Texas vs Iowa State: Week 10 Preview

Texas vs Iowa State

The Texas Longhorns enter week 10 with a showdown vs the Iowa State Cyclones. This match-up was a lot more juicy in the preseason. Actually this match-up was a lot more intriguing even a month ago.

The Longhorns enter Jack Trice Stadium losers of three straight Big XII contests and with an overall record of 4-4 (2-3). Iowa State is coming off of a disappointing loss to West Virginia in Morgantown and sits 5-3 (4-2). Now lets jump into the Texas vs Iowa State Week 10 preview.

How did Texas get here?

The date is October 9, 2021. You currently are sitting at home during halftime of the Texas/Oklahoma game, which the Longhorns currently lead 38-20. Suddenly a bright light flashes and a defeated looking person approaches claiming to be you from the future. This person tells you what is about to happen to the Texas Longhorn football program the next month, which includes:

  • A blown lead to Oklahoma leading to a 55-48 defeat at the hands of, Not Spencer Rattler, but their backup quarterback.
  • Two more second half blown leads of at least 11 points to both Oklahoma State and Baylor
  • A very publicized in-practice confrontation between head coach Steve Sarkisian and wide receiver Joshua Moore, leading to a time that Moore’s future with the program would be in question
  • An assistant coaches wife’s (nicknamed Pole Assassin) pet monkey will bite and injure a child at a Halloween party causing even more bad PR for a battered program.

This seems way too crazy to be true. However this is the actual reality of the 2021 Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns need a strong four-quarter performance. Not just to get closer to bowl eligibility, but to have some positive momentum for the first time in almost a month.

How did Iowa State get here?

The Iowa State Cyclones are coming off of one of the best seasons in program history in 2020. Finishing 9-3, runner up in the BIg XII, won the Fiesta Bowl, and finished #9 in the final polls.

There was a lot of excitement going into 2021 with the return of quarterback Brock Purdy and running back (and Heisman darkhorse) Breece Hall. However Matt Campbell and the Cyclones have not been able to translate expectations into improvement this year.

They are a pedestrian 5-3 overall with losses to Iowa, Baylor and West Virginia. The Cyclones are not out of the Big XII title picture just yet, however they need some help and need to take care of the rest of their opponents

How this game will be won

Whichever team can get establish the running game best will more than likely come away on top in this contest. Both teams are very dependent on getting the run going in order to set up the passing game. A prime example would be the lack of offensive production last week from the Longhorns while Bijan Robinson was completely bottled up by the Baylor Bears.

What is concerning for the Longhorns is Iowa State is currently #5 in the nation in rushing yards allowed. Can the Longhorns get four quarters of meaningful carries out of Bijan? Or will the offense stagnate again in the second half? Here are our predictions this week:

Texas vs Iowa State Predictions

Joseph Maggard: Texas 28-24

Ryan McAloon: Texas 31-28

Michael Farber: Texas 31-27

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Breaking News: Tear it down Brick by Brick

The Texas Longhorns have fallen to 4-4 after falling apart in the second half AGAIN. What is going on and why is it so hard for the Longhorns to finish games? That is what I’m looking to dive into today, 30 minutes after watching the game.

First reactions coming off the loss, I am pissed. This team has so much potential, but it seems like as soon as the 46th minute starts they quit. I don’t know what it is about the 4th quarter, but this team stops competing when it comes around. I’m tired of losing and I’m tired of the players losing focus when they need it the most.

As we’ve been saying this entire season the offensive line is horrid. I don’t understand how they are this bad. Bijan had 17 rushes for 43 yards. He is undoubtedly the best player Texas has and he can’t excel because the line gets no push up front. I’m a firm believer in whoever wins the line of scrimmage wins the game and Texas rarely wins up front.

Lets move to the defensive side of the ball. Can we just scrap every single one of those players and start over? Pete K relies on sound fundamental defense and nobody on the Texas defense knows how to play that way. It is honestly embarrassing watching this defense play outside of a handful of players.

I may get flack for saying this, but I honestly think Tom Herman instilled his “Winning is Hard” mentality on most of the Texas team. You can just sense that the older players are “Ok” with losing. Again, not all of the older players but most. The 2 players that I notice fighting until the very end are Bijan and Xavier. Every game I notice they both lay it all out there no matter what the situation/moment.

Last but not least lets discuss the coaching. I don’t believe most of these losses are on the coaching. Sark has guys running wide open on offense. Casey either misses them or doesn’t have enough time to even get the ball off. On the defensive side of the ball PK puts guys in position to make plays and what happens? Missed tackles, Guys aren’t filling the right gap, Dline doesn’t get push up front, etc. The list goes on and on.

Changing a culture doesn’t happen over night. Sark and staff will have their hands full over the next few years trying to instill a winning attitude into these brainwashed Tom Herman players. Like Sark said after the Arkansas game, “They need to hate losing more then they love winning”. Until that happens Texas will continue to lose 4+ games a year and I will continue to have extremely stressful fall weekends.

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Texas vs Baylor: Week 9 Preview

Texas vs Baylor
Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The eighth test for the Texas Longhorns will come vs the #16-ranked Baylor Bears at McLane Stadium in Waco. The bye week could not have come at a better time for Steve Sarkisian and Co. The Longhorns have dropped two games in a row to Oklahoma-based squads. Across the sideline, Dave Aranda will try to lead his Bears to a Texas-sized statement win.

