2023 NFL Draft: Should You Buy the Hype on Tyler Van Dyke?

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It is time to look at the 2023 NFL Draft quarterbacks. There is a lot of hype on the internet because of how lackluster the 2022 class was, with some big name analysts saying we could see 7 first round quarterbacks. Now, I’m not going to talk about C.J Stroud or Bryce Young. We all know they are good and we all buy the hype with them. But there are five other quarterbacks that are getting crazy amounts of hype. First up in this series looking at 2023 NFL Draft QBs, Miami’s Tyler Van Dyke.

Who is Van Dyke?

Tyler Van Dyke was a 4-star recruit from Connecticut. He ripped up New England in high school, and not just on the football field. Van Dyke was the New England Pitcher of the Year, with a 6-0 record and a 1.08 ERA.

At Miami, Van Dyke took over for D’Eriq King when he went out with a season-ending injury. From there, Van Dyke had six games in a row with 300 yards and three touchdowns.

What is Van Dyke’s Skill set?

Tyler Van Dyke has a lot of talent, and he doesn’t lose his cool very often. Van Dyke’s arm is NFL level. The Miami offense last year was not very quarterback friendly. Van Dyke constantly had to hop on his horse and run, which led to him having to create more than he probably should have as a first-year quarterback. By no means did this throw off Van Dyke (which is good to see), however it did lead to a few mistakes.

Van Dyke does have some weaknesses. He occasionally holds onto the ball for too long, however this could have been because of what I mentioned before about Miami’s offense. His load time and release speed could also use some improvement.

Should You Buy the Hype?

In my opinion: buy with caution. I think he is going to have a great year in Miami, but is he in the quarterback three range? I don’t know just yet. With the shortage of first round quarterbacks in 2022, I think Van Dyke could sneak into the first. Who knows, if Mario Cristobal can get him a legitimate offense, Tyler Van Dyke might just climb his way to the top 15 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Krumich’s Way Too Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Will Anderson Jr. is a rare combination even for Alabama - al.com
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Well, the most turbulent NFL draft class that my 18-year-old mind can remember has come and gone. Now, it’s time for 2023. While last year’s draft class was a wild ride for quarterbacks, at least we have a solid QB1 this year right? RIGHT? Well not exactly, let’s get into this way too early 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

2023 NFL Mock Draft rules

All picks are in order of how they look on paper to me. All picks traded in real life are with the team that currently owns them, and I will be making no trades.

Just a reminder, this is a WAY TOO EARLY 2023 NFL Mock Draft, I could go 0/32.

Pick 1: Texans – Will Anderson EDGE

I’m sorry Texans’ fans, no QB here. You guys are getting Will Anderson, a once-in-a-generation player. Just for reference, Will Anderson was called “the next guy” by Nick Saban his first day on campus. Anderson’s unique athletic ability combined with his incredible pass rush IQ let him lead the SEC in sacks — as a true freshman during the Covid year against only SEC competition.

Pick 2: Lions – Bryce Young QB

Next, The Lions go for the “Burrow-to-Chase” type connection. The 2022 Heisman gets reunited with his favorite target, who just happens to be this year’s pick for the Lions. Jameson Williams and Young get to be back together in the NFL. Yes, C.J. Stroud could be the better pick this year. However, Young just makes too much sense.

Pick 3: Jaguars – Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR

In my opinion, as of right now Jaxon Smith-Njigba is better coming out than his other two Ohio State counterparts. Now, this is a “Way Too Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft” so everything could change, but JSN had top ten tape as a sophomore. So just take that as you will.

Pick 4: Giants – C.J Stroud QB

Yeah, the Daniel Jones project failed. Joe Schoen gets his guy to build with in C.J Stroud. Stroud and Young will be battling for QB1 all year long. With the concerns over Young’s height, Stroud could very well be QB1. However in this world, the Giants get lucky and get Stroud at 4.

Pick 5: Panthers – B.J. Ojulari EDGE

The Panthers let Matt Corral have the keys late in the year after Darnold struggles, and he played them right out of the top 3. So, they go with the 6’3″ EDGE from LSU B.J. Ojulari. Ojulari will test really well come NFL Combine time, which will land him in this top 5 slot.

