Week 2 Start/Sit

There is always a lot of speculation after the first week of the NFL season. What players can you trust and which ones you can’t. It is very difficult to base anything off of just one week of football especially after some players haven’t played since last season. I’m going to go through who to … Continue reading Week 2 Start/Sit

Plant Your Flag

You have heard it referred to as “My Guys” but what does it mean? To me players that I’m willing to plant my flag on, are players I expect to our produce their ADP, and help you win your leagues. I’m going to give you a couple of guys who have that league winning ability … Continue reading Plant Your Flag

Breakout Players

Myles Gaskin– Welp, week one of the preseason was not ideal for Myles Gaskin. Malcom Brown was awarded the start and played first and second down, with Gaskin coming in as the third down back. The good news for Gaskin is, Malcom Brown ran the ball nine times and totaled a very underwhelming eight yards. … Continue reading Breakout Players

Bounce Back Players

Carson Wentz– It was a pretty wild season for Carson Wentz last year. But in all fairness, it was a wild season for everyone due to Covid-19. Carson Wentz finished as the QB12 (depending on your scoring format) in 2019. So coming into 2020, most felt like Wentz was a safe option with upside. As … Continue reading Bounce Back Players

Colts Fantasy Preview

It’s that time of year again where all the armchair general managers start building their teams for this season. Let’s take a look at the names you might want to familiarize yourself with before you huddle up with your buds and start claiming your perfect team. Carson Wentz: Miss out on Mahomes, Lamar, or A-Rod? … Continue reading Colts Fantasy Preview

AFC East Divisional Preview

Fantasy Outlook As we approach the start of the NFL season, I will be writing an article previewing each of the 8 NFL divisions. These articles will break down two players from each team to have on your fantasy radar as well as one sleeper. So many fantasy football drafts are occurring towards the end … Continue reading AFC East Divisional Preview

Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy football can be a fun way to interact with co-workers, keep up with old friends, or even meet new ones. It is even more fun if you know what’s going on. You don’t want to be the dormant of your league just because you didn’t know what Superflex meant. Fantasy Football 101 is designed … Continue reading Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy Draft: First Round Pros and Cons

It has been said that you can’t win your league in the first round of drafts but you can lose it. There isn’t a lot separating most of the players in the first round of fantasy drafts, however, there are always players taken here that disappoint. Last year, 5 players taken in the first round … Continue reading Fantasy Draft: First Round Pros and Cons

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

As we approach fantasy football draft season, I wanted to impart the best fantasy wisdom that I have for casual players. Mock draft…a lot. When you work through a mock draft – whether with friends or alone – you get a better feel for the draft board and see where a player’s ADP is at … Continue reading Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

Rookie TE Fantasy Outlook

Outside of the Kyle Pitts, there isn’t going to be much to talk about for rookie production this season in this tight end class. There are a few that will have some dynasty value but nothing overly exciting. So this will likely be a shorter article than the previous ones. 1. Kyle Pitts– What can … Continue reading Rookie TE Fantasy Outlook