Aaron May “No Recognition”: Album Review

aaron may no recognition
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In late June 2022, Aaron May dropped his highly anticipated EP “No Recognition”. Is the album worth a listen and how does it stand up to his previous breakout album “Chase”?

Aaron May Background

Aaron May is an up-and-coming independent artist out of Houston, TX. He is signed to the independent record label MOVEINTHEAM. Early in 2019, May dropped his debut album “Chase” with his hit single “Let Go”. Since then he has dropped a number of singles, but “No Recognition” was his first album since.

No Recognition Review

The seven song EP by May is one of the best melodic rap albums put out this year so far. The album has a slightly different vibe compared to “Chase”, as this is more mellow — which I feel like May did well. On “No Recognition” Aaron May seems to be coming into his own sound, and you can really see the growth he has had as an artist. Even though there are still some more upbeat tunes, May’s vocals float on the beat. The album also has a good balance of both slow songs and little more upbeat, which makes it an even better listen.

Personally, this is one of the best albums to just vibe to. May’s flow and voice with the production on this album make it a go-to for any moment. Throughout the album, May raps more about his struggles and uses music as a form of therapy. As you listen you hear lyrics that make you reflect on yourself and your own personal struggles. One of my own personal favorite lyrics is

“They be saying “Don’t waste yo potential boy you got real talent”
They don’t understand it ain’t that simple when you tryna kill habits
Goin’ through it on yo own it ain’t hard to feel stranded”.

Final Thoughts on Aaron May’s “No Recognition”

The replay ability of this album is just as good as it was for “Chase”, as the album is still in my rotation and has no signs of leaving. My personal favorite songs are “Last Time” and “I Ain’t Worried”. Overall, the album is a solid 8/10 and think will age like fine wine.

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