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Jessie Bates and the Cincinnati Bengals reportedly not close on extension

After the Bengals announced a $40 million contract extension for Sam Hubbard, most Bengals fans hoped news about Jessie Bates III wouldn’t be far behind. Unfortunately, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, we’re likely going to be waiting for a while.

As expected, many Bengals fans are not happy about this news. After watching Bates look like a shining bright spot on an otherwise dim defensive unit, it’s hard to blame them.

Bates has been a steal for the Bengals after he fell to them in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. In addition to notching three interceptions every year he’s been in the league, he took a big step up as a pass defender in 2020. In fact, his 15 passes defensed in 2015 were the most among all safeties in the NFL.

It is difficult to say exactly why the two sides are having trouble coming to an agreement. You would think the Bengals would value someone widely considered their best player on defense, if not the whole team.

With over $9.5 million in available cap space, per Over the Cap, you would think the Bengals could afford to make him one of the highest, if not the highest paid free safety in the NFL. Right now that title goes to Denver’s Justin Simmons, whose cap hit is currently only about $3 million more than Bates’.

It seems like the smart thing to do. If the Bengals are serious about building for the future, Bates is a player you absolutely can not let walk. He’s done everything you could want out of a safety and absolutely deserves the money. Not to mention, the fanbase is going to be absolutely livid if they lose him. Make it happen, Bengals.

Done Deal: Dolphins Retain Xavien Howard

Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

BREAKING NEWS: The Miami Dolphins and Xavien Howard have agreed to a restructured deal.

Nearly two weeks after requesting a trade out of Miami, the Dolphins front office and Xavien Howard have finally reached a suitable compromise. On Instagram Xavien Howard stated that he did not feel like the organisation was dealing with him in good faith, like he was not respected or valued. However, we know this was not the case. as Brian Flores has continued to state his love for Howard and his desire to keep him on the team. As a result, Chris Grier has since ensured that Howard will remain an integral part of this team.

Many fans were left puzzled as to why the deal was not reached sooner. Reports surfaced that all Howard had asked for was an extra $4 million in 2021. A reasonable price to keep All-Pro elite talent on the team trying to build off the back of a successful 2020 campaign. Instead Chris Grier continues to prove his worth as a GM.

The restructured deal is heavily incentive based for 2021, a solution that was very popular amongst fans. The key factor with Xavien Howard has always been keeping him on the field. When he is healthy, there is no disputing his production. Chris Grier was not simply just going to add more money on to Howard’s contract for him to then be injured.

An incentive laden restructure strikes the perfect balance in keeping Howard happy, while managing the reduced cap in 2021. The exact details as to what incentives are included in the deal are at present unknown.

Going Forward:

What this re-worked deal means going forward beyond this season remains to be seen. $6.775 million of Howard’s 2022 contract is already guaranteed for injury with his full salary fully guaranteed on the first league day in 2022.

It is important to note that even if Howard achieves all of his incentives under his contract he will be earning $16.2 million in 2021, while Byron Jones receives $16.1 merely for being on the roster. Prior to restructure, Howard was only due $12 million in 2021. While the deal is a very important development for the Dolphins prospects this season, it is very likely that next offseason could be filled with more of the same drama. Brace yourself.

The attention now turns to Howard’s health and fitness going forward into training camp. Following his trade request Howard has since been suffering from a slight ankle injury to which his status is still day to day. How serious the injury has been is open to question. However, Howard did line up opposite Byron Jones in Saturday’s practice as a show of good faith to the organisation. The Dolphins will continue to have one the best secondaries in the league. Fins Up!

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