North Ave Jax Album Review: “Lazy, but i have goals”

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The hardest out the scene in the 802. North Ave Jax, dropped one of the most complete projects of 2022 so far. His album “LaZy, but i have goals” dropped on August 17th, 2022 and I have not stopped listening to it since, so why not put out an album review? The album has no features and includes two skits and eight songs.

North Ave Jax Album Review

The album from start to finish is one of the most complete and well put together albums I have heard in a long time. Every time I listen to this album, I always find something new. Whether it is that song I have been overlooking, a new play on words, or just understanding each song’s place on the album.

“Awful” was a great choice for the opening song, and really sets the tone for the rest of the listen. “Play Dumb” is the biggest banger on the album, and always gets me going. “The Fall” and “Awful” are two songs that almost everyone can relate to, but songs like “Guns & Roses” and “Eastside” will definitely have you contemplating getting in your bag.

My real only complaint is how random the skits are. My first time listening to the album I was like “why is this even in here?” That being said, even though the skits are a bit random they fit into the album. The skits give your ears a nice break as he transitions flows from song to song.

The production on the album is solid, but my favorite part of the album is Jax’s flow. No matter what type of beat it is, Jax always seems to know how to flow on it. And the quality of flow switches Jax does in a number of songs kept things fresh.

Closing Thoughts

The replay ability on this album is insane. I play this album day-in and day-out, and I don’t get tired of it. It’s the perfect album for any type of vibe and will have your friends asking you “who’s this?”

My personal favorite songs are “Awful” and “Play Dumb”, and I am looking forward to seeing what North Ave Jax drops next.

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