Florida vs USF Preview

Montrell Johnson Florida vs USF
Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Date: September 17, 2022
Time: 7:30 p.m. EST
Network: SEC Network
Records: Florida Gators (1-1) vs USF Bulls (1-1)
Location: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, Florida
Spread: Florida +24
Over/Under: 60

Florida vs USF Preview

After a hard-fought victory over Utah, Florida comes off a loss to Kentucky and looks to bounce back at home before another top-25 matchup next week. The Gators are huge favorites in this one, but USF has experience at quarterback in Baylor transfer Gerry Bohanon. It should be a good way to get the Gators moving in the right direction as they move on to a tough opponent.

USF Bulls

Gerry Bohanon Florida vs USF
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Offensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 21.0 (82)
Total Yards Per Game: 293.0 (105)
Passing YPG: 172.0 (99)
Rushing YPG: 121 (83)
Points Per Play: 0.368 (61)
Yards Per Play: 5.1 (74)
3rd Down Conversion %: 25.00 (112)
4th Down Conversion %: 50.00 (50)
Red Zone Scoring %: 66.67 (95)

Rush Play %: 45.61 (88)
Yards Per Carry: 4.7 (48)
Runs Per Game: 26.0 (119)

Pass Play %: 54.39 (44)
Completion %: 56.67 (94)
Yards Per Pass: 5.7 (98)
Passes Per Game: 30.0 (80)
Interception %: 3.33 (92)
QB Sack %: 3.23 (38)

Defensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 50.0 (126)
Total Yards Per Game: 576.0 (129)
Passing YPG: 261.0 (79)
Rushing YPG: 315.0 (129)
Points Per Play: 0.725 (124)
Yards Per Play: 8.3 (127)
3rd Down Conversion %: 53.85 (115)
4th Down Conversion %: 100.00 (91)
Red Zone Scoring %: 80.00 (44)

Rush Play %: 52.17 (73)
Yards Per Carry: 8.8 (131)
Runs Per Game: 36.0 (69)

Pass Play %: 47.83 (59)
Completion %: 78.13 (126)
Yards Per Pass: 8.2 (94)
Passes Per Game: 32.0 (62)
Interception %: 3.13 (47)
QB Sack %: 3.03 (104)

Advanced Stats

FEI is a neutral field scoring differential per-possession metric. SP+ is a tempo and opponent adjusted efficiency metric. F+ combines the both of them, and OF+ and DF+ and the offensive and defensive components of F+. All five metrics are from Football Outsiders. PFF’s Point Spread Rating is their power rankings.

F+: -0.85 (106)
FEI: -0.54 (114)
SP+: -8.3 (95)
OF+: -0.51 (90)
DF+: -1.14 (114)

PFF: -9.2 (113)


South Florida has struggled so far throughout the season, and will need to greatly improve to stand a chance against Florida. The Bulls have struggled on third downs, and their defense has been atrocious. USF has ran the ball well, and that will be what they have to rely on. The matchup will be very difficult, and they will have to play mistake free football.

USf bulls Keys To Victory

  1. Convert Third Downs
  2. Force Turnovers
  3. Run The Ball
  4. Create Explosive Plays

Florida Gators

Offensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 22.5 (79)
Total Yards Per Game: 365.5 (74)
Passing YPG: 155.5 (108)
Rushing YPG: 210.0 (10)
Points Per Play: 0.352 (69)
Yards Per Play: 5.7 (50)
3rd Down Conversion %: 39.29 (52)
4th Down Conversion %: 60.00 (44)
Red Zone Scoring %: 100.00 (1)

Rush Play %: 53.13 (51)
Yards Per Carry: 6.2 (9)
Runs Per Game: 34.0 (26)

Pass Play %: 46.88 (81)
Completion %: 52.54 (104)
Yards Per Pass: 5.3 (107)
Passes Per Game: 29.5 (83)
Interception %: 3.39 (93)
QB Sack %: 1.67 (21)

Defensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 26.0 (63)
Total Yards Per Game: 378.5 (63)
Passing YPG: 209.0 (50)
Rushing YPG: 169.5 (85)
Points Per Play: 0.385 (67)
Yards Per Play: 5.6 (79)
3rd Down Conversion %: 46.15 (97)
4th Down Conversion %: N/A
Red Zone Scoring %: 70.00 (27)

Rush Play %: 56.30 (96)
Yards Per Carry: 4.5 (86)
Runs Per Game: 38.0 (78)

Pass Play %: 43.70 (36)
Completion %: 62.50 (77)
Yards Per Pass: 7.5 (79)
Passes Per Game: 28.0 (30)
Interception %: 3.57 (37)
QB Sack %: 5.08 (69)

Advanced Stats

F+: 0.86 (29)
FEI: 0.43 (26)
SP+: 12.9 (31)
OF+: 0.71 (33)
DF+: 0.86 (27)

PFF: 5.1 (44)

Florida Gators Team Breakdown

The Florida Gators come in after a tough loss to Kentucky needing to prove that they are able to get back to their identity. They are a run first team that needs to pound the rock offensively. With Anthony Richardson at the helm, you can look to create explosive plays in the passing game, but relying on that can be risky given his inexperience and the lack of playmakers around him, as shown in the Kentucky game.

Defensively, the Gators lack depth up front, but the starters and the first players off the bench have been extremely effective, the effects of a long game just wear on them throughout the course of the night. The linebacker core will be without sixth year senior Ventrell Miller, so younger athletes will be asked to step up. The secondary has played well so far, but won’t be tested much this game. Frankly, it won’t — or at least shouldn’t — take much to win this game.

Florida Gators Keys To Victory

  1. Limit Turnovers
  2. Convert Third Downs
  3. Run The Ball

Official Prediction for Florida vs USF

Florida – 42
USF – 14

Florida vs Utah Preview

Date: September 3, 2022
Time: 7:00pm EST
Network: ESPN
Location: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, Florida
Spread: Utah -3.0
Over/Under: 51

Florida vs Utah Preview

The #7 Utah Utes travel to the Swamp to face the unranked Florida Gators for each of their opening games of the season. Utah is coming off of a Pac-12 Championship last season, led by a fantastic running game, a tremendous defense, and a quick passing game commanded by quarterback Cam Rising. Utah looks to be an early favorite to repeat as Pac-12 champions, with a few other contenders in Oregon and USC to compete with. The Utes’ toughest non-conference matchup looks to be this opening game. The Florida Gators are coming off a tumultuous season that led to the firing of previous coach Dan Mullen. New head coach Billy Napier looks to lead Florida back to success in his first season. Florida opens the season with a tough stretch with three of the first four games against quality opponents, headlined by Utah.

Florida vs Utah
Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty images

Individual stats are courtesy of sports-reference.com, and team stats and rankings are courtesy of teamrankings.com

Utah Utes

2021 Recap

2021 Record: 10-4
Passing Leader: Cameron Rising, R-Jr (current year), 63.8% 2493 yds, 7.8 YPA, 20 TDs, 5 INTs
Rushing Leader: Tavion Thomas, R-Jr, 1108 yds, 5.4 YPC, 21 TDs
Receiving Leader: Brant Kuithe, R-Sr, 50 rec, 611 yds, 12.2 YPC, 6 TDs
Sack Leader: Mika Tafua, NFL, 48 tackles, 13 TFLs, 9.5 sacks
Tackle/Interception Leader: Devin Lloyd, NFL, 111 tackles, 22 TFLs, 7.0 sacks, 4 INTs, 1 FR, 1 FF

2021 Offensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 35.8 (13)
Total Yards Per Game: 429.8 (39)
Passing YPG: 210.6 (85)
Rushing YPG: 219.2 (11)
Points Per Play: 0.521 (7)
Yards Per Play: 6.2 (20)
3rd Down Conversion %: 49.69 (7)
4th Down Conversion %: 50.00 (66)
Red Zone Scoring %: 80.00 (88)

