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The Most Perfect Duo in Giants History

Ideally I’d be deciding the most perfect duo in Giants history via a Mortal Kombat style tournament. The overlapping and blood made me save that idea for something less complex than this. There are several duos in contention for this made-up award, I’d list them but do you really want to read that?

I’ll save the time and effort for both of us and list my five finalists for this truly honorable award: Eli Manning and Shaun O’Hara; Brandon Jacobs and Ahmed Bradshaw; Lawrence Taylor and Leonard Marshall; Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells; and finally Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro.

I’m sure I left off plenty of your favorite duos. It’s bound to happen; not everyone can eat at the adult table for this meal, folks. Now, it’s time to start trimming the bird. I’ve got a series of requirements that will weed out the undeserving until we finally end up with just one duo left. I will then crown them “The Most Perfect Duo in Giants History” (insert firework sounds).

The first requirement is going to be incredibly harsh. Would Barry Allen go back in time to save you and mess up the entire timeline?

Brandon Jacobs & Ahmed Bradshaw were both incredible backs, truly some of the best they’ve ever had not named Saquon Barkley or Tiki Barber, but we need to keep it real here. They are running backs, and for that reason we have to chop them. Farewell boys.

The next requirement: Did they need each other? Are they WHAM! or are they Mobb Deep?

Lawrence Taylor and Leonard Marshall were going to be their own men regardless if they played with the other one. Marshall also fits the role of Andrew Ridgeley perfectly, because only the most diehard fan remembers his name — Even though he is talented in his own right.

Now we have three duos left it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes of this thing.

Who actually changed the franchise?

Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro are a fine QB/TE tandem. Arguably one of the best of their time. They did great things on the field, but in the long run they didn’t impact the franchise like the other two.

Eli Manning & Shaun O’Hara are the duo that I expected to pick to win this, but then I started to think about it. Can I give this duo the credit for what Eli and the skill positions did? I was trying to get too cute, and well, you can’t get cute in football.

The winners of the “Most Perfect Duo in Giants History” award are of course
Lawrence Taylor & Bill Parcells.

Parcells isn’t going to be getting a Christmas card from Taylor, and vice versa, but what these two were able to create was legendary. Actually, I would use the word iconic. Bill Parcells is known as one of the greatest coaches of all-time, and his ability to create the Taylor-led defense showed that off. His ability to channel Taylor’s feral energy and turn him into one of the most vicious linebackers of all time was game changing.

The Big Blue Wrecking Crew is the identity of this team still to this day. There is no duo in franchise history that deserves this award more than those two for setting the standard for New York football.

Key offensive recruits for the Texas Longhorns in the 2023 cycle.


With the 2022 class coming to a close, the Horns locked down the number five class in the nation. The 2023 recruiting cycle is now under way and what better way to kick it off than to take a look at the key offensive recruits the Texas Longhorns should focus on. In this piece I will be choosing one to two players from each position and going in depth about what they mean and what I see on film.

If you have not read my first article talking about the impact of the 2022 class on the 2023 class, start HERE.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

NOTE TO THE READER: I tried to get videos of each player in the article, however, if I cannot find one I will link their 24/7 profile to their underlined name.


The key piece to this class will rest on the shoulders of Arch Manning (Isodore Newman, LA). Manning being the number one overall recruit in the 2023 cycle is going to be instrumental in building the future of the program. Arch has mentioned Texas and the future move to the SEC may be what pushes us to the front of the pack.

Running Backs:

Reuben Owens (El Campo, TX). Owens has been high on Texas for what feels like 2 years now. Owens can beat you with speed or power in the hole, and is a great asset in the passing game as well. The physical back from south Texas has great potential and is a guy that can make a huge splash in the class.

Dalton Brooks (Shiner, TX) is another guy that can be big for the class. The ATH from small-town Shiner, Texas is also a defensive lineman. Brooks is one of the most punishing runners in the nation and could line up on either side of the ball in college. Brooks is very patient to start but once he finds an opening, he is able to kick into another gear and pull away from opposing defenders.

Wide Recievers:

Johntay Cook (De Soto, TX) is a big time playmaker out wide or in the slot, and would be a fantastic target from the get-go. The WR has great speed and hands but can also beat you with his route running and head fakes. He is a threat at all levels of the field. He also knows how to successfully high-point the ball which will make him a threat in the red-zone as well.

Jaden Greathouse (Westlake, TX) is another reciever the Horns could immediately utilize in the passing game. The 6’3″ target has fantastic hands and wins off the line with both speed and physicality. He is someone who will have a lot of influence in the class with him being from Austin. Look for Greathouse to start narrowing down schools in the coming months.

Tight End:

Will Randle (Isodore Newman, LA) is a guy that I chose due to his connection with Arch Manning. He is currently projected to attend LSU, but he and Arch Manning have grown up together and both of them coming to Texas could be a big-time chemistry boost for the offense. We also know how Coach Sarkisian likes to utilize the tight ends. He isn’t as polished as Lafayette Kaiuwai but he can be just as dangerous.

Offensive Tackles:

Two tackles in this class really stand out to me as far as the guys we have offered. Olaus Alinen (Loomis Chaffee, CT) is a big left tackle with a high motor and eyes in the back of his head. Additionally, his IQ is through the roof and his physical attributes give him a high ceiling for potential growth. Texas is in his top 4 so be on the lookout for a verbal this summer. He would fit in really well with Banks and Campbell and is a great asset in both the rushing and passing game.

Another tackle prospect is Isaiah Robinson (Lamar, TX). The 6’7″ Tackle prospect is strong and he knows it. He often overpowers the defensive linemen from the start and ends up driving them to the second level of the defense. Robinson shows great potential in the pass game and shows great skill in the run game. He is even more dangerous when in motion and if used correctly, will lead to big runs down field.

Inside Offensive Line:

Harris Sewell (Permian, TX) is a big time guard/Center in the 2023 class. He has great size and speed that makes him very difficult to get around. His film shows great success in the run game as both a guard and a center and could be just what the horns need to boost the line play. The top 70 recruit has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Alabama and more are on the way. I wouldn’t expect him to make a decision anytime soon, but keep an eye on him.


The 2023 Recruiting class is only going to build off of the momentum of the 2022 class. Make sure to follow for more 2023 class inside looks and targets. The defensive side of the ball is coming soon.


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