Carmelo Hayes: Why NXT 2.0 has WWE’s Next Star

NXT wrestling superstar Carmelo Hayes
Photo Credit: WWE

As WWE has quickly built its stars for the future by launching talent who will someday become main eventer’s through their developmental brand NXT. With the rebranding of the old black and gold brand to the new NXT 2.0, they have recently created a significant deal of talent from top to bottom. Carmelo Hayes, the current NXT North American Champion, is one of the guys with star written all over him. A superb in-ring performer who matches his mic skills.

When Melo Shoot He Don’t Miss

That famous catchphrase of his is the absolute truth, and he delivers in every single match he’s in . While also paired with Trick Williams, these two have a terrific chemistry and constantly hype each other up. Hayes began his path to early popularity in The NXT Breakout Tournament, which was created around newly signed talent.

Hayes won the event, earning him a future championship opportunity. He went after the North American Title, which he won in an upset. From there, he rode a big wave of momentum, knocking down multiple contenders in title defenses. He even defeated Diamond Mine leader Roderick Strong to unify the North American and Crusierweight titles.

He’s quickly become a fan favorite and someone you can root for. He has everything you might want in the potential future face of your company. He proved his particular talent once more tonight, putting on one of the best matches of his early WWE career against another future star, Cameron Grimes, winning back his North American title and becoming a two-time champion.

An Extremely Bright Future

The 27-year-old star is still in his prime, and with the right people around him, he has the potential to be the company’s next core of guys. Hayes is the complete package, and is simply overflowing with potential. His excellent vocal abilities on the microphone during a promo, his drip, and, of course, his incredible wrestling abilities.

Simply put, Carmelo Hayes is more than built for his future ahead.

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