Chris Spooner's Top 10 Metal Albums of the Year

Blast Beats: Top 10 Metal Albums of the Year

It’s the middle of February, so let me be the absolute last to say Happy New Year and to bring you my top 10 metal albums of the year. This is what happens when you miss half a year in new music and have to catch up. In general, 2021 was pretty terrible. But it … Continue reading “Blast Beats: Top 10 Metal Albums of the Year”

Blast Beats: My Top Ten AOTY List

Always late than never, I present my Top Ten AOTY list Throughout this month I’ve seen end of the year lists that spanned from anywhere from 40-100. I’m going to bring you ten. Ten is a number I feel where I can give you an honest assessment of an album. I’ve listened to these top … Continue reading “Blast Beats: My Top Ten AOTY List”

Who Belongs On the Heavy Metal Mount Rushmore?

What is THE Heavy Metal Mount Rushmore? I know it’s fall, which means Mount Rushmore season is ova. We have football to watch, no need to pass the time with intriguing Mount Rushmore topics. But this one in particular was very frustrating to me. You only get four choices, yet without even thinking, I’m sure … Continue reading “Who Belongs On the Heavy Metal Mount Rushmore?”

Revisiting A Classic: Rust In Peace

“Humanity Still Producing New Art As Though Megadeth’s ‘Rust In Peace’ Doesn’t Already Exist” -The Onion Pretty Much. Over 30 years later, the fourth installment in Megadeth’s catalog remains as iconic as ever. Its praise has been sung from every corner of metal as elitists and gatekeepers join hand in hand with casuals and dad … Continue reading “Revisiting A Classic: Rust In Peace”

Awkwafina with Eddie Huang

Awkwafina is an unnecessary bump in Marvel’s diversity road

Awkwafina. You may know her, or not. But her name has a bit more spotlight with the coming release of Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Marvel boasts a unique powerhouse film universe with heavy profits that no one has seen before. Everyone enjoys their cinematic projects, but that success cannot … Continue reading “Awkwafina is an unnecessary bump in Marvel’s diversity road”

Revisiting A Classic: Show No Mercy

Disclaimer: There’s an ironic intellectual consumption with metal.  Disheveled looking characters in faded shirts speak of a band’s catalogue as if they are historians discussing colonization and conflict.  A new band is discovered, and suddenly the community becomes auditory sommeliers.  Abrasive and grotesque imagery is revered. Blunt delivery is preferred. Five minutes later and we’ve … Continue reading “Revisiting A Classic: Show No Mercy”

Hip Hop/Rap has evolved beyond The Grammys

It has been two weeks since the 2021 edition of The Grammys aired, and the awards show seemed to leave a stale taste in the mouths of hip hop/rap fans. History has shown that the genre has hardly ever been treated correctly by the Recording Academy, lacking any nuance or respect for what an ever-growing … Continue reading “Hip Hop/Rap has evolved beyond The Grammys”

Navy Blue and the rise of Ambient Rap

Photo by Patrick Johnson/Hypebeast. Regardless of the names cycling through your playlist, hip hop/rap holds a special place in the music canon. It was birthed in black and Latinx neighborhoods of the 1970s Bronx, and evolved as it weaved its way through the country. Different regions adopted and styled it to their liking, and now … Continue reading “Navy Blue and the rise of Ambient Rap”