Pre-season 2024 NFL Draft Rankings: Offensive Tackles

Now that we’re done with the skill positions, it’s on to the big uglies up front. With the next article in my pre-season rankings for the 2024 NFL draft we will be looking at the offensive tackles. As always, you can read all of my previous work here, and be sure to check my database, as well.

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2024 NFL Draft Top Five Offensive Tackles
  1. Olumuyiwa Fashanu – Penn State: Fashanu could have come out early for the 2023 draft and would have been the #1 offensive tackle in the class, he is that good. Suffice to say as long as he stays healthy he should be a top 5-10 pick in 2024. He is big, strong, and athletic, and has great hand usage.
  2. Joe Alt – Notre Dame: Alt is even taller than Fashanu at 6’8. Similarly, he is very athletic for his size, being a former tight end. He mirrors pass rushers very well. Alt needs to add a little core strength and could work on playing a little lower, but still should be a top 15ish pick.
  3. JC Latham – Alabama: Latham was a monster on the right side in 2022. He gave up just 12 pressures in pass protection. His play in the run game could be more consistent. He is expected to move to left tackle in 2023. Teams will be watching closely to see how he transitions.
  4. Patrick Paul – Houston: Paul has been one of the most underrated left tackles in my opinion for what feels like two years. He has given up just four sacks in four seasons at Houston. He’s never been a great run blocker, but most NFL teams don’t care at left tackle, as long as you are competent. He has the size (6’7 310) and athleticism teams are looking for. He should still be a first round pick.
  5. Amarius Mims – Georgia: Mims is another large man at 6’7, 330 who moves like a man 30 pounds lighter. His potential is sky high, and he could go top 10 if he reaches it. The question teams have right now is “is he ready”? He started just two games in 2022, but did play 385 snaps on the season. He’s also only played right tackle.
The Best Of The Rest: 2024 NFL Draft Offensive Tackles

6. Delmar Glaze – Maryland: If Paul is the most underrated, then Glaze is a close second. He started at right tackle in 2022, but has played and started games at left tackle. While not the massive prospect that the top six guys are, he still has good size at 6’5, 305. On film, he is a better blocker than his former teammate Jaelyn Duncan. He is smoother and consistent in his pass sets. He will start at left tackle in 2023.

7. Jonah Monheim – USC: Monheim is a little small at 6’5 295, and has only played right guard and right tackle. He moves well and is athletic, plays hard, and is a good second-level blocker. Monheim struggles with power, and that might be an issue at the NFL level. He needs to add bulk and core strength.

8. Kingsley Suamatala – BYU: Another large man at 6’5, 325. He is a one-year starter at BYU after redshirting in 2021 at Oregon. In 2022, he did not allow a single sack and just 11 pressures. There is potential for him to move up if he has another big year, but he could also go back for his junior year. He still needs a lot of technique work. He will play left tackle in 2023.

9. Graham Barton – Duke: Barton is on the “smaller” side compared to the other tackles in this class at 6’5, 311. He also has the distinction of being able to play center, as well. He started five games at center in 2020 and played okay in them. There is some talk about what position will be his best. He gave up just two sacks and 10 pressures in 2022, after a bad 2021 season. He’s a good athlete (5.26 40-yard dash) and plays through the whistle.

10. Tylan Grable – UCF: Grable was an interesting transfer portal kid who did not get talked about much. He was a left tackle for two years at Jacksonville State, giving up five sacks in two years. He has an ideal left tackle build at 6’7, 295 with a 5.17 40-yard dash. The jump in competition didn’t seem to hinder him either, other than a couple bad games. Grable is still new to the offensive line, having been a high school quarterback and came to Jacksonville State originally slated to play tight end.

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