Rush Play %: 57.1 (33)
Yards Per Carry: 5.6 (2)
Runs Per Game: 39.3 (39)

Pass Play %: 42.91 (98)
Completion %: 62.63 (48)
Yards Per Pass: 7.4 (71)
Passes Per Game: 28.6 (90)
Interception %: 1.88 (31)
QB Sack %: 3.13 (2)

2021 Defensive Stats

Points Per Game: 23.0 (32)
Total Yards Per Game: 349.1 (23)
Passing YPG: 223.0 (57)
Rushing YPG: 126.1 (21)
Points Per Play: 0.337 (38)
Yards Per Play: 5.1 (34)
3rd Down Conversion %: 38.12 (56)
4th Down Conversion %: 53.33 (72)
Red Zone Scoring %: 79.55 (42)

Rush Play %: 48.31 (13)
Yards Per Carry: 3.8 (37)
Runs Per Game: 33.0 (16)

Pass Play %: 51.61 (118)
Completion %: 61.28 (71)
Yards Per Pass: 6.9 (32)
Passes Per Game: 32.4 (80)
Interception %: 2.14 (89)
QB Sack %: 8.28 (25)

2021 tEAM Advanced sTATS

FEI is a per-possession metric to determine the scoring differential between opponents on a neutral field. SP+ is a tempo (plays per game, etc.) and opponent adjusted metric to judge efficiency. F+ combines these two metrics. Offensive F+ (OF+) and Defensive F+ (DF+) break that down to the side of the ball. All five metrics are courtesy of Football Outsiders. PFF’s Point Spread Rating is their version of power rankings.

F+: 1.22 (10)
FEI: 0.74 (7)
SP+: 15.2 (16)
OF+: 1.35 (11)
DF+: 0.90 (20)

PFF: 10.5 (10)

Utah Utes Team Breakdown

The Utah Utes are an extremely talented team that is returning a majority of it’s starters from last season. They have a good team culture with coach Kyle Whittingham in his 18th season, and are built to play a bully-ball style of game. They will pound the rock with a vicious barrage of running backs and have plenty of skilled playmakers at the tight end spot to go big. Defensively, their line will look to eat up space to let their new linebackers make plays. The secondary is very talented on the outside, but is a mixed bag at safety. If one of the new safeties can step up, this could be one of the best secondaries in college football. Quarterback Cam Rising will look to play efficiently and deliver the ball to his playmakers quickly to avoid mistakes.

Florida vs Utah
Photo by Sean M Haffey/Getty Images

Utah Utes Keys To Victory

  1. Stop the Run
  2. Force Turnovers
  3. Avoid Early Deficits
  4. Run the Ball Effectively

Florida Gators

2021 Recap

20221 Record: 6-7
Passing/Rushing Leader: Emory Jones, R-Sr (Transferred), 64.7%, 2734 yards, 7.9 YPA, 19 TDs, 13 INTs, 143 carries, 759 yards, 5.3 YPC, 4 TDs
Receiving Leader: Jacob Copeland, R-Sr (Transferred), 41 rec, 642 yards, 15.7 YPC, 4 TDs
Sack Leader: Brenton Cox, R-Sr (current), 41 tackles, 14.5 TFLs, 8 sacks
Tackle Leader: Mohamoud Diabate, Sr (Transferred) 89 tackles, 2.5 TFLs
Interception Leader: Rashad Torrence, Jr, 87 tackles, 3.5 TFLs, 3 INTs

2021 Offensive Stats

Points Per Game (Rank): 27.4 (61)
Total Yards Per Game: 443.0 (20)
Passing YPG: 236.6 (61)
Rushing YPG: 206.4 (22)
Points Per Play: 0.386 (63)
Yards Per Play: 6.2 (21)
3rd Down Conversion %: 38.89 (70)
4th Down Conversion %: 56.00 (50)
Red Zone Scoring %: 84.44 (54)

