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Initial Scouting Report: Andre Carter II

Army EDGE and 2023 NFL draft prospect Andre Carter II
via goarmywestpoint.com

Andre Carter II is a senior EDGE prospect who plays for Army. In 2021, he emerged as one of the most productive pass rushers in college football in his first year as a full time player, posting 14.5 sacks and even recording an interception. With the college football season around the corner, let’s dive into the scouting report on Andre Carter II.

The box score is often deceptive. I watched three games (Western Kentucky, Wake Forest, Air Force) to get a feel for Carter II and see where the 6’6″, 260 pound pass rusher stands headed into the 2023 NFL draft.

Best game watched: Air Force

Worst game watched: Wake Forest

At a Glance

Andre Carter II possesses everything an NFL defensive coordinator covets in an EDGE. He is a towering 6’6″, with arms almost 34-inch arms. At 260 pounds, he is strong enough to anchor his base and shed would-be blockers. Physically, he is an imposing specimen with the frame to add another ten to fifteen pounds of mass comfortably.

In Army’s defense, Carter II is a true 3-4 outside linebacker. He seldom puts his hand in the dirt and looks fluid and at ease in a two-point stance. Beyond being just a pass rusher, Army regularly tasks him with zone and flat coverage responsibilities.

via goarmywestpoint.com

Andre Carter II Scouting Report


  • Explosive first step
  • Attacks the football when the opportunity arises
  • Elite strength-to-power as a pass rusher
  • Fluid in space and comfortable in coverage
  • Active at the line of scrimmage impacting the passing lanes
  • Relentless motor


  • Lacks a plan as a pass rusher
  • Raw in advanced pass rush techniques
  • Fails to take advantage of his length consistently
  • Will occasionally fail to contain in run defense and over run the arc
  • Struggles to keep lineman out of his chest and gets trapped
  • Lower body flexibility and ability to bend is a major question mark

Overall Summary

Andre Carter II found massive success in 2021. Often able to use an explosive first step to blow by offensive tackles and disrupt plays before they began, he is a superior athlete against his level of competition. He shows the ability to convert speed-to-power as good as any pass rusher in the country at times. He shows a good swim move and occasionally a cross chop and long arm.

2022 should see Carter II further develop as a pass rusher and learn how to use his length more effectively and more consistently. He is very raw, and already very good. His ability to make plays in space and in coverage is massively underrated and exemplifies the kind of play-maker he is.

NFL scouts will absolutely keep an eye on the young pass rusher this fall. He is a phenomenal athlete, though not on the Travon Walker/Jadeveon Clowney level of freakish ability. Getting stronger at the point of attack, maintaining his responsibilities in run defense, and developing a more complete arsenal as a pass rusher will be crucial.

Current Evaluation and Projection

Had Andre Carter II been in the 2022 NFL draft class, I would have comfortably placed an early day 2 grade on him based on upside alone. He would have been a top 50 prospect on my overall big board. I firmly believe that will be his floor going into the 2023 NFL Draft. When it comes to pass rushers, bet on tools and traits. Carter II has both. I look forward to coming back to this report as the season progresses and will be watching closely when he partakes in agility drills.

As I mentioned above, Carter II is a true 3-4 outside linebacker. Some fan bases who should familiarize themselves with him are the Chargers, Rams, Cowboys, Jaguars, Chiefs, Jets, Bucs. Hybrid fronts that get creative with blitz packages and hiding pressure will fit him well.