Was Tommy Edman Snubbed From the 2022 MLB All-Star Game?

MLB just released its finalists for the 2022 All-Star game. Somewhat surprisingly, Cardinals infielder, Tommy Edman, was nowhere to be found.

Edman’s All-Star Case

The case for Tommy Edman attending the midsummer classic is undeniable. A quick trip to Baseball Reference affirms that. Edman leads NL position players in overall WAR, defensive WAR, and runs scored. He’s also top-ten in almost every other major statistical category. Not only is his All-Star case ironclad, but you could argue that Edman is a dark-horse candidate for MVP.

How Did he Get Missed?

First of all, having fan voting be such a big part of determining All-Star rosters is just asinine. If a player isn’t a household name, like Edman, they’re essentially out of luck from the get-go. Fan voting is also a big reason why you typically see four or five players from the same team make it.

Another thing hurting Edman is the fact that he is overshadowed by two other Cardinals stars. Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado are much more recognizable names and are both having MVP-caliber seasons in their own right. They have dominated most of the headlines despite Edman quietly playing just about as well.

Perhaps the biggest thing hurting Edman is that voters may not know what position to put him at. While traditionally a second baseman (won a gold glove there in 2021), Edman has spent almost half of this season at shortstop. This is due to both the struggles of Paul DeJong, and the emergence of rookie Nolan Gorman. Essentially, Edman is being punished for being able to play two positions at a very high level.

Still a Chance

Edman could still make the All-Star game as a reserve via the “player ballot.” You would think he would have the respect of his peers at this point, despite not getting it from the fans. Still, the fact that he has to hope he can backdoor his way into getting selected is criminal and a sign that this process is in dire need of change.

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