Rush Play %: 53.64 (63)
Yards Per Carry: 5.4 (6)
Runs Per Game: 38.1 (52)

Pass Play %: 46.36 (68)
Completion %: 61.94 (59)
Yards Per Pass: 7.5 (68)
Passes Per Game: 31.8 (55)
Interception %: 4.72 (129)
QB Sack %: 3.54 (7)

2021 Defensive Stats

Points Per Game: 24.7 (44)
Total Yards Per Game: 354.3 (34)
Passing YPG: 186.3 (9)
Rushing YPG: 168.1 (82)
Points Per Play: 0.361 (50)
Yards Per Play: 5.2 (39)
3rd Down Conversion %: 34.78 (22)
4th Down Conversion %: 47.06 (51)
Red Zone Scoring %: 82.05 (56)

Rush Play %: 54.20 (89)
Yards Per Carry: 4.5 (85)
Runs Per Game: 37.1 (65)

Pass Play %: 45.80 (42)
Completion %: 55.98 (13)
Yards Per Pass: 6.5 (18)
Passes Per Game: 28.6 (32)
Interception %: 2.33 (77)
QB Sack %: 8.78 (17)

2021 Team Advanced Stats

F+: 0.68 (34)
FEI: 0.33 (36)
SP+: 11.0 (30)
OF+: 0.58 (39)
DF+: 0.69 (30)

PFF: 5.9 (25)

Florida Gators Team Breakdown

The Florida Gators are helmed by new head coach Billy Napier. Napier will be tested in his opener at the swamp, but his NFL-style offense can be effective against a superior opponent. The Gators will look to use their strong offensive line and deep running back room to move the ball effectively and make the Utes’ linebackers run and chase. Anthony Richardson is unlike any quarterback Napier has ever had, so expect more creativity with the position than he has previously shown.

On the defensive side of the ball, a lack of depth up front will have to be made up for with the star power of Gervon Dexter and Brenton Cox Jr. The Gators do have experience in the secondary, and that group should be talented. Linebacker remains a question, as those with experience lack athleticism, and those with athleticism lack experience.

Florida vs Utah
Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Florida Gators Keys to Victory

  1. Effective Anthony Richardson – 300+ Total Yards, 2+ Total TDs
  2. Run the Ball Effectively – 5.0 + YPC, 200 Total Yards
  3. Limit Turnovers – Turnover Margin Within 1
  4. Explosive Plays – year’s3 25+ yard plays
  5. Gets Stops On 3rd Down – Under last years average of 49.67% conversion rate

Official Prediction for Florida-Utah

Florida – 31 Utah – 28

NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Day 3 Fits

The Cleveland Browns have a multitude of picks on Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft. They have pick 108, 118, and 124 in the fourth round, as well as pick 202 in the sixth round and picks 223 and 246 in the seventh round. I would be surprised if the Browns used all of these picks. Expect something to either be packaged together to move up in the draft or to be exchanged for future capital. You can check out our recap of the Browns Day 2 moves. Unlike our Day 2 Fits article, we will not be going pick-by-pick in our Browns Day 3 fits article, as a lot of them will overlap. With that said, let’s get into the Browns Day 3 fits.

As always, all RAS cards come courtesy of our friend Kent Lee Platte and his website ras.football.

Browns Day 3 Fits

Defensive Tackle

Perrion Winfrey, Oklahoma
Perrion Winfrey Browns Day 3 fits
Photo by Brett Rojo via USA Today Sports

The Browns passed on Perrion Winfrey multiple times on Day 2. He is by far the best player still available at the top of the fourth round. Winfrey played as a nose tackle at Oklahoma, but showcased his ability to be a penetrating three-technique at the Senior Bowl.