Pick 6: Falcons – Bryan Bresee IDL

I see the Falcons playing their way out of a QB. Unless they go Spencer Rattler, Phil Jurkovec or Hendon Hooker, which I don’t see at 6 as of right now — especially after drafting Ridder. Bryan Bresee is a monster. He is 6’5″ 300 lbs and has a very deep bag of tricks to use when pass rushing. Bresee is a bonafide NFL starter.

Pick 7: Jets – Jalen Carter IDL

Oh, would you look at that, UGA has another stud defensive lineman. In all seriousness, Jalen Carter is better than Jordan Davis in my opinion. He is quicker off the line and a better pass rusher than Davis. Carter is going to prove his worth this season, being the leading man in UGA’s new defensive line.

Pick 8: Seahawks – Spencer Rattler QB

A lot of people aren’t going to like this one — including my own co-host. Oh well. Spencer Rattler comes all the way back from the depth of despair and makes himself the blue chip guy he was before last season. Spencer has all the weapons in the world at South Carolina: Josh Vann, Corey Rucker, Antwane Wells and that’s not including a killer TE room. Look out for Rattler this year.

Pick 9: Bears – Paris Johnson Jr. OT

This offensive line class feels very weak compared to Evan Neal, Charles Cross and Ikem Ekwonu. Nonetheless, Paris Johnson is still really good. He isn’t any of those three guys in my opinion, but he is a great option for the Bears because well, protect Fields PLEASE.

Pick 10: Steelers – Kelee Ringo CB

I had a really hard time with this one. Mostly because I couldn’t pick between Eli Ricks and Kelee Ringo. As Mitch Wolfe said “Steelers first round picks are normally 1) Underclassmen 2) Power 5 kids 3) Insane athletes.” Well these two are all three of these things. I went Ringo. The crazy athletic UGA corner might actually get some targets this year, since quarterbacks might actually have time to throw the ball this year.

Pick 11: Commanders – Brandon Joseph S

I’m going to be 100% honest, I feel bad mocking Brandon Joseph here with how teams valued Kyle Hamilton. However, I don’t think Joseph will test the way Hamilton did, which could catapult him up to 11. The Northwestern transfer is going to be vital to Notre Dame’s defense this year.

Pick 12: Vikings – Myles Murphy IDL

It’s shades of 2019 in Clemson with two defensive lineman in the first round. Myles Murphy is just another one of those guys who on tape was a first rounder last year. Coming back? Oh yeah, that definitely should move him up into this range.

Pick 13: Raiders – Bjian Robinson RB

A FIRST ROUND RUNNING BACK?!? Well, Josh Jacobs probably won’t be in Vegas after this year, as the Raiders turned down his 5th-year option. So, replace him with a guy who can do it all. Watch Bijan Robinson and find me a legitimate hole in his game.

Pick 14: Eagles – Eli Ricks CB

After leaving LSU for Alabama, there is a big year coming for the physical corner. Ricks is a guy who I firmly believe in. He may end up as CB1 by the time the draft rolls around. The reason Ricks isn’t CB1 in this mock just because of the fit with the Steelers and Ringo.

Pick 15: Eagles – Nolan Smith EDGE

Nolan Smith could be the best player on UGA’s defense, but he falls here to 15 due to some off-the-field problems. Smith was driving with a suspended license and he got caught speeding. Other than that? Smith is going to be a star for UGA and will make an NFL team very happy one day.

Pick 16: Dolphins – Jahmyr Gibbs RB

Jahmyr Gibbs joins the likes of Derrick Henry and Najee Harris as a stud running back from Alabama who is going to make a huge difference in the NFL. He, much like Robinson who went three picks prior, is a complete back. Runs with power, speed, and has great hands.

Pick 17: Patriots – Michael Mayer TE

You want honesty? I took Michael Mayer here because it FEELS like a Bill Belichick pick. Mayer is good, don’t get me wrong, but he shouldn’t go this high. He is a good blocker and a good pass catcher, however he isn’t a unicorn like Pitts so I don’t see him going this high unless someone takes a big shot on him.

