Texas And Oklahoma Will Leave Early For The SEC: Here Is Why

The Big 12 will soon turn into a “Group of 5” conference when Texas and Oklahoma leave for the SEC. However, there is a lot of speculation about when that move will take place. Join me as I jump into a couple of very realistic timelines for the move.

Texas and Oklahoma SEC Greg Sankey

Before the 2021 season started there was buzz that this might be Texas and Oklahoma’s last season in the Big 12. However, as the season marched on we got the sense that they would remain for 2022 and possibly through the 2024 season. I still think that both universities will eventually buy out their tv deals and leave the Big 12 early and here are a couple of reasons why.

1. Money

In the wise words of Paul Van Der Merwe “Money makes the world go round” and that same phrase is true in college football. This has been one of the main selling points since the SEC move was announced. The SEC has more money than the Big 12 and its not really close. Add Texas and Oklahoma to that conference and you gain even more revenue. This is the main reason why I believe both schools will leave before 2025.

Texas and Oklahoma SEC

A little over a week ago the SEC announced how much money it would be distributing to the fourteen schools in the conference. That number amounted to $54.6 million dollars per school. On the other hand, the Big 12 distributed $34.5 million dollars per school in 2021. Now I’m no expert, but I’d imagine $20 million is a lot of money even to these massive universities.

With the addition of Texas and Oklahoma that number will only go up. I’d be very comfortable to say that Texas and OU would receive over $60 million their first year in the SEC. That would almost double what they make in the Big 12. It’s not crazy to see why both of these schools are itching to leave early and head to greener pastures.

2. Recruiting

Now, this one may hit a nerve for some people, but that’s ok. Recruits see the SEC as an almost guaranteed path to being drafted. If you disagree with that I understand, but it’s the truth. Joining the SEC would give both universities a major recruiting bump from coast to coast. There were several recruits in the 2022 cycle that I know would’ve committed to Texas if they were in the SEC.

Texas and Oklahoma SEC

Texas even had one committed for a short period, but when the news started breaking that the move wasn’t going to happen next year, that specific recruit decided to chase the SEC dream and I don’t blame him one bit. The SEC has proven to be the best path to the NFL year in and year out. That is something that Texas and Oklahoma can’t sell recruits on. This is yet another major selling point as to why Texas and Oklahoma will leave the Big 12 early.

In Closing

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There is a 0% chance that Texas and Oklahoma stay in the Big 12 until 2025. It makes no sense for those two schools and if we’re being on honest it makes no sense for the Big 12.

It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend, but you still go eat dinner with her family every evening. It’s awkward and time to move on. The most likely scenario in my mind is that Texas and Oklahoma leave for the SEC in 2023. The timeline works and by then the Big 12 will have its four new teams to lessen the blow of the money loss.

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Texas Longhorns Adding Another Big-Time Staff Member?

Adding former head coaches as analysts/assistants has become a common practice for Nick Saban at Alabama. Now, Steve Sarkisian is following in the footsteps of his former boss by going out and bringing in former big name head coaches to the Texas Longhorns staff. Who is he trying to bring in this time around? Find out below!

David Cutcliffe possibly joining the Texas Longhorns staff

David Cutcliffe

David Cutcliffe is the former head coach of Ole Miss and Duke. Cutcliffe took over an abysmal Duke program and turned them into a contender in the ACC Coastal for several years. Cutcliffe is also a well know and well-respected coach around the country. He is most notably known for his development of the quarterback position.

Who are some of the biggest quarterbacks he has coached? Well, that’s an easy one. Cutcliffe coached and developed both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Peyton Manning as we all know is considered a top 5 quarterback in NFL history, and Eli Manning completed an 18-year Hall of Fame career in New York only 3 short seasons ago.

David Cutcliffe Texas Longhorns Staff

Now, you may be thinking to yourself why would Sark want to hire a 67-year-old coach who mutually parted way with Duke a year ago. Well, Cutcliffe has a couple things that Sark really wants.

