Make The Case: Who should the New York Giants Draft at 25?

The New York Giants draft is undoubtedly going to look different than previous years. No top pick, no extra capital, and nobody clamoring for a quarterback. What is the move at pick 25 for head coach Brian Daboll and company?

What do the New York Giants need?

If you watched any Giants football this year, it was blatantly obvious they have large gaps in their roster. The question at 25 shouldn’t be “which position is the biggest need” it should be “what player best fills a hole on the team”. With that being said, the Giants need the following: wide receiver, interior offensive line, and cornerback the most. Followed by an edge rusher and tight end.

The New York Giants Draft Options:

The Giants have a few really good options at 25, but it’s a weird place to be. With a lot of questions ahead of them, New York has no control over the options and just has to sit put and hope.

Photo Credit: Butch Dill

Offensive Line:

The offensive line was a lot better under Brian Daboll. The interior offensive line is the biggest problem for New York. Quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley were able to make things happen with constant pressure up the middle. Florida guard O’Cyrus Torrence would be a great option. He is a people mover. I got to see him down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl and he is one of the best O-line prospects in the draft.

Wide Receiver:

New York clearly needs wide receiver help. However, is this the class for them to take a receiver? I have no clue. Jordan Addison, Jaxson Smith-Njigba, and most of the receivers in this class are smaller guys. Do they take one of these guys early, considering the wide receivers they already have on the roster in similar roles? Probably not. Look for a receiver later in the draft.


This is a super tough one. If one of the top four corners are there, you take them INSTANTLY. The top two, Christian Gonzalez and Devon Witherspoon most definitely will not be there at 25. I don’t think Joey Porter Jr. or Cam Smith will be there, either. If they aren’t, corner is a no-go in my book. There is so much value later in this draft at corner that it just isn’t worth it.

The Best Draft Option for the New York Giants

Honestly, I don’t know that there is a “best” option for the Giants. If the Giants draft anyone I listed above, I would be happy, but it will all depend on the movement in front of the 25th pick.

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