What The Kadarius Toney Trade Means for the Giants

The Kansas City Chiefs have acquired former New York Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney in a trade
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THE GIANTS TRADE KADARIUS TONEY : A big part of the Justin Fields trade, and former first round pick Kadarius Toney has been traded to the Chiefs. Giants GM Joe Schoen inherited the shifty wide receiver from previous GM Dave Gettleman. Toney has had a pretty rocky start to his NFL career, let’s get into it:

Toney can’t stay healthy:

In his career, Kadarius Toney has suffered 11 injuries since his time at Florida. Four shoulder injuries, two hamstring injuries, two ankle sprains, an abdominal strain, a quad strain, and a minor knee surgery. This wore out his welcome with the new regime quite quickly.

Not only this, but his usage hasn’t been great. Toney has only had 5+ targets in only three games in his NFL career. The shifty wide receiver never scored a touchdown as a Giant. Getting a 3rd round pick and a 6th in return for Toney is a very fair trade for the Giants.

What the Kadrius Toney Trade means for the season?

The Giants wide receiver core is lacking, while Toney literally added nothing since he was never on the field. The 6-1 Giants will likely look to capitalize on an active market. There are some extremely interesting options with the trade deadline upcoming.

Jerry Jeudy, the young Broncos wide receiver, clearly isn’t happy in Denver. His connection with Brian Daboll is leading many to connect the dots.

DJ Moore is the hot name everyone is talking about. With the Panthers selling and Joe Schoen’s connection to the team, he is another name people have been pairing with the Giants.

Lastly, Chase Claypool has been thrown around and there are rumors the Giants have serious interest. I don’t know how he would be in New York media, but I do think he would fit the team well.

What about the draft?

If the Giants keep winning games, and they are picking near the end of the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft there are bound to be some good options. Kayshon Boutte has had a really rough year and is heavily sliding on draft boards, same with Josh Downs and Jordan Addison.

All in all, I think the Kadarius Toney trade is a really good trade for the Giants. Getting a third rounder for a guy who doesn’t play and you didn’t draft is honestly a great return.

The Evolution of Soccer in the US

Rate the U: Paxten Aaronson earns an A in first MLS start - Brotherly Game
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Soccer, the ugly stepchild of American sports. Not accepted by England as “real football” not accepted by Americans because it’s considered boring and as one fan told me “because the clock goes up not down.” There is a soccer evolution going on in the U.S. With the MLS over taking the NHL in yearly average viewership just last year. As well as over taking baseball in youth participation jumping from 17.6 million in 2017 to 19.6 million in 2021.

What Trends are Emerging in US Soccer?

When kids are growing up playing soccer, you are going to have more and more fans. The more participation there is, the higher the popularity eventually becomes. However, that’s kind of a cop out answer. Let’s get into it!

MLS used to be the European retirement league. Old stars from the bigger leagues would come over and finish out their careers when they were no longer good enough for the top leagues. Now, MLS teams like the Philadelphia Union have begun farming talent from their home areas.

How has the US Soccer Landscape Changed in Recent Years?

Youth academies, secondary training and development teams, and MLS Next Pro have all grown the game exponentially and contributed to the evolution of soccer in the US. Take the Philadelphia Union as a prime example. Americans became obsessed with Brenden Aaronson of Leeds when he showed off swag and scored a goal against Chelsea.

He is from Medford, NJ, and was in the Union’s youth academy, then made it to the Premier League. The Jersey kid from Medford went for a $30 million transfer fee. That is the second highest transfer fee for an American player behind only Christian Pulisic. The best part? Union has his kid brother Paxten Aaronson waiting for his chance with the top-ranked Union. Aaronson came in during the game and immediately made an impact with three shots on net.

Do Americans Really Care About the Sport?

That answer is yes. Yes they do. I have gone to Power 5 football games, been in the bleachers of Yankees stadium, and sat in the lower bowl at NFL games. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the atmosphere at a Union match.

18,500 seats feels like 50,000 in this place. The Sons of Ben (diehard fans) are the most electric fan section I have ever watched live. One fan told me “Being in Chester and not actually Philly is amazing. People in Delaware County don’t have much going for them. We rally around the Union. It’s all some of us have.”

Union fans make it hard to be an unbiased reporter. They are all incredible. I stayed until the very end of a 6-0 win over a not very good Colorado Rapids team.

Soccer has Changed and America is Coming with it.

The MLS is changing how soccer is seen in the U.S. The league inked a deal with Apple TV that will allow fans to watch any game with no blackouts, something the MLB has failed to do. Gave fans a sense of togetherness with homegrown players getting to stay home and grow with a fan base. Gaining stars overseas — in areas like Brazil and Germany — and having a competitive national team again just in time for the 2022 World Cup. Soccer is on the rise in the USA, and it’s time you join the revolution.

BREAKING NEWS: Nationals Trade Juan Soto to the Padres

Juan Soto and Josh Bell continue to go tit for tat for Washington  Nationals' home run lead - Federal Baseball
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Soto has finally been traded. He is on the move to San Diego for a flurry of top prospects. The Padres were already one of the most fun teams in the MLB and they just added the most electric player in baseball. Furthermore, Josh Bell is on the move to San Diego along with Juan Soto in the trade.