#1. Experience

Cutcliffe has been coaching football for a very long time. He has coached at the collegiate level for almost 40 years. I don’t know about you, but for me 40 years is almost double my age. Sark having that experience in his ear constantly is something I think he desperately wants.

One thing I have noticed about the current staff is that they’re relatively young. That is not always a bad thing, but it is also not always a good thing. Being able to have that blend of experience and young up and comers is something I think Sarkisian is trying to address with the addition of Gary Patterson and possibly David Cutcliffe.

#2. Relationship With The Mannings

Cutcliffe was Peyton’s OC/QB coach at the University of Tennessee, and he was Eli’s HC at Ole Miss. However, their relationship goes deeper than being coached by Cutcliffe for a few years. David Cutcliffe was also Peyton and Eli’s QB coach during the offseason while the 2 brothers played in the NFL. I found this short clip from YouTube that should give you a better understanding of their relationship. You can watch the 3-minute clip here.

Arch Manning Texas Longhorns

By now I hope you have put 2 and 2 together. The #1 overall player in the 2023 recruiting class (via 247 Sports) is Arch Manning, nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning. If Sarkisian is able to add Cutcliffe to this staff in any capacity that would immediately give the Texas Longhorns a leg up in the Arch Manning sweepstakes. With Quinn Ewers already on campus that would give Arch a season to sit behind Ewers and learn the offense before becoming the starter for the 2024 season.

In Closing

David Cutcliffe is a phenomenal coach and has a long track record of developing NFL quarterbacks. If Sark is able to add Cutcliffe to the staff it would only add to an already impressive off season for the Texas Longhorns. The smoke is starting to grow around Cutcliffe, but as we saw with Gary Patterson the timeline for a decision won’t be rushed.

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BIG News Coming On Sunday For The Texas Longhorns?

After a big recruiting visit weekend are the Texas Longhorns about to hit the jackpot (again) in the transfer portal?

Latavious Brini Texas Longhorns

One week after helping the Georgia Bulldogs win the National Championship Latavious Brini entered his name into the transfer portal. Brini, a former 3-star out of Hialeah, Florida, played a big part in the Bulldogs secondary totaling 38 tackles and 8 pass deflections from the safety position in 2021.

Brini is a long athletic defensive back that Sark and PK like to recruit. It is pretty obvious to me that he will fit into the “Star” position in PK’s defense. If you paid attention to the recruitment of 2022 5-star linebacker Harold Perkins, then you will know what that position entails.

PK uses the “Star” position for players that are versatile enough to play any position on the field. Brini 100% fits that mold, because he can play back at safety or come down and play in the box or rush the quarterback off the edge. He really is the complete player you’re looking for on defense.

Brini Texas Longhorns

The thing is, Brini wasn’t just some bench player for the Bulldogs. He started 11 games in 2021 for the #1 team in the country and played significant time when he wasn’t starting. If Sark is able to land the talented defensive back it would be a huge win for the Texas Longhorns.

Brini reportedly visited Austin and the University of Texas over this weekend and will be making his decision tomorrow (Sunday). When Brini does make his decision, I fully expect him to pick the Texas Longhorns. Like I said earlier this would be a MASSIVE get for Sarkisian and Pete Kwiatkowski.

In Closing

Adding an experienced, elite defensive back to the Longhorns thin DB room would work wonders for PK, Terry Joseph, and Blake Gideon. Sark and Texas have dominated the transfer portal so far this offseason and adding Brini would only exemplify that.

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Big Weekend Coming For The Texas Longhorns?

ATB Texas Longhorns

Big Weekend Coming For The Texas Longhorns?

News around the Texas Longhorns and the transfer portal has been heating up over the past week. Could we see some results over the weekend?

Gary Patterson Texas Longhorns

Gary Patterson

The buzz around Gary Patterson is getting louder day in and day out. This move would be massive for the Longhorns defensive staff. Patterson is expected to join Sarkisian’s staff by the end of the weekend as the “Special Assistant to the Head Coach”. Adding Patterson would help out year 2 defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski with figuring out these Big 12 offenses.

