Can the Giants Overcome Embarrassment?

Embarrassment, we’ve all felt it. After last Sunday night, the assumption would be that the New York Giants have felt it as well.

The hype behind the Giants was REAL. The made a splash by trading for Las Vega Raider’s tight end Darren Waller. They finally worked out a short-term deal with Saquon Barkley, ending his holdout. Both assistant coaches returned after several interviews for head coach positions following their successful rookie year. Most importantly, Daniel Jones was coming off a career year and a big pay day.

Most assumed that the Giants would put up a fight against the rival Dallas Cowboys. That was not the case. In the main event of opening day, in their own building, the Giants lost 40-0. In front of Queen Latifah, too.

Giants RB Saquon Barkley sits on field after embarrassing loss to Dallas Cowboys
Photo Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

It was rough. Jones was mauled by Dallas’ defense, which led to Waller and the wide receiver corps never really gaining any traction. Barkley also struggled to do anything of note against the very aggressive defense. Majority of defense aside, we can blame just about everyone.

No crew more is guilty than the offensive line. Which I feel like we can chalk it up to them just shitting their pants. Hey, it happens. And it’s embarrassing, I know.

Sometimes as a youth you order chicken tenders from IHOP, being blissfully ignorant to how they would devastate your stomach. Then, your mother decides to take the long way home and Mother Nature reminds you how unforgiving she is. A fart turns into a problem and next thing you know, you are stopping at your aunt’s house to clean up the crime scene.

Now sure that’s a little embarrassing, but when you hear the doorbell ring and a car load of people are asking to coming in to use the phone, it grows. Like the Grinch’s heart on Christmas morning. My embarrassment grew and grew. As I heard these poor people gagging as they called Triple A, I knew changes needed to be made.

There is a point to this story. Sometimes you shit your pants and you get embarrassed in front of a lot of people. While I didn’t do it in front of millions, Evan Neal just played bad. I think it evens out a bit.

I never wore khakis to go out to eat and never ordered something that wasn’t breakfast food from IHOP again. Just like I did, Brian Daboll and company will make adjustments and learn from their mistakes.

Daboll was vocal this week about making the changes needed to fix the problems that they saw during that bloodbath. Many expect to see a bit of a revamped offensive line come Sunday’s game with the Arizona Cardinals. Hopefully they remember not to order the chicken fingers in Arizona.

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