August 3, 2021

Chicago Bears

What the Anthony Miller Trade Means for the Bears

Saturday news broke that the Bears were trading wide receiver Anthony Miller to the Texans for a “late round pick swap.” Mid-day Monday compensation was released to the media, Chicago would send Miller and a 2022 seventh round pick to Houston in exchange for the Texans’ 2022 fifth rounder. Frankly this was far more in

Hidden Gems Series: Thomas Graham Jr.

We are back! After a small hiatus, the Hidden Gems Series is back and better than ever (hopefully). For those of you who are new here, go check out our quick breakdown of Charles Snowden III and Khyiris Tonga! In this Series we are looking at the Chicago Bears acquisitions that don’t get all the

Hidden Gems Series: Khyiris Tonga

As I’ve said in my first article: Hidden Gems Series: Charles Snowden III, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @bears_atb or @ryfootballscout for any questions regarding Chicago Bears football. In the second installment of my “Hidden Gems” series, we will go over Khyiris Tonga, a 7th round draft pick by the

Hidden Gems Series: Charles Snowden III

This is the first series of many I will be doing on the Around The Block Network. Please, feel free to reach out to @bears_atb or @ryfootballscout with any questions on anything and everything Chicago Bears related. In this series I will be going through The Chicago Bears new acquisitions from day three of the

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