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The Texas 2022 Class And The Effect On The Longhorns 2023 Targets

This past weekend the Texas Longhorns hosted a “Junior Elite Day” for their 2023 targets. Why would these elite prospects choose the Horns over teams like Oklahoma, Alabama, and LSU? The answer is simple — the 2022 recruiting class. Recruiting is all about momentum and Texas’ 5th ranked class is growing stronger by the day. In an attempt to carry the momentum into the 2023 cycle the Longhorns offered eight underclassmen.


The Longhorns 2023 targets offered last weekend included: Ian Reed (OL, Austin Vandergrift), Kyle Parker (WR, Lucas Lovejoy), Jaren Woods (OL, La Grange), Ansel Nedore (DL, Round Rock), Tyler Turner (DB, SA Brennan, currently a verbal commit to Baylor), Colton Vasek (DE, Westlake), Braylan Shelby (DE, Friendswood), and Cameron Cook (RB, Round Rock Stony Point).

Every Longhorn 2023 Target can be found HERE.

Photo courtesy of @TexasRecruiting on Twitter

Current Influences

Derrick Brown (2022 LB, Texarkana) has been an important factor in this year’s recruiting class and that doesn’t seem to be changing in the upcoming cycle. Brown is always in the replies of the Longhorns targets and with him being on campus, it will end up making an important mark on the underclassmen. He seems to be in the ear of any potential longhorn, especially on Twitter. Brown was influential in the recruitment of Kelvin Banks, Terrance Brooks, Bryan Allen Jr., Justice Finkley, and J’mond Tapp. Brown seems to be a great locker room leader and someone that can have an impact recruiting for his tenure on the Forty Acres.

Staff Influence

I also like to consider any new coaches part of the signing class. With that said the addition of Gary Patterson (Special Assistant to the Head Coach), Tashard Choice (Runningback Coach), and Brennan Marion (Wide Receiver Coach) will also be an instrumental part in the upcoming class. These additions are already making an impact. Specifically Marrion and Patterson with the underclassmen. Patterson was included in most of the recruits’ tweets and pictures from this past weekend.

The 2022 class will also be the best pitch since this is Sarkisian’s first full recruiting class at the helm. The talent of this class (especially with players from the portal) is already drawing attention to the next generation of Horns. How this class develops both in the locker room and on the field will be important in how recruits see the program trending in a short amount of time. That all started with the underclassmen weekend the Texas staff hosted this past week.

Momentum is one of the most important things in recruiting and with guys like Brown, Finkley, Neyor, Billingsley, and Quinn Ewers the Horns are already hot on the trail for guys who want to play with the best. Combine that with a good season and we will be in a fantastic spot when early signing day comes back around in December of 2022.


All and all the 2022 class will make the biggest impact on the Longhorns 2023 targets from a point of culture and expectations. The first major pitch will come at the hands of the spring game and national signing day on February third. Be on the lookout for upcoming offers and you will see firsthand who is in the replies before any fans, family members, or friends of the recruits!

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BIG News Coming On Sunday For The Texas Longhorns?


Breaking News: Texas hires Gary Patterson to staff

Football Super Team: A Football Team From Other Sports’ Athletes

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. In this article I will be pulling athletes from every sport possible to construct a “football super team”.

The goal of this is simple — to have fun. So please leave a comment below and let’s see who would be on your football super team! Grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and let’s run through this squad!



Starter: Joe Mauer, Baseball Player

Joe Mauer may have been the easiest name to pencil in. Mauer was a five-star quarterback coming out of highschool. He had a legitimate chance to be the starting quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles.

Instead, he opted to enter the MLB draft. Not a bad choice at all as he went number one overall and went on to have a hall of fame career in the MLB.

Backup: Jason Kidd, Basketball Player

I could not find anything about Jason Kidd playing football. However, at 6’4” and 215 pounds, he has the frame of a quarterback. Add in his athleticism and vision as a passer on the hardwood and there is a strong chance he turns into a great quarterback.

