The Future at Quarterback for the New York Giants

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones
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Prior to the 2022-23 NFL season, many fans had the New York Giants towards the bottom of the league, myself included. After a 6-1 start, many fans were pleasantly surprised. At that point, quarterback Daniel Jones had a 2:1 touchdown to turnover ratio as he used both his arm and legs to help the Giants get off to this fantastic start.

While Jones had a lot of help from running back Saquon Barkley, many fans of the team liked what they saw. He has improved in multiple categories, most notably in the turnover department. In 13 games this season, two more than last season, Jones has three less total turnovers. He’s taken care of the ball, but that hasn’t kept the winning going.

In the midst of a bad stretch, where the Giants have gone 1-4-1, Jones is still trusted as their leader. First year head coach Brian Daboll has answered plenty of questions about his young QB. In an interview this past week, Daboll praised Jones, saying, “He’s good… nice job really since we got here… in the pocket, taking care of the football, making the right decisions.”

This trust from the organization is encouraging for Jones, but for how long will the praise keep coming. The fans of New York have mixed emotions on Jones and it’s seen by the countless debates between Giants fans. The latest struggles has brought up one big question: What should the Giants do at quarterback next year?

There are three options at quarterback for the Giants this upcoming offseason: Resign Daniel Jones, draft a quarterback, or sign a free agent. There is the possibility of the Giants going with two of those options, possibly all three. So, which scenario makes the most sense?

Scenario 1: The Giants re-sign Daniel Jones without drafting a quarterback

It’s not a bad option. Daniel Jones has improved this year, and who says he can’t improve even more? After all, Brian Daboll has proven to be able to develop quarterbacks. As mentioned, he’s turned the ball over less while also scoring more. This is the sign of a maturing quarterback. He’s also started to run the ball more, and better. His ability to use his legs creates problems for defenses and helps open up the run game.

This option could give Daboll another year to figure out which direction they want to go. The old “kick the can down the road” approach, if you will.

Scenario 2: New York drafts a quarterback (Possibly having Jones as well)

The Giants could pair this option with the first, and have the rookie sit behind Jones until he’s ready — or until Jones struggles. This quarterback class is interesting and the Giants currently hold the 23rd pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, subject to change. Due to their draft spot, there are about four potential QBs for the Giants: Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, Hendon Hooker, and Bo Nix. I’ve left C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young off this list due to their projected draft spot.

These quarterbacks could be a great option for the Giants, if they aren’t sold on Jones’ performance. If they decide to draft a quarterback, Daboll has a choice to make: play him right away or have him sit and learn?

Scenario 3: The Giants sign a free agent quarterback

This option could go many different ways. With the Giants projected to have the third most cap space in the NFL this offseason, they could make a splash. There are four possible options: Geno Smith, Jimmy Garoppolo, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson. Each of these guys could push the Giants further than Jones.

Baker Mayfield is a big question mark, but has played well in the past with a good offensive line. He would be a cheaper option, as well. Geno Smith is older, but has come into his own. He could be the starter for a few years until they find a rookie they like. Jimmy Garoppolo would be a hot commodity, but has proven he knows how to win consistently.

The last option is Lamar Jackson. While some people would say this is unrealistic, I disagree. This is only realistic due to the Giants cap space and draft capital. If Lamar wants to leave Baltimore, why wouldn’t he love the Big Apple, a big contract, and a young team with an up-and-coming coach? He would fit well with this team.

There’s only one question: Would he leave Baltimore? If he would want to, the Giants are a team I could see going after Jackson.

The Giants have had a great season to this point, and hope to stop their recent struggles. Whether they do or not, the question of who will be their starting quarterback in 2023 is going to be there. Will it be Jones, or are they going to go a different direction? Only time will tell. Regardless, the Giants are heading in the right direction with this new regime.

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  1. Travis Harmon

    The giants should try to sign Lamar or dav Carr and a receiver Daniel Jones had a half of a good season .ww need to move o. A get better quarterback tge giants are ready to when but need a quarterback like Jackson Carr better receiver an upgrade our defense to be a threat


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