NFL Trade Deadline Primer

As we inch towards the halfway point of the NFL season, we also slowly progress towards the league’s trade deadline. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the circumstances surrounding this year’s NFL trade deadline.

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Here’s a short list of teams who will be looking to add players at the NFL trade deadline. These teams are in the playoff race, and are willing to mortgage further assets for an instant reward.

– Dolphins (biggest need: tight end)

– Bills (biggest need: linebacker)

– Ravens (biggest need: wide receiver)

– Jaguars (biggest need: interior offensive line)

– Chiefs (biggest need: defensive tackle/receiver)

– Chargers (biggest need: defensive tackle)

– Eagles (biggest need: edge rusher)

– Cowboys (biggest need: secondary)

– Lions (biggest need: cornerback)

– 49ers (biggest need: interior offensive line)

– Seahawks (biggest need: offensive line)

– Bengals (biggest need: offensive line)

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Let’s Wait And See…

Now, we have some teams whose futures look a little murky. These teams are good enough to be in the playoff race, but not good enough to be super confident about that. The next few weeks will be very telling in regards to their actions at the deadline.

– Jets (biggest need: offensive line/quarterback)

– Steelers (biggest need: offensive line/offensive coordinator)

– Browns (biggest need: offensive line)

– Colts (biggest need: safety)

– Texans (biggest need: interior defensive line)

– Titans (biggest need: tight end)

– Raiders (biggest need: defensive line)

– Commanders (biggest need: Linebacker)

– Packers (biggest need: interior offensive line)

– Buccaneers (biggest need: interior offensive line)

– Saints (biggest need: interior offensive line)

– Rams (biggest need: edge rusher)

– Falcons (biggest need: linebacker)

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These teams are not good, and should be starting the rebuild process. Sending away a star or two at the deadline is a good start.

– Patriots

– Broncos

– Giants

– Vikings

– Bears

– Panthers

– Cardinals

Top NFL Trade Deadline Targets

Davante Adams

Davante Adams has said he’d like to remain in Las Vegas, and I’m sure the Raiders would like to keep him.

Yet, the team is 3-3, and they’ve shown little reason to be declared a playoff contender. The Raiders haven’t been shy to part themselves from key players though, ridding themselves of Derek Carr and Darren Waller this past offseason.

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Las Vegas to suddenly part with a star player, especially if the next few weeks don’t go well for them.

Potential suitors: Ravens, Cowboys, Lions

Jerry Jeudy

Sticking with receivers, Jerry Jeudy might be one of the players that is most likely to be traded at the deadline.

The Broncos just look completely lifeless, and at 1-5 virtually any chances of competing for the playoffs are out the window. It might not be a bad time for a fire sale in Denver, and Jeudy would be a player who can net a lot of assets.

Potential suitors: Ravens, Cowboys, Lions, Chiefs.

Brian Burns

The Panthers might be one of the only teams more disappointing than Denver. As a team that’s right in the middle of a rebuild, it would make sense for them to trade a player like Brian Burns for some future assets.

Burns is one of the most underrated players in the league, and one of the best defensive players in general. Burns would be a massive addition to any team fortunate enough to trade for him.

Potential Suitors: Rams, Raiders, Texans, Chargers.

Kirk Cousins

Last year, Minnesota won 13 games and finished 3rd in the NFC. Since then, things have gone downhill. The Vikings are now 2-4, despite some pretty remarkable quarterback play from Kirk Cousins.

In 2023, Cousins has thrown for 1,679 yards, with 14 touchdowns, four interceptions, and a 100.6 rating, the best of his career. It’s fair to say that the Vikings losing in most of their games has led to a more pass-heavy offense, but Cousins deserves his recognition regardless.

Potential Suitors: Jets

Marquise Brown

Marquise Brown probably has the best chance of being moved as the NFL trade deadline looms. Brown is currently on the last year of his rookie contract, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be getting a new deal anytime soon with Arizona. He was brought in when the Cardinals were a playoff-contending team, but they’re well past that stage now.

Brown will be a free agent after this season, making him a perfect rental option. A team can pick him up without having to worry about obligations anytime after this year. Brown is still a very talented player, but his talents are going to waste on a 1-5 Cardinals team.

Potential Suitors: Ravens, Cowboys, Lions, Chiefs.

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