Playing quarterback isn’t just about height, weight, talent and athleticism though. Jason Kidd is a clear leader, highlighted by become a coach after his hall of fame NBA career was over.

Running Backs

The tandem of Zion Williamson and Russell Westbrook would work well as a classic thunder and lightning duo.

Zion Williamson, Basketball Player

Zion might be a biscuit away from transitioning to the offensive line, but for now he provides enough strength and speed to scare anyone on defense with the ball in his hands and a head of steam.

Williamson would also serve as the fullback and spend time at tight end as well. At 6’6” and 290 pounds, Williamson will move around this offense often. With that size he could develop into a phenomenal blocker.

Russell Westbrook, Basketball Player

Russell Westbrook is one of the most explosive athletes in the NBA. With his competitive mindset and speed, teams would have trouble bringing him down with just one tackler.

Dwayne Wade, Basketball Player

Dwayne Wade would likely come in on third and long situations to provide a pass catching threat out of the backfield. With his speed and quickness he would be a threat to take anything to the house.

Wide Receivers

Experience, speed, quickness, and size. This wide receiver room has absolutely everything an offense could want.

Jeff Samardzija, Baseball Player

Jeff Samardzija was once Notre Dame’s leading receiver two seasons in a row. Accumulating 2,266 receiving yards and 27 touchdowns his final two seasons in South Bend.

Usain Bolt, Olympic Athlete

Usain Bolt’s speed is obvious. His size — 6’5” 205 pounds — is also exciting. He may need to be coached up on the nuances of route running, but he brings dynamic size and speed immediately.

Mookie Betts, Baseball Player

Perhaps under the radar, Mookie Betts is one of the most athletic stars on this list. Mookie is a legitimate professional bowler as well. While competing in the Professional Bowlers Association World Series, Betts bowled a perfect game in 2017.

However, Betts’ bowling prowess is not the reason he is on this lineup. Mookie is a gold glove outfielder in the MLB, showing off incredible ball tracking skills that are valuable for a wide receiver. His second best position is second base, where he displays incredible reaction time and quickness to field ground balls. Those skills would show up every play as a slot receiver.

Kevin Durant, Basketball Player

Kevin Durant is an elite scorer, maybe the best in NBA history. His size — 7’0” and 240 pounds (although there is plenty of debate on his actual measurements) — would provide this team with an almost un-guard-able goal line option. Making him potentially an elite scorer in two sports.

Tight Ends

Giannis Antetokoumpo, Basketball Player

Serving as the same goal line option as Kevin Durant, Giannis gives this team similar size at 6’11” and 250 pounds. However, “The Greek Freak” might bring a slightly nastier streak as a blocker.

Dave Bautista, Wrestler

Our first WWE superstar is here. Some might bash the inclusion of — earmuffs for all 10 year olds reading this — “fake wrestlers”, but they have every right to be on this football super team.

Standing at 6’4” and weighing 280 pounds, Bautista possess enough athleticism for his size to be a weapon as a blocker and still be sufficient as a pass catcher. “The Animal” would be moved around all over the offensive formation to utilize his size and speed as a downhill blocker most often. He would serve as the back-up to Giannis and Zion.

Offensive Line

A football super team is incredibly hard to make inside the trenches. Most big, strong, athletic freaks are currently in the NFL.

Left Tackle: CC Sabathia, Baseball Player
Left Guard: Bartolo Colón, Baseball Player

The left side of this offensive line is featuring two of baseballs biggest pitchers. Not only in name — as Sabathia checks in at 6’6” and 300 pound and Colón at 5’11” and 285 pounds.

Center: Pablo Sandoval, Baseball Player

Pablo Sandoval is easily the smallest lineman on this team. At 5’10” and 270 pounds, “Kung Fu Panda” should be able to use his surprising agility and awareness to be a solid offensive center.

Right Guard: Mark Henry, Wrestler
Right Tackle: The Big Show (Paul Wight), Wrestler

The world’s largest tag team is back. Mark Henry and The Big Show are no strangers to working together, as they were a tag team duo in the WWE from 2013-2014.

