August 3, 2021


Gashi’s Elevators Rollout Continues with Sleeping On My Left

Just under a month after the release of Don’t Pass On Love, Gashi has given us the second single from his upcoming album Elevators, as well as another music video. If Gashi did indeed travel thirty years back in time to record his previous album, 1984, he may have made a brief stop in the

Better than Nothing: Posthumous Pop Smoke Album Lands in Gray Area

Upcoming albums by notable artists are supposed to evoke feelings of excitement and anticipation. The process of creating an album is a lengthy, tedious, and meticulous process that takes time and requires patience on both the part of the artist, their label/team, and the fanbase that eagerly awaits it. If a single flops, an artist

REVIEW: Loud Luxury and WAV3POP Join Forces for Summer Hit “Wasted”

Ever since entering the limelight with their multiplatinum hit “Body” in 2018, Loud Luxury have continued to establish themselves as mainstays among the top tier of the dance music scene. Their new single “Wasted” is the latest notch in their belt, bringing good vibes aplenty with an irresistible beat and vocals to match, courtesy of

Don’t Pass On Love: Albanian-American Artist Gashi Drops First Single, Visuals for Upcoming Elevators Album

If one word could accurately describe Albanian-American artist Gashi, it would have to be “unique”. While the rags-to-riches narrative is a common characterization of many rappers’ ascent to musical and financial success, Gashi’s story becomes increasingly singular the closer it’s examined. Born to Albanian parents, regional conflicts forced his family to flee Kosovo when he

Revisiting A Classic: Show No Mercy

Disclaimer: There’s an ironic intellectual consumption with metal.  Disheveled looking characters in faded shirts speak of a band’s catalogue as if they are historians discussing colonization and conflict.  A new band is discovered, and suddenly the community becomes auditory sommeliers.  Abrasive and grotesque imagery is revered. Blunt delivery is preferred. Five minutes later and we’ve

New DaBaby Single Feels more like a Business Plan than a Song

For better and worse, we are living in an era where social media plays a vital role in artist success. In many regards, this has proven to be beneficial for both artists and consumers. While the music industry still wields immense power when it comes to elevating artists and choosing who and what becomes popular,

TeeJay3k Shines Alongside Heavyweights in Latest F9 Single

A side benefit of the fact that Hollywood is determined to create Fast & Furious films in seeming perpetuity is that every other year or so we are given a soundtrack loaded with A-list rappers and collabs that we might otherwise only fantasize about. While few, if any, of these songs ever push the envelope

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