August 3, 2021


Vladimir Tarasenko’s value

The former Blues star had requested a trade roughly about a month ago, but at this time, he is still a St. Louis Blue. There are a lot of question circling around the Blues fan base, but it’s hard to sum it up into just one thing. As just about everyone knows, Tarasenko has been

Outlook for the Blues: Post Landeskog Signing

The St. Louis Blues are looking to find their way back to the Stanley Cup, and that starts with building a team capable of making it there. The Blues have a tough division, and it’s going to be difficult for them to make it back, but not impossible. Armstrong is a heavy hitter in the

Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Recap

The Seattle Kraken are set to become the 32nd team in the NHL, and with that, they have to build their team. It wasn’t super entertaining after just about every pick was leaked earlier this morning, but it was still an incredible experience to witness. There were 30 players selected in this draft that will

Michigan Prospects Breakdown

There is a point in time where every kid out there realizes they may have a chance to live out their childhood fantasy’s and make them reality. For so may kids out there they never even get looked at, but for the kids that end up in a spot where they can have a commissioner

Where could Vladimir Tarasenko End Up?

The St. Louis Blues star wing, Vladimir Tarasenko, has requested a trade away from the Blues organization. Since that point there has been a lot of speculation as to where the former star could end up, and where does his trade value stand. The history between the Blues organization and Tarasenko has been shaky for

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