The right side of this offensive line would be a terror to go against. Henry at 6’4” and 440 pounds and Wight at 7’0” and 420 pounds, would be absolute maulers as offensive linemen. Paving huge runways for the rest of this football super team.


Defensive Linemen

Prince Fielder, Baseball Player

Prince Fielder is another big boy in baseball. At 5’11” and 275 pounds, he would work as this football super team’s nose tackle and space-eater along the defensive line.

Charles Barkley, Basketball Player
PJ Tucker, Basketball Player
Dwight Howard, Basketball Player

This trio of basketball players will fill out the defensive line rotation, playing anything from the 3-tech to the 7-tech. All three have exceptional instincts and ability to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage.

Edge Rushers

Lebron James, Basketball Player

One of the most physically gifted athletes of all-time. Most people would simply slot “The King” into his highschool position, tight end and call it a day.

At edge rusher, Lebron has a much better chance at making an impact on every single play. Standing 6’9”and weighing 250 pounds, James in his prime would glide up and down the court as if he was 6’2” and 190 pounds.

Muhammad Ali, Boxer

Muhammad Ali would be an absolute nightmare for offensive lines and quarterbacks. At 6’3” and 215 pounds, Ali may look slightly undersized for an edge rusher. However, Ali’s violent hands, long arms, speed, and agility would be more than enough to stop offensive tackles from ever getting ahold of him.

Jon Jones, Mixed Martial Artist

Jon Jones is an incredibly talented mixed martial artist. At 6’4” and 210 pounds, Jones is another “small” edge rusher. Similar to Muhammad Ali, Jones would rely on technical skills and agility to win on the edge rather than pure strength.

Jon “Bones” Jones is the brother of Arizona Cardinals star edge rusher Chandler Jones. That relationship made slotting in “Bones” Jones at edge rusher a no-brainer.


Barry Bonds, Baseball Player

Barry Bonds might be the most hated athlete on this list. He’s also one of the biggest freaks. At 6’2” and 230 pounds. Barry Bonds would be able to run with any tight end in the NFL while having the size and strength to be a contributor in the running game.

Playing the weak-side linebacker spot, Bonds’ main duty would be to eliminate tight ends and runningbacks in the passing game.

John Cena, Wrestler

John Cena would fit in perfectly as this football super team’s captain on defense. Playing middle linebacker, John Cena would be in-charge of all checks, audibles, and keys.

Cena would back a punch as a hitter, at 6’1” and 250 pounds. His “You can’t see me” motto would also be a nice bonus for a middle of the field defender in pass coverage, Jamies Winston has been warned.

Mike Tyson, Boxer

Mike Tyson was one of the most dominant boxers of all-time. Standing at 5’10” and weighing 220 pounds, Tyson may be under-sized. What he lacks in height and mass, he makes up for with his insane mentality.

Penciling Tyson in as this team’s strong-side linebacker was a no brainer. He would be regarded as one of the hardest hitters on this team, with no regard for the safety of himself or others.


Michael Jordan, Basketball Player

The G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan is the perfect athlete to slot in as a cornerback. At 6’6” and 215 pounds, he would be the biggest cornerback in the NFL by a large margin.

Jordan’s ability to match ball handlers step for step on the hardwood would transition nicely to the gridiron when covering wide receivers.

Jordan’s killer instinct and overall mentality of hating to lose is exactly what cornerbacks mentality needs to be to survive on the outside.

Kobe Bryant, Basketball Player

Kobe Bryant is another legend. He is constantly compared to Michael Jordan as a basketball player, so it’s common sense to make him Jordan’s teammate in the secondary.

Everything said about Michael Jordan and his fit as a cornerback is exactly the same for Kobe Bryant.

This duo would play plenty of press-man coverage. Jamming wide receivers at the line of scrimmage and disrupting the timing of every pass.