John Ridgeway, Arkansas
John Ridgeway RAS Card Browns Day 3 fits
John Ridgeway RAS Card

John Ridgeway is an interesting nose tackle prospect. He has the look and toughness necessary to be a solid, early-down rotational defensive tackle. His age may be a disqualifier, as he will turn 23 on May 7.

Thomas Booker, Stanford
Thomas Booker RAS Card browns day 3 fits
Thomas Booker RAS Card

Stanford’s Thomas Booker fits a lot of the Browns markers for day three picks. Booker can be a developmental three-technique. He is an incredible athlete for the position.

Christopher Hinton, Michigan
Chris Hinton RAS Card

Chris Hinton is a solid athlete for the position, and possess strong hands. He is a developmental pick, but is one of the younger players available on day three at the position.

Tight End

Cade Otton, Washington
Cade Otton Browns Day 3 Fits
Photo by Abbie Parr via Getty Images

Cade Otton is not only the youngest of the four tight ends on the list, but also the best. Otton is my personal tight end one, and would be a fantastic plug-and-play replacement for Austin Hooper. He adds more run-after-catch ability than Hooper.

Isaiah Likely, Coastal Carolina
Isaiah Likely RAS Card

Isaiah Likely did not test well, but he is a talented player who can be useful due to his versatility. He is a good blocker in addition to his receiver ability, and can line up in a variety of positions.

Chigoziem Okonkwo, Maryland
Chigoziem Okonkwo RAS Card

Maryland’s Chigoziem Okonkwo is an above average athlete who is undersized for the position. Okonkwo can line up anywhere except in-line tight end and could be useful as a multi-positional player, as either a third tight end or a fullback.

Daniel Bellinger, San Diego State
Daniel Bellinger RAS Card Browns day 3 fits
Daniel Bellinger RAS Card

Bellinger is not a player I watched, but his athletic profile makes him a target for the Browns. He was productive in college and is sure handed.


Leon O’Neal Jr, Texas A&M
Leon O’Neal Jr. RAS Card

Both of these safeties either don’t fit or are near not fitting the Browns typical age constraints they’ve shown under Andrew Berry. However, both will most likely be available in rounds six and seven and are much better players than that on tape.

Leon O’Neal Jr. is a good strong safety who is best coming downhill, both against the run and to play in underneath zones. He is probably best in a cover three heavy scheme with some man-to-man mixed in, such as the Cowboys, but he can be used in a variety of ways. O’Neal has shown flashes of two-high ability and can be a rotational safety for a team that doesn’t run a lot of cover three or man. He has tackling issues due to poor form at times, but brings power to every tackle.

He will fall due to his subpar forty-yard-dash time at his pro day, but his other athletic testing was solid.

Brad Hawkins, Michigan
Brad Hawkins RAS Card

Brad Hawkins is another older prospect who has good instincts as a free safety. Michigan trusted him to play single-high often, despite having Daxton Hill on the team. He is extremely experienced and can be a rotational safety found in round seven.

Defensive End

Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina
Kingsley Enagbare RAS Card

South Carolina’s Kingsley Enagbare has the hand power, size, and production to be a successful base end in the NFL. He is an ideal 5-technique, but has fallen due to his lack of lateral mobility and poor technique.

Tyreke Smith, Ohio State
Tyreke Smith RAS Card

Tyreke Smith is a solid athlete who has some pass rush upside. Smith can come in and compete with Chase Winovich for the fourth pass rusher spot on the roster.


Brandon Smith, Penn State
brandon smith ras card browns day 3 fits
Brandon Smith RAS Card

Freak athlete Brandon Smith needs to improve on both the technical and mental aspects of the game. Smith can be a developmental MIKE linebacker behind Jacob Phillips and Anthony Walker.

Damone Clark, LSU
damone clark ras card browns day 3 fits
Damone Clark RAS Card

LSU’s Damone Clark has fallen in the draft due to an injury that will most likely keep him out for the entirety of his rookie season. He is talented enough to have gone in the third round based on tape, but may be available much later on day three.

