Texas Longhorns Football: What If?

Today I’m going to dive into a few “What Ifs” concerning our Texas Longhorns football program. Some might be a stretch. Some could be closer to reality than you think. If you don’t like these types of articles, skip to the end where you will find a short recruiting update.

If they didn’t have Bijan Robinson?

Texas Longhorns football

Quite honestly, Texas would have at least four losses — with the possibility of five losses. Without Bijan our team offensively would be pretty terrible. Bijan is still a Heisman contender because of how he single handedly beat TCU. Bijan was once a silent commit to Ohio State. If that silent held true we as Texas fans would be miserable with how awful the offense would be.

If they got Urban Meyer?

I don’t think our record would look much different to be honest. Urban is a great college coach no doubt, but the baggage that he brings is not worth the little bit of success that he would create. I’m glad we got Steve Sarkisian, and I think most Longhorns football fans would agree.

If they didn’t fire Tom Herman?

I don’t think our record would look much different. You could argue that Herman would’ve lost the TCU game, and I would probably agree with that. Bijan definitely wouldn’t be in the Heisman race and recruiting would be in a really bad spot.

In closing

As you see above things could be a lot worse than they currently are for the Texas Longhorns football program. I’ve been saying this since the Arkansas game: Don’t panic! Sark has been the head coach for 10 months now. That is not a lot of time to install a new game plan on both sides of the ball.

I understand the defense has looked bad recently and the offense can’t seem to get it going in the second half, but trust me, Sark is the guy who will turn it around at Texas. As long as the fanbase doesn’t turn on him too soon. Now on to the recruiting news.

There is some bad news and some good news. I’ll start with the bad. There are rumors going around that Jaydon Blue may decommit, which would be a major loss in the class. Blue was the #1 RB in the ’22 class before he decided to opt out of the season. After he opted out he dropped heavily in the rankings. Which I believe is very unfair to him.

For the good news. Texas had a HUGE visitor list over the weekend. All reports coming out of Austin are saying that Sark and Co. knocked it out of the park with recruits. Even with the loss there is a ton of buzz surrounding Texas in recruiting (outside of Blue). If Texas can finish the season strong I think a top 5 class is basically a guarantee.

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Game 4: Texas Tech (3-0) @ Texas (2-1) Preview

The Texas Longhorns look to open up Big 12 play with a win Saturday when they face the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. This should be an interesting contest. Tech has looked good so far this season starting out 3-0 with wins over Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and FIU. Texas on the other hand hasn’t really found there identity just yet. Texas started off the year solid with a win against a good ULL team, but got manhandled in week 2 against a surprisingly good Arkansas team. They came back strong with a blowout win against a awful Rice team, where the running game really took over.

One thing to watch for should be how Pete K’s defense holds up against their first real explosive test. Texas’ defense under PK hasn’t seen an explosive offense yet this season. I expect the defense to be stout and allow underneath passes to limit the big plays Tech wants. Don’t be surprised if Tech marches the ball down the field. So far this season I’ve noticed PK likes to play “bend but don’t break” defense. If you don’t know what that means, it’s essentially give up the underneath stuff and once they get in the redzone hold the opposing team to a field goal. It’s not a bad strategy especially if you tend not to “break” in the redzone which Texas has actually excelled at doing.

If PK and his defense can’t stop Tech expect this to be a very high scoring game. However, if PK can keep Tech under 21 points expect Texas to cruise to a win. This game will basically rely on Texas’ defensive play. Tech is a team who loves big plays and will execute them at a high volume. I know for certain Texas won’t shutout Tech like they did with Rice, but I hope the defense can hold them to under 3 TDs. If the defense can do that I’d be very happy with their performance.

Now to your favorite part of the article, Predictions. If you haven’t already checked out our full season win/loss predictions. You can checkout mine here and Ryan McAloon’s here. Anyways without further ado here are Ryan and I’s predictions for Texas Tech @ Texas.

Ryan McAloon: 45-42 Texas

Michael Farber: 42-20 Texas

I know Ryan as well as myself would love to hear your thoughts on our predictions. Be sure to comment and like the article if you enjoyed it! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter @longhorns_atb, @MichaelFarber_ (Michael Farber), and @ryfootballscout (Ryan McAloon).

