Western Conference Championship Contenders

Earlier this week here at ATB Network, we previewed and ranked the championship contenders in the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference, on the other hand, looks stacked with contenders as we head into the 2023 season. Let’s take a look. Tier 1: True Western Conference Championship Contenders Warriors, Nuggets, Suns The defending champions being on … Continue reading “Western Conference Championship Contenders”

2023 Eastern Conference Championship Contenders

Championship Contenders: Eastern Conference

As we slowly creep closer and closer to the 2022-23 NBA season, excitement is beginning to build around the league. The new year brings new hope and possibility for franchises all around the league, especially for these Eastern Conference championship contenders For some teams, the new year presents another chance at chasing the illustrious goal … Continue reading “Championship Contenders: Eastern Conference”

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver

The NBA Took it Easy on Robert Sarver with Suspension

The NBA is an extremely well-known brand. It’s one of the most well-known brands in the world, and the league takes its reputation very seriously, for good reason. However, there’s been more than a couple scandals in recent memory, and it seems the league will continually be desperate to keep that reputation as shiny as … Continue reading “The NBA Took it Easy on Robert Sarver with Suspension”

Donovan Mitchell Trade: What Teams Make The Most Sense?

After the Jazz traded one of their franchise players in Rudy Gobert this offseason, there’s just one star left in Utah: Donovan Mitchell. Since being selected by Utah, Mitchell has established himself as a star. Most notably with his insane playoff run during the 2020 bubble playoffs. Mitchell has helped lead the Jazz to the … Continue reading “Donovan Mitchell Trade: What Teams Make The Most Sense?”

NBA Schedule Leaks: Most Exciting Matchups

On Wednesday at 3 P.M. Eastern Time, the full, official NBA schedule for the 2022-23 season will be released. However, thanks to the fact that NBA insiders exist, we’ve gotten a sneak peak at some of the biggest matchups throughout the season. Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing games in the … Continue reading “NBA Schedule Leaks: Most Exciting Matchups”

3 Most Underrated NBA Teams For the 2022-23 Season

As we slowly creep closer to the new NBA season, predictions for every team have been well accounted for. There are consensus conclusions on who the contenders are around the league, as well as some playoff-bubble and bottom of the barrel teams. However, here are three underrated NBA teams as we begin the new season. … Continue reading “3 Most Underrated NBA Teams For the 2022-23 Season”

Can the Cleveland Cavaliers Take the Next Step in 2022?

Heading into the 2022 NBA season, there are several promising young teams across the league. One of the more underrated teams among that group are the Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing Lebron James in free agency several years ago, Cleveland went into a rebuilding phase. They’ve since built the team back up, and have an exciting … Continue reading “Can the Cleveland Cavaliers Take the Next Step in 2022?”

Lakers Post Summer League Power Rankings

Last week, the Lakers concluded their NBA Summer League play with a victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. A lot of players stood out significantly and deserve not only a camp invite, but also a chance to play on the main roster when they are ready. After re-watching their games and analyzing my rankings. 4) … Continue reading “Lakers Post Summer League Power Rankings”

What Should the Indiana Pacers do with Myles Turner?

The Indiana Pacers find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a rebuild, one that puts them in a precarious situation with their center, Myles Turner. In the 2020-21 season, they still hoped to contend, and were able to make the play-in tournament, where they were eliminated by the Washington Wizards. Under a new regime led … Continue reading “What Should the Indiana Pacers do with Myles Turner?”

What’s Next for the Brooklyn Nets this Offseason?

There was a time, not too long ago, in which the Brooklyn Nets were one of, if not the worst team in the NBA. At the time, they had an incredibly bleak future, with the Boston Celtics owning all their first round picks in the near future. In the 2015, ’16 and ‘7 seasons, the … Continue reading “What’s Next for the Brooklyn Nets this Offseason?”

Giving up Tyrese Maxey is Not Worth Sixers Getting Kevin Durant

With trade rumors swirling around Kevin Durant, the Sixers could be in position to add another star, but at what cost? KD to Philly is a Possibility Here is what we know so far about the Kevin Durant situation. First, we know that Durant has officially requested a trade. While he could be interested in … Continue reading “Giving up Tyrese Maxey is Not Worth Sixers Getting Kevin Durant”

NBA Free Agency: Evaluating Every Major Signing From Day 1

The first day of NBA free agency has come and gone. Who’s staying with their current team, and who’s on the move?

