2024 NFL Draft Notes

2024 NFL Draft Notes: Episode 2

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Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane:

Has okay size and a pretty quick release. Plays mostly out of shotgun. Can loft it in there and put air under the ball. Throws a tight spiral, but lacks top velocity. Is athletic enough to move around the pocket and be used on sprint outs, roll-outs, bootlegs, waggles, etc. Not a big run threat, but can get you 4-5 yards.

Can put air under the ball and drop it in. Can throw accurately across his body. Has not shown he can throw from different arm angles. Has full control of his offense, is able to audible and make adjustments on the fly. Throws with anticipation and will throw his players open. Throws a very accurate ball when in a clean pocket. Accuracy can wane a little when he is not able to step into his throws.

Pratt’s biggest question is if can he go through progressions. His offense moves him out of the pocket a lot, making his reads easy. Additionally, he will throw some hospital balls on occasion.

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Trey Benson, RB, Florida State:

Perfect size for a running back at 6’0 and 220ish. Thick lower half. Tore his ACL in high school and missed his freshman season. Has gotten out of pocket as a pass protector. Can stutter step and shift his weight if his initial hole is closed. Has a hop step as well. Quick lateral feet. Can slip arm tackles, subtle shiftiness. Good ball security; holds it high and tight. Knows how to get through the trash.

Accelerates quickly and shows some explosion. Very good vision; easily sees the cut-back lanes and resets his feet. Has a nasty stiff arm — when he uses it. Shows patience as a runner, will run behind his blocker but will also run up their backs on occasion. Hard to take down with good contact balance. Physical runner, but not a bulldozer. Can stop on a dime. Falls forward. Solid, but not elite, speed — probably 4.5 40-yard dash range.

Runs a little upright. A little lazy with his fakes. Has trouble getting the edge against faster players. Block sustain needs work. Okay running outside zone. Wasn’t asked to pass block a lot; did whiff on one block I saw. Lack of use in the passing game is a question. Has a limited route tree, but does have soft hands as a receiver

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Demeioun “Chop” Robinson, DE, Penn State:

Very quick get off. Explodes up the field. Can bend the arc. Solid arm length, but should use it more. Good ankle flexion. Has shown a stutter step/juke that has potential, but needs development. Very athletic, enough to zone drop and look comfortable. Team player who shows excitement when a teammate makes a play. Has shown he can be an effective penetrator in the run game.

Undersized and can get pushed around. Can get driven out of a play by physical tight ends. Comes off the snap low, but rises after a few steps, needs to stay low with his size. Gets washed out in the run game. Had a lot of trouble against OSU’s massive tackles. Has a rip move, but needs to be more violent and improve the timing of it. Hasn’t shown much else. Needs to add bulk.

Has shown flashes of speed-to-power, two-hand shuck, swim, and a bull rush, but all show up too infrequently. Needs to develop counters — an outside fake could really help his game. Doesn’t seem to have a pass rush plan. On the ground more than you would like. Seems more effective in a stand up role.

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