Has Sark Found His New QB1?

After a disappointing loss last weekend Texas was looking to bounce back against Rice. They not only bounced back but they also played a complete game on both sides of the ball. The most impressive part of the game was the Texas defense shutting out Rice. The first time that has happened since 2017 against San Jose State. The other thing that impressed me was Casey Thompson. He played a nearly perfect game outside of an interception that wasn’t really his fault.

There were a few notes I’d like to add. The offensive line looked better in the run game, but they still struggled to give Casey time to let routes develop down the field. That hurt Casey on Texas’ second drive when he was hit as he released the ball resulting in the interception I mentioned earlier.

The defensive line looked better then they did last week as well. The Rice run game was basically non existent with the starting Texas defense on the field. The secondary looked even better only allowing 128 passing yards for the entire game.

All in all Longhorn Nation should be proud of how this team responded after a gut wrenching loss to Arkansas. I understand it was only Rice, but I can’t remember the last time a Texas team put up 44 points in the 1st half. Texas fans should be excited about this offense with Casey Thompson under center. The offense will be explosive and I think we will see more proof of this when Texas Tech comes to town next weekend.

Game 3: Rice @ Texas Preview

Week 3 of Texas’ season will feature a match up against the Owls of Rice. After a disappointing outing in Fayetteville last weekend Texas will look to bounce back against a beatable Rice team. I won’t go too deep into the loss that occurred last weekend, but I will say I hope this team learned not to take any team lightly.

Although this should be an easy game for the Longhorns this Rice team kept it close with Arkansas in week 1. Texas shouldn’t treat this game as a “gimmy” especially after the poor performance we saw less then a week ago. If Texas can come out and control the line of scrimmage from the start, they should be able to cruise to a win. If they can’t do that and they leave running lanes wide open, again, this game could get interesting.

Now that I’m done ranting about problems Texas had last week lets get to the honest truth about Rice. They’re awful. This game shouldn’t be close at all. Casey Thompson will get his first start since 2017 and he will run with it. I saw reports earlier today that Casey missing a team function in the summer played into Sark’s decision to start Card week 1 and 2. I don’t know how true those reports are, just something I have seen. I think Casey is going to show Sark that he should be QB1 going into Big 12 play next week. It is only Rice, but if Casey has a huge, efficient game Saturday Sark will have no choice but to make him QB1 from here on out.

In closing, I was at the Texas @ Arkansas game. Card was missing throws left and right. He was also missing wide open receivers all over the place. The crowd noise and the rush seemed to have got the best of him this past weekend. I would just call it inexperience. He was a Freshman making his second collegiate start in the loudest, most hostile environment Texas will see all year. He made a lot of mistakes and I think Sark should have pulled him earlier then he did. I like Card a lot and think he will end up being a great Texas QB, but it is Casey’s time to shine. Come Saturday evening I expect Casey Thompson to lead this team to a HUGE victory.

Week 3 score prediction: 59-10 Texas (Michael Farber) 52-17 Texas (Ryan McAloon)

MASSIVE Update In The QB Battle

What I’m hearing from sources close to the situation is that…

It is Hudson Cards job to lose at this point. This late in the game it’s easy for me to say, Hudson Card will be named the opening day starter sometime next week. I stated previously that I thought Sark would announce his starter this week sometime, but as I thought on it more it became clear that Sark will make his opponents wait as long as possible to know who the game 1 starter is.

Sark’s first game as Texas head coach will not be a cake walk. That is why I believe he will sit on the starter announcement as long as possible. The longer he waits the less time ULL (University of Louisiana Lafayette) will have to prep for said starter. This is the smart move by Sark, giving himself an advantage in week 1 over stout competition in ULL.

I’ve stated before that Hudson Card is my favorite to win the QB1 job. Card fits Sark’s system extremely well and he has the most upside between the two. You should expect to see Card excel in this offense early on. There may be a few hiccups in game 1, but please don’t panic. Sark knows what he is doing because he has been in the situation many times before. I also don’t expect to see Casey Thompson transfer out right away. I do believe he will transfer out after the season is concluded, but I doubt he transfers before then.

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