Last Week

Both programs were off last week after seven straight games to open the season. Texas found themselves comfortably ahead in the first half against Oklahoma State, but once again a stagnant second half offense allowed Oklahoma State to get back into, and take control of, the game. This loss dropped the Longhorns to 4-3 on the season and 2-2 in the Big XII.

Bijan Robinson has been the best player, regardless of position, for the Longhorns. However, a combination of questionable play-calling, field position, and down-and-distance has severely limited #5’s touches in the second half of the past two losses. Keeping Bijan involved in the game plan in the second half will be the key to Texas’ success Saturday morning

Baylor comes into the contest winners of two straight games, including an impressive win over BYU in Waco two weeks ago. The Bears are currently 6-1 and 3-1 in conference play with wins over Kansas, West Virginia, and Iowa State.

What Texas can expect vs Baylor

Baylor comes into Saturday’s contest as quite possibly the most balanced team in conference. The Bears rank 14th in the nation in scoring offense with 38.3 points per contest. The Bears are primarily getting it done on the ground with the rushing attack averaging just over 237 yards a game.

The quarterback play of Gerry Bohanon is also very efficient. Bohannon has 1563 yards passing on the year, with 12 touchdowns and only 1 interception. Dave Aranda’s defense is not too shabby either, ranking 19th in the nation in points allowed. The Baylor defense is also very heavy on upperclassmen, much like Oklahoma State.

This game provides a great opportunity for Texas to right the tides of October and position themselves back into the Big XII title race. If the Longhorns are to get back to Arlington, this is a must-win. As far as predictions go:

Michael Farber: 42-31 Texas

Ryan McAloon: 35-31 Texas

Joseph Maggard: 38-35 Texas

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Texas Longhorns Football: What If?

Today I’m going to dive into a few “What Ifs” concerning our Texas Longhorns football program. Some might be a stretch. Some could be closer to reality than you think. If you don’t like these types of articles, skip to the end where you will find a short recruiting update.

If they didn’t have Bijan Robinson?

Texas Longhorns football

Quite honestly, Texas would have at least four losses — with the possibility of five losses. Without Bijan our team offensively would be pretty terrible. Bijan is still a Heisman contender because of how he single handedly beat TCU. Bijan was once a silent commit to Ohio State. If that silent held true we as Texas fans would be miserable with how awful the offense would be.

If they got Urban Meyer?

I don’t think our record would look much different to be honest. Urban is a great college coach no doubt, but the baggage that he brings is not worth the little bit of success that he would create. I’m glad we got Steve Sarkisian, and I think most Longhorns football fans would agree.

If they didn’t fire Tom Herman?

I don’t think our record would look much different. You could argue that Herman would’ve lost the TCU game, and I would probably agree with that. Bijan definitely wouldn’t be in the Heisman race and recruiting would be in a really bad spot.

In closing

As you see above things could be a lot worse than they currently are for the Texas Longhorns football program. I’ve been saying this since the Arkansas game: Don’t panic! Sark has been the head coach for 10 months now. That is not a lot of time to install a new game plan on both sides of the ball.

I understand the defense has looked bad recently and the offense can’t seem to get it going in the second half, but trust me, Sark is the guy who will turn it around at Texas. As long as the fanbase doesn’t turn on him too soon. Now on to the recruiting news.

There is some bad news and some good news. I’ll start with the bad. There are rumors going around that Jaydon Blue may decommit, which would be a major loss in the class. Blue was the #1 RB in the ’22 class before he decided to opt out of the season. After he opted out he dropped heavily in the rankings. Which I believe is very unfair to him.

For the good news. Texas had a HUGE visitor list over the weekend. All reports coming out of Austin are saying that Sark and Co. knocked it out of the park with recruits. Even with the loss there is a ton of buzz surrounding Texas in recruiting (outside of Blue). If Texas can finish the season strong I think a top 5 class is basically a guarantee.

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Game 4: Texas Tech (3-0) @ Texas (2-1) Preview

The Texas Longhorns look to open up Big 12 play with a win Saturday when they face the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. This should be an interesting contest. Tech has looked good so far this season starting out 3-0 with wins over Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and FIU. Texas on the other hand hasn’t really found there identity just yet. Texas started off the year solid with a win against a good ULL team, but got manhandled in week 2 against a surprisingly good Arkansas team. They came back strong with a blowout win against a awful Rice team, where the running game really took over.

One thing to watch for should be how Pete K’s defense holds up against their first real explosive test. Texas’ defense under PK hasn’t seen an explosive offense yet this season. I expect the defense to be stout and allow underneath passes to limit the big plays Tech wants. Don’t be surprised if Tech marches the ball down the field. So far this season I’ve noticed PK likes to play “bend but don’t break” defense. If you don’t know what that means, it’s essentially give up the underneath stuff and once they get in the redzone hold the opposing team to a field goal. It’s not a bad strategy especially if you tend not to “break” in the redzone which Texas has actually excelled at doing.

If PK and his defense can’t stop Tech expect this to be a very high scoring game. However, if PK can keep Tech under 21 points expect Texas to cruise to a win. This game will basically rely on Texas’ defensive play. Tech is a team who loves big plays and will execute them at a high volume. I know for certain Texas won’t shutout Tech like they did with Rice, but I hope the defense can hold them to under 3 TDs. If the defense can do that I’d be very happy with their performance.

Now to your favorite part of the article, Predictions. If you haven’t already checked out our full season win/loss predictions. You can checkout mine here and Ryan McAloon’s here. Anyways without further ado here are Ryan and I’s predictions for Texas Tech @ Texas.

Ryan McAloon: 45-42 Texas

Michael Farber: 42-20 Texas

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