Texas Longhorns Hit The Portal

Drew Sanders to the Texas Longhorns

Drew Sanders is a guy Sark and staff have prioritized in the portal. Sanders played LB/Edge in his short stint at Alabama and was injured for a period during the 2021 season. Sark being able to add an elite, long, and athletic edge to this defense is just what the doctor ordered. Sanders is expected to make a decision soon and I expect him to announce before the end of the weekend. I expect Texas to be the pick when the former 5-star announces his decision.

Jahleel Billingsley to the Texas Longhorns

Jahleel Billingsley was a guy I was a bit hesitant on at first, but as I expected Sarkisian is pursuing the TE heavily. Billingsley is a guy that could make this high-powered offense even more potent. He’s a guy that excels catching balls down the field and is a matchup nightmare for opposing linebackers. I expect Billingsley to shut it down fairly soon as well. When Billingsley announces, look for the Longhorns to be the pick for the former 4-star TE.

Ochaun Mathis to the Texas Longhorns

Ochaun Mathis. What more do I have to say? If you’ve watched the Texas vs TCU games the past couple years, you’ll understand. The 2 time All-Big 12 defensive end has been living in opposing team’s backfields for years. With Gary Patterson expected to join the staff soon I expect Mathis to follow. However, I don’t expect an announcement to come anytime soon.

Mathis announced on Twitter, “Hey guys I want to say that I’m taking this process slow! I’ll call you guys when I get the chance. If I have your number I’ll get with you. Thank you in advance!”. Mathis is also finishing is planning to graduate from TCU in May meaning he doesn’t need to make a decision for a few months.

In Closing

This has been an exciting off-season for Longhorn fans. However, Texas has had exciting off-seasons before. Now it’s time to see results. Can Sarkisian turn all this momentum into wins? Only time will tell. I truly believe Sark is the guy to right the ship in Austin. Anything less than 8 wins in 2022 will be a big disappointment.

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MASSIVE Transfer Portal Additions Eyeing The Texas Longhorns?,


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ATB Texas Longhorns

MASSIVE Transfer Portal Additions Eyeing The Texas Longhorns?

With the Georgie Bulldogs winning the National championship last night the college football off-season is in full swing. That means big time players are hitting the portal and the Texas Longhorns are looking to hit the transfer portal to benefit off of those elite players.

Drew Sanders Texas Transfer Portal

Drew Sanders has entered the transfer portal less then 24 hours after losing the National Championship game to Georgia. Sanders is a former 5-star Athlete out of Denton-Ryan HS in Denton, Texas. This is a guy Sark and staff will most likely prioritize in the portal. Sanders played LB/Edge in his short stint at Alabama and was injured for a period during the 2021 season. Adding an elite, long, and athletic edge to this defense is just what the doctor ordered if you’re Sark.

Jahleel Billingsley Texas Transfer Portal

This next guy I would say is a bit more of a stretch. However, if I was Sark I would definitely “kick the tires” to see if Billingsley actually has interest, which I think he would, having already played in Sark’s offense. Jahleel Billingsley is a former 4-star TE out of Phillips Academy in Chicago, Illinois. Billingsley recorded 17 receptions for 256 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2021 for the Crimson Tide. Adding an experienced TE to the offense could help Ewers immensely.

In Closing

Sanders is a guy you can blame Tom Herman for missing on but having a second chance to lure him back to Austin is something this staff can’t take for granted. We desperately need a stud pass rusher, and we currently don’t have one on campus. Justice Finkley and J’mond Tapp will help with that when they arrive on campus in a few days but adding another guy to that group like Sanders would be incredible for this defensive line group.

I don’t think Billingsley is as big of a need as Drew Sanders, but he is definitely somebody this staff will want. Like I said before adding an experienced TE is priceless is for a young QB in Ewers. I expect Sark and the Texas Longhorns to hit the transfer portal pretty hard this off-season and adding either Sanders or Billingsley would be a great start.

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