Pick 18: Cardinals – Trenton Simpson LB

The Cardinals used their first rounder this year on Hollywood Brown. So in 2023, look for them to add to an aging defense. Trenton Simpson is a perfect fit next to Isaiah Simmons. Simpson is aggressive, but has a great football IQ and good enough vision to be able to make sure he doesn’t over commit.

Pick 19: Titans – Kayshon Boutte WR

Imagine losing AJ Brown, replacing him with Treylon Burks, then adding a guy who was crowned as the next great LSU WR as a true freshman. Kayshon Boutte is that guy. I wrote more about Boutte a few months ago, so be sure to check that out for more info on him.

Pick 20: Colts – Jordan Addison WR

The run on wide receivers begins. Kenny Pickett and now maybe Caleb Williams? The number 1 target for those guys gets shipped out to Indy. Addison entered the transfer portal after spring ball and is likely headed to SoCal. Addison has great hands and uses his body really well in the air.

Pick 21: Texans – Marvin Mims WR

I think Marvin Mims will have a down year after losing his coach and two quarterbacks, but the talent is 100% there for the 5′ 11″, 177 lbs Oklahoma wide receiver. Mims is fast, a good route runner , and has great hands. Mims will be a good fit for Mills — if he is, in fact, the guy in Houston.

Pick 22: Ravens – Noah Sewell LB

It feels like the Ravens never stop picking up good defenders. So, I’m just going to put Noah Sewell here. Paired up with Patrick Queen, the Ravens somehow get even scarier. Sewell and his teammate Justin Flowe could easily shoot up draft boards.

Pick 23: Bengals – Byron Young IDL

The other “B. Young” from Alabama is Byron, and he is going to make waves for the Tide this year. Now, Young waited behind Christian Barmore and Phidarian Mathis, he is the next up in a long line of Alabama defensive lineman to become a difference maker. Young is strong, and it mostly comes from his explosiveness.

Pick 24: Chargers – Joey Porter Jr. CB

With Chris Harris getting older and already having J.C. Jackson and Samuel… replace the pricey Harris with Joey Porter Jr. Now you have the best young core of defensive backs in the game. Porter is very fluid in his movements and always does a good job with his hands.

Pick 25: Cowboys – Henry To’oto’o LB

Henry To’oto’o was a monster at Tennessee, had a very good year at Alabama, and chose to come back after losing the National Championship. Henry T’s biggest issue is over-commitment. He can be too aggressive and can get caught in the wrong hole, which is his downfall.

Pick 26: Seahawks – Christian Mahogany IOL

I am expecting a huge year from Boston College’s Christian Mahogany. He has to fix his feet just a bit, however, I am a firm believer in his hands and size combo. If your team needs a late first O-line this is the guy.

Pick 27: Dolphins – Isaiah Foskey IDL

After two weak interior defensive line classes, Isaiah Foskey is the fifth (and not final) IDL to come off the board. Foskey is an anchor for Notre Dame and is going to work his way into the first round come next April. The big man clogs up gaps quickly with an explosive first step.

Pick 28: Lions – Zion Tupuola-Fetui EDGE

An ABSOLUTE BEAST, Zion Tupuola-Fetui is an physical specimen. However, everyone has doubts with PAC12 pass rushers, and with little production someone will have to bet on talent. I think putting Aidan Hutchinson with Tupuola-Fetui would allow Tupuola-Fetui to grow into his role.

Pick 29: Packers – Garrett Williams CB

I would love to put Garrett Williams next to Jaire Alexander for the Packers. It is a match made in heaven, honestly. Williams is another guy who hasn’t produced much, mostly because people don’t throw at him.

Pick 30: Chiefs – Justin Eboigbe IDL

The final interior defensive lineman goes. Justin Eboigbe is another guy who you have to bet on upside with. He won’t produce much with Young, Anderson, Dallas Turner, and more on that Bama D-line . The Chiefs are in a good enough spot where they can bet on traits.

