2023 Fantasy Football Preseason Rankings: Running Backs

It is that time once again to start prepping for fantasy football draft season! We are going position-by-position ranking the top players in terms of their fantasy football production for this upcoming season. Previously, we looked at the quarterbacks. Today, we will focus on the top running backs for the 2023 fantasy football season.


The way this will work is we will rank players based on where we think they will finish out the season. We will also provide a “floor” (lowest possible ranking), a “ceiling” (highest possible ranking, and a projected point total for the season.

To calculate points, we will be using ESPN’s Standard Scoring, with two exceptions: we will use decimal scoring, and we will use a half-point per reception format to split the difference between standard and PPR formats. For this piece, we will rank the top 40 running backs.

2023 Fantasy Football Running Backs: Numbers 40-26

40. Chuba Hubbard, Carolina Panthers

Floor: 42, Ceiling: 26, Projected Points: 117

39. Antonio Gibson, Washington Commanders

Floor: 41, Ceiling: 23, Projected Points: 118

38. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

Floor: 42, Ceiling: 22, Projected Points: 120

37. Javonte Williams, Denver Broncos

Floor: 42, Ceiling: 20, Projected Points: 122

36. Zach Charbonnet, Seattle Seahawks

Floor: 40, Ceiling: 24, Projected Points: 125

35. Raheem Mostert, Miami Dolphins

Floor: 44, Ceiling: 22, Projected Points: 130

34. A.J. Dillon, Green Bay Packers

Floor: 35, Ceiling: 20, Projected Points: 133

33. Dalvin Cook, Free Agent

Floor: 37, Ceiling: 14, Projected Points: 136

32. David Montgomery, Detroit Lions

Floor: 38, Ceiling: 22, Projected Points: 137

31. James Cook, Buffalo Bills

Floor: 40, Ceiling: 26, Projected Points: 139

30. Jeff Wilson Jr., Miami Dolphins

Floor: 42, Ceiling: 19, Projected Points: 140

29. Jerrick McKinnon, Kansas City Chiefs

Floor: 43, Ceiling: 23, Projected Points: 141

28. D’Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles

Floor: 30, Ceiling: 20, Projected Points: 143

27. Khalil Herbert, Chicago Bears

Floor: 33, Ceiling: 18, Projected Points: 146

26. Brian Robinson Jr., Washington Commanders

Floor: 33, Ceiling: 18, Projected Points: 153

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