Lakers Top 3 Free Agency Targets

We are just hours into free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers are anxious to enhance their squad at every level. Due to their limited spending, there are only a few players they can pursue, but as a storied franchise, the Lakers are always able to acquire tremendous quality for a low price. Here are … Continue reading “Lakers Top 3 Free Agency Targets”

Offseason Preview: Who Will Return to the Warriors Next Season?

The Warriors are back on top! The Dubs added another ring to their dynasty, as they defeated the Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals. While the champagne showers and championship fever across the Bay may feel great, it’s officially the NBA offseason. The Warriors have lots of work to do … Continue reading “Offseason Preview: Who Will Return to the Warriors Next Season?”

Trade Grade: De’Anthony Melton to Sixers

The Trade The terms of the trade are: Philadelphia 76ers receive De’Anthony Melton Memphis Grizzlies receive: 23rd overall pick, Danny Green Analysis Philadelphia essentially gave up their first round pick to trade in Green for a younger, healthier shooting guard. That is not a bad price to pay given that late first round picks typically … Continue reading “Trade Grade: De’Anthony Melton to Sixers”

Prospect Draft Profile: Paolo Banchero

With the 2022 NBA draft just mere hours away, there are a ton of things NBA fans should keep an eye on. With rumors swirling all around regarding teams, players, and possible trades, it’s easy to get lost in the rumor-mill. Let’s get back to basics, and examine one of the most exciting players in … Continue reading “Prospect Draft Profile: Paolo Banchero”

Lakers Draft Prospects: The Finals Power Rankings

As the NBA draft approaches in less than twenty-four hours, the team has worked out a large number of possible prospects. Some have even returned for a second workout. With a view to the future, these are the top four best prospect suitors for the Lakers. 4)Terell Brown Jr – Washington, Guard Brown Jr. is … Continue reading “Lakers Draft Prospects: The Finals Power Rankings”

Lakers Workouts: Prospect Power Rankings 3.0

With The NBA draft taking place this week, the Lakers workouts have continued with the third round of potential prospects. With news of teams willing to offer the team a chance to obtain their second-round pick, here are rankings based on fit. 6) Phlandrous Fleming Jr – Florida, Guard Fleming Jr., is a 6’4 210-pound … Continue reading “Lakers Workouts: Prospect Power Rankings 3.0”

Prospect Draft Profile: Jabari Smith Jr.

Thursday night, the Warriors knocked off the Celtics 103-90 to win the NBA Finals. With the season now officially over, the next major event on the basketball calendar is the NBA Draft. With the draft coming very soon, on June 23rd, it’s time to start taking a look at some of the top prospects. First, … Continue reading “Prospect Draft Profile: Jabari Smith Jr.”

Lakers Workouts: Prospect Power Rankings 2.0

The Los Angeles Lakers workouts have continued this week. They have been busy bringing in various prospects for pre-draft workouts in order to gain a sense of who to target in the late second round or as an undrafted free agent. The Purple and Gold have brought in a mixture of mid-major and power conference … Continue reading “Lakers Workouts: Prospect Power Rankings 2.0”

Celtics beat Warriors 116-100, Lead NBA Finals 2-1

@brockhoff55 recaps Game 3 of the NBA Finals ahead of Game 4 tonight. Who will take this one home?

2022 NBA Finals Series Update

The basketball world was greatly anticipating this Warriors vs. Celtics Finals matchup, and so far the series has completely delivered. Boston took care of business in Game 1, stealing a necessary game on the road. Golden State responded accordingly with an emphatic Game 2 victory. What do the first two games tell us about what … Continue reading “2022 NBA Finals Series Update”

Lakers Draft Targets: Power Rankings

Many NBA teams are preparing workouts with a number of prospects in the hopes of determining their next franchise cornerstone. The Los Angeles Lakers are simply looking for another diamond in the rough. They have a good history of being very successful in finding guys like Austin Reaves, who has turned into a fan favorite. … Continue reading “Lakers Draft Targets: Power Rankings”

Should The Lakers Target Grant Golden?

The Los Angeles Lakers have worked out a number of prospects over the previous two weeks. When looking at the list of players, one caught my eye that was a fairly slept on possibility in Grant Golden. Could he be the next new Laker? Who is Grant? Golden is a 6’10, 225-pound power forward from … Continue reading “Should The Lakers Target Grant Golden?”