Pick 31: Bucs – Phil Jurkovec QB

THE HEIR APPARENT TO THE GOAT. Okay, let’s get serious… if Phil Jurkovec doesn’t get hurt he is probably QB1 in this past year’s draft class. He gets the short end of the stick by having to wait a year, where he is now QB4. However, he probably lands in the best spot any rookie could ask for.

Pick 32: Bills – Derick Hall EDGE

The Bills can bet on the athletic ability of Derick Hall. So far in his college career, he has been super rough around the edges. In this mock, the Bills win it all and still land an amazing athlete at the 32nd pick.

If you enjoyed this be sure to stay updated with all these players all year long on The Scouts Take. This has been my way too early 2023 NFL mock draft.

ATB Network’s MLB Top Ten Prospects: Opening Day 2022

Photo Credits: KSHB

Welcome to the first installment of ATB Network’s top 10 MLB prospects. It is the opening week of 2022 and there are a LOT of good rookies. Luke, Sanket, and Tayyib break down their top ten. The order is based on the average spot on all three lists. Let’s dive into all the future stars of the MLB:

Top 10 Prospects in MLB for 2022

1) Bobby Witt Jr. 3B

Luke – He is just that guy. It’s simple as that. Bobby Witt Jr. is going to be great. He has all the tools at third. He is a high-level fielder already and his speed makes him a threat on the base pads. Not only is he a good contact hitter, but he knows how to hit for power, too.

Sanket – Hits for power and average, and has a really good arm. Will play third base most likely for the Royals. I believe he’s got the best chance of any prospect at becoming the top player in MLB.

Tayyib – The definition of a five-tool player. Athletic in the field and blazing bat speed make him the most exciting rookie in the game.

Votes: All number 1

2) Adley Rutchsman C

Luke – Adley Rutchsman has been talked about for what feels like forever. His defense behind the plate is spectacular. Great arm and pop time, and looks like a seasoned veteran behind the plate. A top-tier catching prospect is rare.

Sanket – Drafted right ahead of Witt in 2019, Adley has great catching ability and will probably be the best offensive catcher in the game when he reaches his peak.

Tayyib – Rutchsman’s athletic build, whippy throwing arm, and pitch framing IQ make him the best catching prospect in baseball — and by a pretty good margin.

Votes: Luke (3), Sanket (2), Tayyib (3)

3) Julio Rodriguez OF

Luke – Julio Rodriguez is probably the most fun of all the top 10 MLB prospects. He is a physical beast, but his mind is just as sharp. You will never see Rodriguez take a bad line to the ball.

Sanket -He’ll become the face of the franchise in a few years and has really good offensive game. A guy who can run as well, I think Julio will end up becoming like a right-handed Bryce Harper. 

Tayyib – Rodriguez has the physical tools to marshall the outfield in the majors for a long time. Add good plate discipline and all-field power, Rodriguez is one to watch.

Votes: Luke (2) Sanket (3) Tayyib (4)

4) Spencer Torkelson 1B/3B

Luke – The power-hitting first baseman is going to make some waves. He’s not as well-rounded as the others on this list, and he’s not a Gold Glove first baseman.

Sanket – Tremendous power and the heir to Miguel Cabrera. Okay defender at first, but his raw power is where he’ll make his money in the majors. 

Tayyib – An all-around hitter with plus power. Spencer Torkelson is the first baseman of the future in Detroit.

Votes: Luke (4) Sanket (3) Tayyib (2)

5) Riley Greene OF

Luke – CONSISTENT. That’s what Riley Greene needs to be. The Tigers need him to be consistent. He has all tools, but has struggled to put it all together.

Sanket – Detroit has two of the top 5 prospects in MLB as they try and win now. Greene has improved upon his power game a lot and will be a consistent threat behind Torkelson for the Tigers. 

Tayyib –  The outfielder hits for power and placement. A consistent swing and smart pitch recognition are Greene’s best tools.

Votes: all 5th

6) Grayson Rodriguez RHP

Luke – Velocity and control are not a problem, the problem for Grayson Rodriguez is that the O’s are playing the service time game. The kid would probably be starter #4 for the O’s this year, but it looks like they keep him down to start the year.