Wide Receiver

Kyle Philips, UCLA
Kyle Philips RAS Card Browns day 3 fits
Kyle Philips RAS Card

UCLA’s Kyle Philips is an immediate starter in the slot and can be productive for a long time. Phillips is my personal top available wide receiver.

Khalil Shakir, Boise State
Khalil Shakir RAS Card Browns Day 3 fits
Khalil Shakir RAS Card

Boise State’s Khalil Shakir is a versatile receiver who can do whatever you ask of him. He is most likely a fourth-round selection.

Romeo Doubs, Nevada

Romeo Doubs played in an air raid offense that allowed for only a limited route tree. Doubs did display some big play ability. He will probably go before he should, and wouldn’t be a good value.

Browns Day Two Recap

The Cleveland Browns came into Day 2 with three selections on the day. They made a trade while still selecting three players and adding two additional Day 3 assets. Cleveland came in without a lot of major holes to fill, and selected players to fill two of their top three needs.

To see how this compares to our various mock draft scenarios, read our Browns Mock Draft 3.0. For information regarding some other players the Browns may have considered, as well as one they selected, see our Browns Day Two Fits. With that being said, let’s get into the 2022 Browns day two recap.


The Cleveland Browns traded pick 44 to the Houston Texans for picks 68, 108, and 124. The Jimmy Johnson trade chart is the most commonly used trade chart. The Rich Hill trade value chart is fairly similar and also commonly used. The Fitzgerald-Spielberger trade chart is much more similar to how an analytically inclined team such as the Browns would use it.

The differential is quite obvious, with the Texans winning the equivalent of the 105th pick in the Jimmy Johnson chart and the Browns winning the equivalent of the 56th overall selection according to the Fitzgerald-Spielberger trade chart. While the trade moved the Browns past a lot of top targets, they did pick up a lot of additional value.

Trade Grade: B-

Pick 68: Martin Emerson, DB, Mississippi State

Martin Emerson RAS Card Browns Day Two Recap
Martin Emerson RAS Card courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

The Cleveland Browns selected Martin Emerson from Mississippi State at 68 overall. With that selection, the Browns passed on an extremely talented defensive tackle in Travis Jones, whom the Ravens selected at pick 75. The Browns also traded out of range to select great talents like Drake Jackson, David Ojabo, George Pickens, John Metchie III, and Skyy Moore at positions of need.

However, Emerson himself is a very talented player. He was the eighth-best cornerback on my personal board. Emerson may also provide safety versatility, which is important for the Browns. He is an average athlete speed-wise, but possesses great size and length for the position as well as good lateral mobility. Emerson struggles in man-to-man coverage. His best traits are his zone instincts, which is why he may be a solid safety.

Pick Grade: B+

Pick 78: Alex Wright, EDGE, UAB

Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Cleveland needed an edge rusher badly, even if they end up re-signing Jadeveon Clowney, which seems likely. Alex Wright is a high-upside edge rusher who can come in and be a quality third edge. While Wright lacks tape against high-level competition, he was extremely productive and showed good traits on film.

Analytical teams are sure to love Wright, and it’s understandable why they made the selection. While it was a bit of a reach for me relative to where I thought he would go (had him pegged for the 99th selection), the value itself is not bad. Other players in consideration at edge rusher at this pick were Cameron Thomas and Kingsley Enagbare, both of which are in the same tier as Wright. Wright definitely has more upside than those two, which is most likely why the Browns selected him.

Pick Grade: B

Pick 99: David Bell, WR, Purdue

David Bell is an extremely productive receiver who has been a good player since he entered college for Purdue. Bell is physical and technically refined. However, he’s a below-average athlete at a position filled with freak athletes. The fans are sure to be excited for his arrival, as Ohio State receiver’s coach Brian Hartline tweeted his support of going up to get him prior to the Browns’ selection of Bell.