Three Keys for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals

Tonight, the Golden State Warriors kick off their NBA Finals battle against the Boston Celtics. The series is sure to be a battle for both teams. So let’s take a look at three keys the Warriors must keep in mind if they want to win this series. 1. Limit the turnovers. Almost every Warriors fan … Continue reading “Three Keys for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals”

What to Watch For in the 2022 NBA Finals

It’s the best time of the year. Maybe your semester is ending, you’re entering the summer, but most importantly, the NBA Finals are here again. It almost feels refreshing to have competitive matchups in recent years after the monotony of the annual Warriors-Cavs showdown. The Warriors are back in the Finals again, but this time … Continue reading “What to Watch For in the 2022 NBA Finals”

Jayson Tatum Is Finals Ready and Going For Gold

The Boston Celtics’ rising star has been a dominant force throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs. Now, Jayson Tatum is headed to the finals after putting the NBA on notice. From sweeping the heavily favored Brooklyn Nets to dethroning the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, to now engaging in a spectacular battle with Miami Heat superstar, Jimmy … Continue reading “Jayson Tatum Is Finals Ready and Going For Gold”

The Memphis Grizzlies May be the Next Dynasty to Come Out of the West

Throughout the past decade, the Western Conference has been dominated by a handful of teams. The Warriors, Spurs, Lakers, and many other teams have come roaring out of the West in the past decade. Golden State made it again this year, but with their players beginning to age, it may be time for another shift … Continue reading “The Memphis Grizzlies May be the Next Dynasty to Come Out of the West”

Could Joel Embiid Really Join The Heat?

The other day, Sixers center Joel Embiid sent out this tweet that led to a whirlwind of speculation. It immediately begs the question,  when Embiid says, “Miami needs another star,” is he referring to himself? If so, could Joel Embiid to the Heat be in our future? Embiid Isn’t Wrong First, let’s be clear that … Continue reading “Could Joel Embiid Really Join The Heat?”

The Utah Jazz Must Trade Their Stars

The Utah Jazz might be in something even worse than basketball hell. They find themselves stuck in basketball purgatory. After yet another playoff disappointment, there’s only one thing they should do this summer. The Utah Jazz must trade their stars. For the past six years, the Utah Jazz have been a perennial playoff contender, and … Continue reading “The Utah Jazz Must Trade Their Stars”

Potential Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham

Lakers Potential Head Coach Power Rankings

As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare for the final stages of hiring their next head coach, three candidates are seeking to lead the famous Purple and Gold. While all three are excellent candidates, only one may be hired. Here’s how each one differs. Darvin Ham Darvin Ham is a former NBA player who is also … Continue reading “Lakers Potential Head Coach Power Rankings”

Ranking the Top 10 NBA players under 25

This past season many young players have started to make their mark in the NBA. With players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden all getting older, many people are wondering who are the next players to take over the league. Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic are currently showing their skill in the conference … Continue reading “Ranking the Top 10 NBA players under 25”

Can Jimmy Butler and the Heat go all the way?

The Eastern Conference Finals began last night with Game 1 between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. What started as a close game and the Celtics ahead, ended with complete second-half domination by Jimmy Butler and the Heat. Butler led Miami to a 118-107 victory thanks to his massive stat line. The Miami superstar … Continue reading “Can Jimmy Butler and the Heat go all the way?”

2022 NBA Draft: Fits for Top 3 Teams

As the NBA draft lottery came to a close, the Orlando Magic struck gold and were awarded the first overall selection in the 2022 draft. The Oklahoma City Thunder pick second and the Houston Rockets pick third. Having first-round draft picks for rebuilding teams is a dream come true, as these prospects may be the … Continue reading “2022 NBA Draft: Fits for Top 3 Teams”

Luka Doncic is on a different level

Luka Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks’ superstar point guard, is putting the NBA on notice for anyone who questions his game. If there were any doubts about his determination to lead his team to victory, they were put to rest after Sunday’s performance. Now, he faces his toughest challenge of his career against the Golden State … Continue reading “Luka Doncic is on a different level”

Paolo Banchero is Here to Save Your Franchise

While the NBA draft approaches and organizations prepare for the lottery and subsequent workouts with prospects, a particular Blue Devil, Paolo Banchero, screams franchise changer. Paolo Banchero is Flat-Out Special During his first year of college basketball, the former Duke freshman excelled by all standards. He took home multiple honors including ACC Rookie of the … Continue reading “Paolo Banchero is Here to Save Your Franchise”

With all due respect, the Lakers must hire Mark Jackson

After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Lakers are looking to rebound. This starts with finding the right coach who will fit the team like a glove. With the recent news of the Purple and Gold interviewing Mark Jackson, he could be the perfect hire to hoist banner number eighteen in the … Continue reading “With all due respect, the Lakers must hire Mark Jackson”

The Real MVP: Is Luka Doncic Overlooked?