Sanket – The Orioles have terrible pitching, but luckily for them, Rodriguez is on the doorsteps of the major. A really good fastball combined with a great change-up gives Rodriguez the potential to become an ace for Baltimore.

Tayyib – Four-pitch repertoire features a fastball that hits 100mph. The Orioles prospect is a flame thrower with deceptive secondary pitches.

Votes: Luke and Sanket (6) Tayyib (7)

7) Anthony Volpe SS

Luke – The only reason Anthony Volpe isn’t a top 3 MLB prospect is that he has yet to face AA pitching. Volpe is a 5-tool player. He’s great at everything and is the reason the Yankees didn’t sign a top-tier shortstop. When you are the reason the Yankees don’t feel the need to spend money, you gotta be good.

Sanket – The Yankees are throwing all their chips in for Volpe. He’s the future for them at shortstop, and even though he’s only in AA, he’s already displayed some raw power and hitting prowess. Can he keep it up though?

Tayyib – The Yankees chose not to sign a long-term shortstop because of Volpe. The fleet-footed base runner boasts a fabulous feel for the game and is a threat on the pads.

Votes: Luke (7) Sanket (8) Tayyib (6)

8) Gabriel Moreno C

Luke – I have Gabriel Moreno at this spot mostly because of the value of a good catching prospect. Don’t get me wrong, I think he will be good, but I like players like CJ Abrams more. Positional value gives Moreno the boost.

Sanket – Toronto has a couple of good catchers in their system in Alejandro Kirk and Moreno. Moreno is a solid player with good hitting and good defense, and is terrific at throwing out runners. 

Tayyib – The Venezuelan catcher’s compact swing and good instincts should translate well into the big leagues. A patient hitter, Moreno minimizes strikes and grinds at-bats.

Votes: Luke (9) Sanket (7) Tayyib (8)

9) CJ Abrams SS

Luke – CJ Abrams is already better in the field than Fernando Tatis. He is the shortstop of the future in San Diego, and the Tatis injury could allow him to solidify that spot. He is fast and hits with precision.

Sanket – An absolute speed demon on the bases, Abrams will become the Padres shortstop once he gets to the majors, and Tatis will move to the outfield. Also a plus hitter, Abrams ceiling is a 20-20 guy.

Tayyib – Not ranked

Votes: Luke (8) Sanket (9) Tayyib (N/A)

10) Shane Baz SP

Luke – Shane Baz is going to be very good and is just going to make the Rays look even smarter for the Chris Archer trade. Baz could allow them to move on from Glasnow if they want to save money.

Sanket – Not ranked

Tayyib – Shane Baz’s fastball is elite. The young pitcher has the sweet spot of high speed and movement on his heater. It will become one of the best pitches in baseball.

Votes: Luke (10), Sanket (N/A), Tayyib (10)

That’s the end of our first rundown of the top 10 MLB prospects. Be sure to check back with us for more great MLB content throughout the season!

Giants Head Coach Search: The Good, Great and Surprising

giants head coach
credit: @Krum_13

It actually happened, The New York football Giants fired Joe Judge and let Dave Gettelman “retire”. general manager interviews are already happening and the new GM will have complete control over who he (or she) wants as head coach. The search for the next Giants head coach begins now:

Sanket (@itsmesanketshah), Felix (@FootballPapi) and I will be discussing my three favorite candidates for the position. This could all change based on who the GM, but for right now these are the three we will talk about.

Who should be the Giants Head Coach

Former Head Coach Brian Flores

Luke- I am hesitant with Flores, very hesitant. However, this is not because hes a bad head coach but because he can’t pick an OC for the life of him. 4 OCs in 3 years isn’t great. I also think he will want win right away and we are not set up for that.

Sanket- Firstly, Flores has shown that he can build a team from the ground up. Second, Shouldn’t have gotten fired in Miami. Now, the question is whether he can create a good offense and find a good coordinator.