Allen Iverson, Basketball Player

Allen Iverson’s highschool highlight tape is absolutely incredible to watch, check that out here. He was a quarterback at Bethel Highschool in Hampton, Virginia. However, Iverson is a pure playmaker. Where ever he is on the field he will be electric.

Someone with Allen Iverson’s level swagger and extreme confidence is a must in any secondary. He would have free reign as a nickel corner to freelance at times and make big time plays. While also possessing the athleticism to stay with just about any wide receiver lined up across from him.

Kamaru Usman, Mixed Martial Artist

Another mixed martial artist on this football super team. Kamaru Usman would provide some needed physicality to this secondary. At 6’0” and 170 pounds, Usman’s role would be near the line of scrimmage as a corner-safety hybrid.

Usman’s background as a wrestler would help immensely when shedding blocks and making tackles in the run game.


Mike Trout, Baseball Player

Built similarly to Barry Bonds, Mike Trout is listed at 6’2” and 235 pounds. Trout’s elite range and size gives him the ability to be versatile in the secondary.

Trout’s ability to be a force in the box at his size while also being able to drop deep and play the middle of the field is the perfect blend of athleticism and size for a safety.

Ken Griffey jr., Baseball Player

Ken Griffey jr. is regarded as one of the most iconic baseball players of all-time. He brought a unique swagger to a baseball diamond not many other players have. His swagger and confidence are only the icing on the cake though.

“The Kid” is also known as one of the greatest outfielders of all-time, winning ten gold gloves in his MLB career. At 6’3” and 200 pounds, Griffey would play a true high-safety role as a coverage player.

Special Teams

Place Kicker: Lionel Messi
Punter: Pelé

Two of the greatest soccer players of all-time as this football super team’s kicker and punter, seems logical enough.

Lionel Messi and Pelé both are clearly athletic enough to make plays on fake punts and kicks as well. Using their incredible speed to get to the edge and pick up first downs on trick plays.

Kick/Punt Returner: Derrick Rose, Basketball Player

One of the most explosive athletes since 2010. If not for injuries, Derrick Rose would be looked at as one of the greatest pure athletes of all-time. Rose was electric with the ball in his hands on a basketball court, that would transition nicely to a football field in open space.


This was one of the most fun articles I’ve ever done. Going back and watching some of these incredible athletes play highschool football was a joy. With that being said, I’d love to see what team you would put together. Comment below who would be on your squad or tweet at me @ryanmcaloon!

Florida Gators vs South Carolina Gamecocks: Week 10 Preview

  • Date: November 6, 2021
  • Time: 7:30pm EST
  • Venue: Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, South Carolina
  • TV: SEC Network
  • Record: Gators (4-4) Gamecocks (4-4)
Gators vs Gamecocks
Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Week 9 Recap

Last week, Florida lost to Georgia 34-7. The Gators lack of offense was not a major surprise given the Bulldog’s elite defense. Anthony Richardson got the start, but left the game with an injury. He finished the day 12/20 for 82 yards and added 26 yards on the ground. Emory Jones finished the game, and completed 10 of 14 passes for 112 yards and added 22 yards on the ground. The running game was stifled as compared to normal weeks, averaging just 4.1 yards per carry. They still gained 161 yards rushing, but this was due to 39 carries as a team. Dameon Pierce was by far the best running back last week, gaining 69 yards on just 9 carries.

The defense played well all things considered. They gave up 161 yards through the air on 19 attempts and had two interceptions, both by Rashad Torrence II. They gave up 193 yards on the ground, which is another poor performance against the run, after a similar result against LSU. Trey Dean III led the team in both tackles and tackles for loss, with 8 tackles and the only tackle for loss, which was a sack.

What to Watch

Florida’s Front 7 Against the Run

Florida has struggled as of late stopping the run. The Gators linebacker core has been without Ventrell Miller for the entire season, but that has been the only major injury in the front seven. The defensive line is full of solid players that at times have each shined, yet recently this group has struggled to stop the run. South Carolina on the other hand, has struggled to run the ball, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry. This is a classic case of a stoppable force meeting a movable object.

