2024 NFL Draft Notes #1

Welcome to a new series where I will be posting my notes on prospects for the 2024 NFL draft. These are not a final scouting report and are 99% based on the 2022 film I have watched. They are not in any specific order either. They are basically just some quick thoughts about a prospect off watching 2-3 games over the summer/early fall.

The plan is to do one at least every two weeks, but I might do it once a week depending on how much time I have. It will be about three to four players every article. Now, on to the first edition of my 2024 NFL draft notes!

2024 NFL Draft Notes: Episode 1

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Benjamin Yurosek, TE, Stanford:

Yurosek sets a wide base when blocking, keeps his hands working, stays low, and bends at the knees. Gives good effort and holds his ground in pass pro. Does well to extend and catch the ball with his hands. Can get caught up in the trash when blocking and is not exceptionally quick or explosive. Needs to keep his feet moving when blocking a moving target. Occasionally rounds off his out routes, leaving his QB in a bad spot. Was asked to block or run dummy routes a lot in 2022. Needs to extend his arms when getting off press. Versatile, can line up as a Y, F, or H-back.

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Virdel Edwards, DB, Hawaii:

Edwards does an unnecessary hop out of his back pedal occasionally. Seems to have good speed. Good size. Plays hard. Needs to get stronger; has some struggles getting off blocks. Better technique will help also; needs to get lower and develop better hand usage. Patient. Plays side saddle.

Is high-hipped and just an okay tackler. Needs to wrap up better but a physical player. Edwards’ history of safety play shows he’s not afraid to tackle. Plays too far off, gives his receiver too much of a cushion. Should play tighter coverage, as he looks more comfortable in press. Loops instead of click and close when transitioning in his back pedal. Can play both sides.

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Antwane Wells Jr., WR, South Carolina:

Wells can play inside and outside. Has good size with a solid build; can take a hit. Accelerates with easy speed and is fluid. Possesses sneaky build-up speed. Has little wasted motion when gearing down. Willing as a blocker, but could be better; needs to improve block sustain. Will sometimes lean and get off balance as a blocker. Has shown flashes of good blocking.

Needs to do better on scramble drills, working back to the QB. Not particularly explosive off the snap. Will use head bobs, stutter step, and single move outside fake, but hasn’t shown much outside those, and he uses them infrequently. Will occasionally round off routes and drift off his route.

Can get you some YAC; has been used on WR screens. Good hand-eye coordination. Maintains balance with any slightly off-target throw. Soft hands. Knows how to find the crease and squeeze through it. Has yet to show much speed/pace manipulation, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Has a decent route tree, just needs to clean up and refine some technique issues.

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