2023 NFL Draft Final Position Rankings: Offensive Tackles

Let’s get right into the fifth group in our look at my final position rankings for the 2023 NFL draft: the offensive tackles . Before the season started this group looked to be a bit of a drop off from previous classes; but a few guys have stepped up and a few have seemingly come out of nowhere. This class looks to be another solid group, even with Olu Fashanu of Penn State, and a few others, going back to school

As always, I will be listing players at their expected NFL positions. Be sure to check out my mid-season ranking of the 2023 NFL draft offensive tackles, and if you want to check out the draft database that I help update almost daily, you can find it at risendraft.

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2023 NFL Draft Offensive Tackles: The Top 5

  1. Paris Johnson, Ohio State: Johnson started at right guard in 2021 and played really well. He is a big man who plays with a lot of power. He showed in 2022 that he can play left tackle in the NFL. Johnson has crazy length with 36″ arms to dominate pass rushers at the next level.
  2. Broderick Jones, Georgia: The 2022 season was Broderick Jones’ first as a full-time starter, although he did start a few games in 2021. Jones came in and dominated, not giving up a single sack and only nine pressures on the season. He did have some struggles with BJ Ojulari and still needs some development.
  3. Anton Harrison, Oklahoma: Harrison is another in the line of large guys with long arms. He is a big dude at 6’4 312 pounds with 34 3/4″ arms, but has the feet of a smaller player. He is a two-year starter. Harrison is pretty consistent from game-to-game, but he has yet to reach his full potential. He gave up just one sack and nine pressures this past season. He has left and right tackle experience, but could use another year to iron out his technique.
  4. Blake Freeland, BYU: Freeland fits the mold of the traditional BYU offensive lineman at 6’8, 302 pounds. The main difference is he isn’t 24 years old, so he still has some upside, even though he has been a starter since 2019. Freeland has gotten better every year. He has had issues with his physicality level — part of that is due to his lack of lower body bulk. Zero sacks and seven pressures given up in 2022.
  5. Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland: Duncan is another big, dancing bear at 6’6 306 with average arm length of 33″. While he has shown growth, it hasn’t been enough. The massive potential is still there, he just needs more consistency. His technique is also not where it should be. He probably needs a redshirt year in the NFL after struggling some in 2022, giving up seven sacks and 28 pressures.
2023 NFL Draft Offensive Tackles: Best of the Rest 6-10

6. Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse: Bergeron is another big dude at 6’5 318 pounds with 33 3/4″ arms. He doesn’t have the athletic upside of some of the guys ahead of him. But his floor is much higher — and he is still a good athlete in his own right. He has played both left and right tackle. He could see himself starting out at RT in the NFL as a rookie before moving to the other side. Bergeron has the experience and technique to start as a rookie.

7. Dawand Jones, Ohio State: Jones is a true mountain at 6’8 374 pounds with 36″ arms. He was listed at 359, but showed up at the combine 15 pounds heavier. Pass rushers have a very hard time getting around him because he is so big and wide. Of course, what goes with that is he is not the quickest; but for his size he has good quickness. He can also get out leveraged at times, too, due to his height. He has been really good in the passing game. The one thing that might give some teams pause would be he is a “one position only” player, a right tackle.

8. Darrnell Wright, Tennessee: Wright is another big man at 6’5 333 with 33 3/4″ arms. A former five-star recruit, Wright struggled early on at Tennessee. He was playing left tackle and his weight was up around 350. He dropped weight and moved over to right tackle, and seems to have found a home there. There is some thought that he could play some guard, as well.

9. Wanya Morris, Oklahoma: Morris started out at Tennessee where he really had some struggles, especially in 2019 where he gave up 25 pressures. Morris is another big man in this class at 6’5 307 with over 35″ arms. He was playing left and right tackle. He was essentially a back up in 2021 before taking over in 2022 at right tackle. Morris had his best season to date with two sacks and just eight pressures given up.

10. Carter Warren, Pittsburgh: Another large human being, Carter Warren actually dropped weight for the combine, showing up at 6’5 1/2 311 where he previously played in the 325-pound range. Warren has a big wingspan with over 35″ arms. He has more experience than most of the guys on this list, with over 2,700 snaps — all of them as a starting left tackle. Warren had some struggles early in his career, but he was off to a great start in 2022 with just four pressures in four games before injury ended his season.

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