please give Mark Jackson the position and bring another Larry O’Brien to Los Angeles.

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