The MVP award candidates have been announced: Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. When I look at that list, I can’t help but notice a player missing. All year he has been overlooked as a real MVP award candidate. Now, he is left off the finalist list: Luka Doncic, the young superstar. He shouldn’t … Continue reading “The Real MVP: Is Luka Doncic Overlooked?”

2022 NBA Playoffs First Round Preview

The first round of 2022 NBA playoffs is officially underway. With key injuries to some teams, the first round could get very interesting. Some teams are being undervalued, while some are overvalued. The only thing we know is that history will be made. Every series has a story, so let’s take a look at the … Continue reading “2022 NBA Playoffs First Round Preview”

Tyreek Hill is the Stephen Curry of the NFL

Tyreek Hill is among the most unique players in the NFL, and his skills may be most comparable to one of basketball’s greatest players.

Las Vegas Aces head coach Becky Hammon.

Women’s History Month: A look at Women in sports

As Women’s History Month begins, let’s look at some incredible examples today.

Jamie Cutler’s Favorite NBA Win Totals for 2021

The 2021 NBA season is here, so it’s time to get in on some NBA win totals action!

Thunder vs Bucks

Thunder vs Bucks: Post game report

What can the Oklahoma City Thunder take away from a hard loss vs the Milwaukee Bucks?

thunder vs bucks

Thunder vs Bucks: Preseason Preview

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be back in action this coming Sunday as they travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for an intriguing matchup vs the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.  The Thunder most likely will not have to play against the majority of the starting lineup that won the NBA Championship last year as the Bucks are … Continue reading “Thunder vs Bucks: Preseason Preview”

Charlotte Hornets vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Charlotte Hornets vs Oklahoma City Thunder: Post game report

The Charlotte Hornets got the best of a young Thunder team on Monday night in the Paycom Center. Here are some key takeaways from the Charlotte Hornets vs Oklahoma City Thunder. Josh Giddey is the real deal-  Look, I know it was only a preseason exhibition, but the way Giddey played with pace and let … Continue reading “Charlotte Hornets vs Oklahoma City Thunder: Post game report”

OKC Thunder: Way too early NBA mock draft

We are merely 25 days from the writing of this from the NBA regular season opener for the Thunder in Utah against the Jazz, so, naturally it’s time to look forward to the 2022 NBA Draft.  As it sits the Thunder currently have 5 possible picks in the 2022 Draft giving them many options on … Continue reading “OKC Thunder: Way too early NBA mock draft”

OKC Thunder: The top five must see matchups.

The 2021-2022 NBA Season is guaranteed to be one with some amazing basketball being played, with so many storylines and questions for many teams. For the Thunder, has Shai Gilgeous Alexander hit his ceiling? Was Josh Giddey the correct pick? Is Luguentz Dort an All NBA defender?  Those questions will all be answered in 82 … Continue reading “OKC Thunder: The top five must see matchups.”

Looking forward: Thunder vs Hornets.

When: October 4th, 7pm ET. Where: Paycom Center. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Who: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Charlotte Hornets. SUMMARY- The Thunder will open the preseason against the Charlotte Hornets in the newly renamed Paycom Center. The preseason exhibition game will give Thunder fans a chance to rookies Josh Giddey, Jeremiah Robinson Earl, Aaron Wiggins, and … Continue reading “Looking forward: Thunder vs Hornets.”

FREE AGENCY : Finding front court help for the Thunder.

The Thunder currently have 33 million dollars in cap room, and they are in desperate need of front court depth. Though there may not be someone available at the moment who the Thunder could sign and look at as a future center (no pun intended ) piece of the franchise there are some very talented … Continue reading “FREE AGENCY : Finding front court help for the Thunder.”

Alexej Pokusevski’s potential breakthrough season

When the Thunder selected Aleksej Pokusevski (commonly referred to as Poku) with the 17th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft some fans were underwhelmed, but quickly Poku became a fan favorite with his flashy passes, and guard like tendencies that gave Thunder fans flashbacks of a young Kevin Durant.  In his rookie season Poku averaged … Continue reading “Alexej Pokusevski’s potential breakthrough season”