The Padres side of things:

Juan Soto, the 23 year old, World Series champion, and former batting title champion is on the move. With a top tier 1b by his side, Soto costs a pretty penny but is definitely worth it. The superstar outfielder is in the 98th percentile for xwOBA (expected weighted on base average) during a down year. In every year of his career, Soto has been in the top 3% for walks and top 10% for wxOBA. Everyone knows Soto is a once in a generation talent, coupled with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado… watch out world.

Another piece of this trade was Josh Bell. If you are a big baseball fan you probably know Bell from his time with the Pirates. Bell he has been solid for the Nationals this year. A lot of fan bases wanted him this offseason, but the Padres get him as they make a world series push.

The Nationals side of the Juan Soto Trade:

Firstly, Mackenzie Gore is the biggest part of this deal. He is a bonafide future ace, and he has already shown big league production this year. Furthermore, Gore can still keep you from being a horrible team for the next few years as the Nationals ownership looks to sell the franchise away.

Second, We all knew the Juan Soto trade was going to get the Nationals a good amount of top prospects, but adding Bell on top takes this deal to the next level. The Nationals receive CJ Abrams, Robert Hassell, James Wood and Jarlin Susana. CJ Abrams is going to be a top defensive shortstop in this league. Pairing him with SS/2B Brady House (Nationals #1 prospect) will be a lot of fun for Nationals fans. Hassell and Wood are top tier outfielders in the minors right now who are expected to be up quickly. Susana has been making waves in the minors recently with some great outings on the bump.

What’s Next:

Finally, the big fish has been moved, and Soto is off the board. However, This makes the the Giants situation a lot more interesting. Now, with two top 3 teams in the NL, the Giants will look to sell. The Yankees reportedly are in on Carlos Rendon already but have made no progress.

BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Trade for Scott Effross from the Cubs

Cubs trade relief pitcher Scott Effross to the New York Yankees
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BREAKING: The Yankees get their relief pitcher. With Michael King done for the year, their bullpen had been struggling. Now, they make a huge trade to get Scott Effross. The 28-year-old rookie feels like he’s meant for the Yankees. A stuff-based pitcher with five years of control. Now, the Yankees paid a steep price of #7 prospect Hayden Wesneski, however in the hunt for #28, it might have been worth it.

The Breakdown on Effross

As I said earlier, Effross is a stuff pitcher. He features a low 90’s fast ball with plenty of run. However, his bread-and-butter is his slider, sinker, and change-up combo that makes up for all but 9.5% of his pitches. Effross is in the top 10% of the league in the following advanced stats: XSLG, WOBA, XWOBA, and XERA. All of these are just more advanced ways of tracking their base stats of SLG, OBA, and ERA. XERA is the most impressive, XERA is fielding independent ERA. Effross has posted a 2.21 XERA which is in the top 3% of pitchers and would be second on the Yankees active roster behind only Clay Holmes.

The Yankees side of the Scott Effross trade

Hayden Wesneski is a top prospect for the Yankees, but at a spot where they have ridiculous depth. They have three LHPs in their top 10. This trade does nothing to take them out of the rest of the trade deadline festivities. Wesneski will have a quicker path to the majors in Chicago. He was backlogged in the Yankees farm system, but now he can have a chance to shine.

What’s next for the Yankees

It feels like the Yankees are all in on Frankie Montas and Carlos Rendon. They probably only get one — but who knows, they are the Yankees. They could get both if they wanted to, their farm is deep enough to do so. We have a littlea more than 24 hours until the MLB trade deadline. A lot can happen.

BREAKING NEWS: Luis Castillo traded to the Seattle Mariners

The Cincinnati Reds have agreed to trade starting pitcher Luis Castillo to the
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Luis Castillo, the former ace of the Cincinnati Reds, has been traded to the Seattle Mariners. After a down 2021 season, Castillo had been the bright spot for a very, very bad Reds team. The Reds receive Noelvi Marte, Levi Stoudt, Edwin Arroyo, Andrew Moore for Castillo.

Why Luis Castillo was traded:

Again, the Reds are very bad and there is no sense in having a Porsche without gas. The Reds have no use for Castillo. With only one more year of control, it was just time to move on from their star righty.

Now, trading Luis Castillo to the Mariners just makes sense. Seattle is making a run at the title this year and Castillo can slide in. Castillo is a number two starter with ace stuff. Now will this get them over the hump to win it all? Maybe. However, its a chance worth taking.

The rundown on Castillo:

Castillo’s three-pitch mix features a 97 MPH fastball, 88 MPH change-up, and a 87 MPH slider. This year, Castillo has a 2.86 ERA (Earned run average) and a 3.21 FIP (Fielder Independent Pitching) both better than last year. Castillo’s wxOBA (Expected Weighted On-base Average) is in the 77th percentile among pitchers.

The trade return for Luis Castillo:

Compared to prior years, Castillo’s pure ERA is the best he’s had in his MLB career. He posted his second best FIP and fourth best wxOBA. With this resurgence, Castillo upped his value and gets dealt to a contender.

In return for an ace, you expect a haul of prospects. That’s just what the Reds got. Noelvi Marte, Levi Stoudt, Edwin Arroyo, and Andrew Moore is a ludicrous trade package for a year and a half of a starting pitcher. Marte and Arroyo alone almost feels like too much. The Reds get three of the top five prospects in the Mariners farm. In the case of Marte, he is a five-tool shortstop who is projected to be in the bigs by the end of 2023.

Personally, this is not a package I would have given up for Castillo. He will only be there for a year and a half before needing to get paid. Castillo is an ace, but he isn’t one I would sell the whole farm for at this point.