Pre-season 2024 NFL Draft Rankings: Tight Ends

Now to the last of the offensive skill set guys, the tight ends for the 2024 NFL draft. This group is obviously not as strong as last year’s class. It is stronger at the top, with one player who, if he was able to come out, would have been the #1 tight end last draft. However, the overall depth of the 2024 class is not there. But that does not mean it’s a bad class by any means. So let’s get to it.

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2024 NFL Draft Top Five Tight Ends
  1. Brock Bowers – Georgia: If Bowers were eligible to declare for the 2023 draft he would have been the #1 tight end, and might have gone top 10 — he’s that good. Despite his average size of 6’3 230, he has almost everything you look for in a tight end. He is even a decent blocker, despite his size. Bowers is expected to run in the 4.4 range and can line up anywhere on the field.
  2. Benjamin Yurosek – Stanford: Yurosek has the desired size and speed NFL teams look for at 6’4 242 with sub 4.6 40-yard dash speed. He had a breakout in 2021 with 42 catches for 655 yards and three touchdowns. The Stanford offense really struggled in 2022, so it hurt his numbers a lot. He can line up attached or in the slot, and is threat up the middle. His blocking needs some work.
  3. Ja’Tavion Sanders – Texas: Sanders is a former five-star recruit who was a defensive end convert and did not play much as a freshman. He came in and started in 2022 and had big flashes. At 6’4 249 and 4.6 40-yard dash speed, he has the upside to be one of the best tight ends in the league. He went off for 54 receptions, 613 yards, and five touchdowns in 2022. Sanders just needs more consistency.
  4. Brevyn Spann-Ford – Minnesota: Spann-Ford is a massive human being at 6’7 270, but he is surprisingly athletic. He’s not going to outrun many defenders, but can get some separation using his frame and his quick feet. He is already a very good blocker. The current Gopher had 42 catches for 497 yards and two touchdowns. His game has some similarities to Marcedes Lewis.
  5. Jaheim Bell – Florida State: Bell is a versatile chess piece for an offense to use. He is 6’3 232, so very much an H-back type frame. The thing with Bell, though, is he has been used all over the field: in the slot, as a tight end, as a fullback, and even was used as a running back by South Carolina in 2022, rushing for 257 yards and three touchdowns on 74 carries. His breakout year he had 30 catches for 488 yards and five touchdowns in 2021. Bell just needs a creative offensive coordinator.
2024 NFL Draft Tight Ends: The Best Of The Rest

6. Theo Johnson – Penn State: Johnson is a legit 6’6 255 with sub 4.7 40-yard dash speed. He’s played in a rotation with Brenton Strange the last couple of seasons, which cut into his playing time and receiving production. He had 20 catches for 328 yards and four touchdowns in 2022. He has also been a good blocker the last two seasons. You can see his receiving upside by his average per catch of 16.4 yards a catch. He is a breakout candidate in 2023.

7. Erick All – Iowa: All had a nice season in 2021 after having two ho-hum seasons before that. He was looking like he was going to break out big in 2022, but injury ended his season in Week 3. All ended up transferring to Iowa, where he should be the #1 receiving option in 2023. He has solid size and athleticism; having yet to completely tap into his potential. Iowa has been known to develop tight ends.

8. CJ Dippre – Alabama: Dippre really showed some flashes last season at Maryland, but due to all the receivers on the roster he was mostly a safety valve on offense. The 30 catches he had for 311 yards and three touchdowns is pretty impressive given the circumstances. He is a bigger tight end at 6’4 and almost 260, but is a decent athlete and a good blocker with some upside.

9. Bryson Nesbit – North Carolina: Nesbit comes from an athletic family, his father played in the NFL for 10 years and mother was a soccer player in college. He is a bit undersized at 6’5 and just 235 pounds, and it shows in his blocking — although the potential is there for him to get better. He can play inline and out of the slot. Nesbit had a solid year last season with 35 catches for 507 yards and four touchdowns. He could be in for a bigger role in 2023.

10. Austin Stogner – Oklahoma: Stogner had a bit of a coming out party in 2020, but has not had near the production since. In 2021, the offense struggled as a whole. Stogner transferred to South Carolina with Spencer Rattler, but their offense had struggles, as well. So he transferred back to Oklahoma, where he is expected to be the starting tight end and one of the top receiving targets. The talent and upside is still there. He just needs to reach it.

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