2024 NFL Draft: Replacement Starters for the Green Bay Packers

As we all know, the Green Bay Packers are a team that builds through the NFL draft. Since Brian Gutekunst has taken over as GM, he has sprinkled in some free agent signings, but the Packers cap situation isn’t great next season. There is space, just not a lot. So, let’s take a look at some potential openings within the current Packers starters that could be filled by prospects from the 2024 NFL draft. We will just list players projected to be early round picks.

Let’s start with the offense, and as always, don’t forget to check out my other writings and my database, which is updated daily.

Potential New Packers Starters from the 2024 NFL Draft: Offense


Josh Myers has struggled for the third season in a row. Unless he turns it around this season, he will probably be replaced in the offseason. Matt LaFleur could move Zach Tom there, but seems reluctant to. They could try Myers out at guard, but that’s for another discussion.

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  • Sedrick Van Pran – Georgia
  • Matthew Lee – Miami
  • Sincere Haynesworth – Tulane
  • Beaux Limmer – Arkansas
  • Graham Barton – Duke

Right Guard:

Jon Runyan Jr. is probably on his way out. He didn’t play great last year, and he has been worse this season. He’s a free agent and I don’t expect them to re-sign him. They could give Sean Rhyan a shot, but they have yet to do that.

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  • Cooper Beebe – Kansas State
  • Christian Haynes – UConn
  • Doug Nester – West Virginia
  • Tate Ratledge – Georgia
  • Donovan Jackson – Ohio State

Left Tackle:

David Bakhtiari’s cap hit for 2024 is way too high, especially for a guy who will be over 30, with four surgeries to the same knee since 2020. His knee won’t hold up, and there is no point in keeping him on a rebuilding roster. Rasheed Walker has been okay, but not good enough for the Packers to not turn to the 2024 NFL draft for a starter.

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  • Olumuyiwa Fashanu – Penn State
  • Joe Alt – Notre Dame
  • Patrick Paul – Houston
  • Kingsley Suamatala – BYU
  • Tyler Guyton – Oklahoma
  • Jordan Morgan – Arizona
  • Delmar Glaze – Maryland

Running Back:

There is a very real possibility that AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones are both gone this offseason. Dillion because he’s not a good fit for the offense — and his streaky play — and Jones because of his contract, injury history, and age. Emmanuel Wilson is obviously not the answer, but who is?

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  • Trey Benson – Florida State
  • Rasheen Ali – Marshall
  • Audric Estime – Notre Dame
  • Devin Neal – Kansas
  • MarShawn Lloyd – USC
  • Jonathon Brooks – Texas

Potential New Packers Starters from the 2024 NFL Draft: Defense


De’Vondre Campbell is in a similar situation to Aaron Jones; Age, injury, and contract status could have the Packers moving on from him in the offseason. Quay Walker seems to have taken a step in 2023. None of the other linebackers on the roster are talented enough to be full-time starters.

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  • Curtis Jacobs – Penn State
  • Marlowe Wax – Syracuse
  • Junior Colson – Michigan
  • Tyrice Knight – UTEP
  • Cedric Gray – UNC


I don’t think much needs to be said here. We all know about the Packers issues at safety. They have just two safeties under contract for 2024. They will probably need two new starters.

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  • Kamren Kinchens – Miami
  • Rod Moore – Michigan
  • Tyler Nubin – Minnesota
  • Andrew Mukuba – Clemson
  • Beau Brade – Maryland
  • Lathan Ransom – Ohio State

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