August 3, 2021

Las Vegas Raiders

Previo al Training Camp 2021: Quarterbacks

A tan solo una semana de diferencia para que todos los jugadores se presenten en las instalaciones del Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center en Henderson, Nevada. En lo que definitivamente será un training camp muy productivo, los Raiders necesitan solidificar más la producción de una ofensiva que según PFF se ubica en el puesto doce en

2021 Raiders Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

We are just one week apart for all the players to report to the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Henderson, Nevada. In what will be a very productive training camp, the Raiders need to solidify more the production of an offense that according to PFF ranks in 12th place among all the NFL. It seems

Finally improving the Raiders’ defense.

The two defenses that allowed more points per game than the Raiders’ defense were the Jaguars and the Lions. That doesn’t mean that Coach Gruden’s defense is that bad, despite last season’s numbers, there is one player that brings that sparkle of hope, consistency, and competitiveness that is much needed in every level of the

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