BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Trade for Scott Effross from the Cubs

Cubs trade relief pitcher Scott Effross to the New York Yankees
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BREAKING: The Yankees get their relief pitcher. With Michael King done for the year, their bullpen had been struggling. Now, they make a huge trade to get Scott Effross. The 28-year-old rookie feels like he’s meant for the Yankees. A stuff-based pitcher with five years of control. Now, the Yankees paid a steep price of #7 prospect Hayden Wesneski, however in the hunt for #28, it might have been worth it.

The Breakdown on Effross

As I said earlier, Effross is a stuff pitcher. He features a low 90’s fast ball with plenty of run. However, his bread-and-butter is his slider, sinker, and change-up combo that makes up for all but 9.5% of his pitches. Effross is in the top 10% of the league in the following advanced stats: XSLG, WOBA, XWOBA, and XERA. All of these are just more advanced ways of tracking their base stats of SLG, OBA, and ERA. XERA is the most impressive, XERA is fielding independent ERA. Effross has posted a 2.21 XERA which is in the top 3% of pitchers and would be second on the Yankees active roster behind only Clay Holmes.

The Yankees side of the Scott Effross trade

Hayden Wesneski is a top prospect for the Yankees, but at a spot where they have ridiculous depth. They have three LHPs in their top 10. This trade does nothing to take them out of the rest of the trade deadline festivities. Wesneski will have a quicker path to the majors in Chicago. He was backlogged in the Yankees farm system, but now he can have a chance to shine.

What’s next for the Yankees

It feels like the Yankees are all in on Frankie Montas and Carlos Rendon. They probably only get one — but who knows, they are the Yankees. They could get both if they wanted to, their farm is deep enough to do so. We have a littlea more than 24 hours until the MLB trade deadline. A lot can happen.

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