Felix- A Brooklyn native, Flores returning home would be a tremendous hire off of his track record as head coach with the Miami Dolphins. Despite alleged conflict with the front office, Flores still restored Miami to a competitive team/roster that went 4-2 versus the Patriots. Would that power dynamic happen again in New York is the true question regarding his fit with Big Blue.

Bills OC Brian Daboll

Luke- The best fit with Joe Schoen and he is GM1 right now. Daboll has had success everywhere he went. Furthermore, he’s great offensive mind who works with a really good staff in Buffalo. Therefore, Daboll is not a bad option by any means.

Sanket- Daboll helped turned Josh Allen into a superstar in Buffalo. He seems to be well respect around the league as hes considered for many HC jobs. Most likely, Daboll would be paired with Joe Schoen so that’s a plus.

Felix- An offensive mind with a sturdy resume, Daboll has accelerated the growth of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, so much so that Allen’s sub-60% completion percentage in college is a concern of the past. He’s shown that he can win with injuries to the offense, and has coached up players to be consistent contributors. He’s an ideal hire considering the Giants offense has been wildly inept.

Minnasota Gophers HC PJ Fleck

Luke- Now, while Fleck is my number one option. I have zero faith in it happening. However, Fleck has proven he can win with limited talent and can develop players well. These two traits are the two that the Giants really need in a head coach.

Sanket- Fleck a college guy that seems to be well respected. Furthermore, he helped make Minnesota into a bowl program. Always risky hiring college guys for NFL HC jobs.

Felix- One of the few college coaches that strikes gold everywhere he goes, Fleck has truly built a strong culture at the University of Minnesota, molding a contender in the Big Ten conference. He did the same at Western Michigan prior to that, and is known for generating strong buy-in with players, often dominating the recruiting trail.

It would be an experiment, but Fleck has flashed that it-factor for a strong head coach that is efficient on and off the field. Would he be like Matt Rhule or Jim Harbaugh?

Who else could be the Giants Head Coach?

Lastly, I am going to run through a list of guys who could also become the Giants head coach:

  • Kevin O’Connell, Rams offensive coordinator
  • Mike McDaniel, 49ers offensive coordinator
  • Kellen Moore, Cowboys offensive coordinator
  • Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs offensive coordinator

All in all, there are plenty of good options for the next Giants GM to chose from, but they better move fast as these guys are going to fly off the shelves.

Huge Portal News: Title Contenders and Top QBs

Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal
Photo from the athletic

The Caleb Williams transfer saga is going to change the game. This off-season looked like fun, but it just became game breaking. Holy Monday… college football, you never disappoint. Caleb Williams, a leading Heisman candidate, announced a few hours ago that he is reopening his recruitment by entering the transfer portal. He said “OU is still an option”, but another big name quarterback might have just sealed that door:

What is going on with Caleb Williams:

Welp. Lincoln Riley left and took what feels like Oklahoma’s whole recruiting class with him. Now, OU did get a great consolation prize in Brent Venables and Jeff Lebby. However, Caleb Williams wanted to make sure OU was the best spot. So, he issued this statement:

Who swooped into the OU QB spot:

It’s wild ride for this quarterback: former UCF QB Dillon Gabriel — who already hard committed to UCLA this off-season. People thought he would go to Mississippi, because of Jeff Lebby, but when Lebby left for OU that spot seemed taken. With the Caleb Williams transfer announcement, Gabriel swooped right on in.

Where is Williams going:

Three teams immediately come to mind. With smoke that Georgia wants to try something new at QB… getting Williams definitely accomplishes that. Ole Miss just seems unfair, with them adding Zach Evans. I mean, come on. Lane Kiffin would be able to run whatever play he wants whenever he wants. Lastly, and the obvious one — USC with Lincoln Riley. This would then send Jaxson Dart into the portal, causing yet another chain reaction.

My Caleb Williams Transfer Prediction:

I am going to go out on a limb and say Caleb Williams will end up at Georgia. They’re the best team and they have some deep NIL pockets. It would set Williams up for success in a huge way. OU will be just fine in the Big 12 without him, and they still have time to add another blue chip quarterback before they join the SEC.