He is going to come in and be an immediate contributor to their wide receiver room. While he was not my personal top receiver on the board (that honor is still held by Kyle Philips) he is in a similar range.

David Bell RAS Card courtesy of Kent Lee Platte at ras.football

From an analytics perspective, David Bell is an absolute steal at this slot. Bell’s run-blocking grade from PFF has improved every season. Bell’s comparisons from an analytical perspective are very favorable. PFF’s Kevin Cole wrote a comparison piece on Bell that compared him favorably to top NFL wide receivers like Keenan Allen and Jarvis Landry.

David Bell comparison chart from PFF's Kevin Cole Browns Day Two Recap
David Bell Matching Features Comparison by Kevin Cole of PFF
Pick Grade: B-

Browns Day Two Recap

The Browns made three selections all of which were favorable values. They passed on a lot of very good players, but the picks were still solid. The Browns filled a majority of their needs, now only really needing an additional defensive tackle as well as depth pieces. Overall, it was a good but not great draft day for the Browns.

Browns Day Two Grade: B

NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Day 2 Fits

The Cleveland Browns have three picks on day two of the 2022 NFL Draft. They are picks 44, 78, and 99. The Browns have plenty of needs to fill, and a lot of talented players remain on the board. For more Browns draft information, check out our full seven round Browns Mock Draft. With that being said, let’s get into some Browns NFL Draft Day 2 fits.

Wide Receiver

Pick 44

George Pickens, Georgia
George Pickens 2022 Browns Day 2 Fits
Photo by Kevin C. Cox via Getty Images

The Browns have an X that they seem to like in Donovan Peoples-Jones, but George Pickens provides a lot more upside. He has great athleticism and is a very physical player.

Skyy Moore, Western Michigan

Skyy Moore is a versatile player who can fill a variety of roles for the Browns. He can be a plug-and-play starter as the number two opposite of Amari Cooper, and fit in the slot in three wide-receiver sets with Donovan Peoples-Jones.

John Metchie III, Alabama

Cleveland has a need at slot, and John Metchie can be an immediately productive player there. He is very polished and would be a valuable player. Metchie could fall to 78 since he is coming off a torn ACL and is not an elite athlete.

Christian Watson, North Dakota State

Christian Watson is an elite athlete, but doesn’t fit the Browns traditional age requirements at the position. However, he is a developmental X that has shown upside with the ball in his hands. He needs to improve his route running, and struggles with ball tracking, but will be selected very highly.

Pick 78

Alec Pierce, Cincinnati

Alec Pierce is another developmental X who is a bit older than the Browns typically like. However, he is a newer player to the position and has elite athleticism. He is a better ball tracker than Watson, and would be a great value at 78.

Pick 99

Kyle Philips, UCLA

UCLA receiver Kyle Philips can be an immediate starter for the Browns in the slot. This is a good value for a player who has limited upside but a high floor. Philips is my number eleven receiver in the class, but could be available even at 118 on day three.

Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama

Another developmental X, Jalen Tolbert can once again help provide a downfield threat. He is a great athlete with very good ball tracking. However, Tolbert has occasional drops, and isn’t a developed route runner.

Edge Rusher

Pick 44

David Ojabo, Michigan

The second of the Michigan edge rushers, David Ojabo has a lot of upside. Ojabo is a good pass rusher already, but has to improve as a run defender. He is a great athlete, but he is coming off an Achilles injury and will miss a majority of the season.

Drake Jackson, USC

Drake Jackson is a high-upside edge rusher whose cardinal trait is his bend. He is one of the youngest players available, and has been in a poor environment. With proper coaching, Jackson could become a double-digit sack player

Boye Mafe, Minnesota

Minnesota’s Boye Mafe was potentially a round one pick due to his upside, but his age made him an unlikely selection. Mafe is a backup option, and would be a top choice at 78 as well.

Arnold Ebiketie, Penn State

Penn State’s Arnold Ebiketie is known for his first step. He also displays solid hand usage. He is a bit undersized for the position, and his age may make him less appealing to the Browns, but he would remain as a backup option — or a favorite if he were to fall to 78.

Pick 78

Josh Paschal, Kentucky

Josh Paschal is a larger base end with inside-out versatility who will be a long-term starter in the league. Paschal is a very good run defender, who could even fall to 99.

Cameron Thomas, San Diego State

San Diego State’s Cameron Thomas is a high effort player who will win in the NFL in much the same way. He can be a rotational defensive end who provides the Browns with a player to fill in for Myles Garrett, and to allow him to kick inside in certain situations.

Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina

Kingsley Enagbare is another player who is a very strong player, but who needs development as a pass rusher. Enagbare could provide a quality starter opposite Garrett, with some development.

Pick 99

Nik Bonitto, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Nik Bonitto would be strictly a designated pass rusher for the Cleveland Browns. However, he would be very good at it and would provide a lot of third down value.

Sam Williams, Ole Miss

A player with previous off-field issues, the Browns may stay away from Sam Williams, but his talent is above other players available at this spot. Williams can be a starting caliber defensive end for the Browns.

Alex Wright, UAB

UAB’s Alex Wright has upside to be a low-end edge two, but more likely than not is a rotational end.

Defensive Tackle

Pick 44

Travis Jones, UCONN
Travis Jones 2022 Browns Day 2 Fits
Photo by Williams Paul/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Travis Jones is a physical, athletic freak of nature who can be an immediate starter at 1-technique. Jones can be a pocket pusher on passing downs, and be an impact run defender.

Perrion Winfrey, Oklahoma

The Sooners played Perrion Winfrey out of position in regards to where he will play in the NFL. Winfrey played as a nose tackle in college, but will be a 3-technique in the NFL. He has pass rushing upside, but simply hasn’t played the position yet. When in a similar role at the Senior Bowl, Winfrey was excellent.

Logan Hall, Houston

Houston’s Logan Hall is undersized for the position, and is listed as an edge by many, but will primarily be a base end who plays inside on passing downs. Hall is viewed as the top available interior pass rusher left, although personally I prefer Winfrey for the Browns.

DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M

A former projected top ten selection prior to this past season, DeMarvin Leal struggled as a base end. He lacks the high-end athleticism to be comfortable setting the edge and needs to play along the interior. Leal has the frame to do so, but simply lacks the experience.

Pick 99

Phidarian Mathis, Alabama

There are not any defensive tackles worth a pick at 78 unless one of the top guys falls there from 44. Phidarian Mathis is the next top available defensive tackle. Due to this, he may very well be pushed up the board and be gone by this selection. However, Mathis can be an immediate rotational 1-technique in the NFL.

Tight Ends

Pick 44

Trey McBride, Colorado State

Colorado State’s Trey McBride is the consensus top tight end, and will probably be gone before 78. If the Browns want him, they will either need to maneuver the NFL draft board, or reach for him at 44. He is a solid all-around player and can replace Austin Hooper.

Pick 78

Greg Dulcich, UCLA

Greg Dulcich is a move/F TE who will be used split out a lot in the NFL. He is a good route runner with solid hands who can provide another dependable target for the Browns.

Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State

Ohio State’s Jeremy Ruckert is a dependable, all-around tight end who lacked college production simply due to the offense not using the position. He is very talented and is someone who could go end up as a starting tight end, but would be best as an elite second tight end.

Pick 99

Cade Otton, Washington

My personal number one tight end in the class, Cade Otton has an intriguing mixture of run after catch ability and blocking skills. He is very aggressive in all aspects of the game.

Jelani Woods, Virginia

Virginia’s Jelani Woods is a bet on traits. While his film is not bad, it does not warrant a late third round selection. However, being one of the best testing tight ends of all time for his size is very intriguing, and his film shows flashes of quality play.