Gators Receivers

The Gators have yet to really have any singular receiver pop to fill the voids of Kadarius Toney and Kyle Pitts. The leading receiver is Jacob Copeland, who has 25 catches for 450 yards. The yardage by him is solid, but nothing exceptional. Justin Shorter is second with 23 catches for 279 yards. No one else has over 200 yards.

Keys to Success

Quarterback Play

Quarterback play has been a big concern as of late. Anthony Richardson struggled in his limited action against Georgia. Emory Jones had been struggling in his last couple starts, and was mediocre against Georgia. Jones may start against the Gamecocks with Anthony Richardson recovering from a concussion. Jones on the year is 129/190 for 1417 yards and 10 touchdowns with 9 interceptions, and has added 517 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground. South Carolina is not a good defense, so Jones has to have a great performance to prove he deserves to play the rest of the year. The Gators need to find consistent play out of one of them, and this may be Emory Jones’s last chance.

Turnover Margin

On the season, Florida is -7 in terms of turnover margin. This is 123rd in the country. They have forced 9 turnovers, 3 fumbles and 6 interceptions. They have turned the ball over 16 times. The Gators have only fumbled twice but have 14 interceptions. It is very difficult to win games when you are turning the ball over almost twice as much as opponents are. The interceptions have also often resulted in opponents’ touchdowns and have frequently occurred in clutch situations. The Gators desperately need to cut down on turnovers.

Pass Rush

Last week against Georgia, the Gators had just one sack and it was by a safety. The defensive front was unable to affect the game at all in any aspect. Florida should go out to an early lead, and to keep that lead an effective pass rush is a necessity. Brenton Cox Jr was extremely ineffective last week and has yet to have a big game this season. Zach Carter has been up and down, and those downs have occurred in the last few games. On the interior, Gervon Dexter has been solid but has not added a ton as a pass rusher. Daquan Newkirk and the rest of the defensive tackle group aren’t freak athletes or skilled pass rushers, so the burden falls on Dexter and the defensive ends.

Florida vs South Carolina Score Prediction

Gators 42 – Commodores 21

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2022 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings 1.0

Credit: Fansided

Welcome to my first rankings for the 2022 NFL draft. I am not a ‘Big Board’ type of person, so you will not see a big board from me. This focuses on the 2022 NFL Draft quarterback rankings. Players will be ranked by positions they are slated to play or at least I feel they will play in the NFL. I will stick to a top 10 for now, but that might change as players move up and Juniors declare. It is obviously early so my rankings will change by the time we get to the actual draft. I will include Juniors who are expected to declare.


Right now the class is a little weird in that no one has established themselves as “the guy” yet.

1. Carson Strong – Nevada

Probably the most pro ready of the top QBs. His ceiling may not be as high as some of the others, but he has the talent to be a very good quarterback at the next level. Not much of an athlete either, but he has shown he can move around in the pocket well.

2. Matt Corral – Ole Miss

Credit: Mark Cornelison/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Probably the most volatile quarterback on the list, but also one of the guys with the most upside. He was really hot and cold in 2020, he seems to have remedied that in 2021. He could move up if he continues to play as he has.

3. Malik Willis – Liberty

Transfer from Auburn. Had a really good year in 2020 and now has taken it to another level in 2021. Great athlete with a big arm and build like a tank, think of Donovan McNabb. Competition is a question and a little short at 6’0.

4. Same Howell – North Carolina

Well built quarterback, who really benefited from the amazing weapons he had in 2020. He will panic sometimes and get happy feet and make a ill-advised throw. Average athlete, with a good not great arm. Great deep ball thrower.

5. Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh

2022 NFL Draft quarterbacks
Credit: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

He had ho hum 2019 and 2020 seasons and was looking like a late day 3 prospect coming into the season. Pickett really has blown up in 2021. He has average physical tools and really small hands which might take him off some teams radar, but he has made it work. Showing great accuracy and anticipation.

6. Kaleb Eleby – Western Michigan

Credit: Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kind of came out of no where in 2020 and has continued and even improved on his play. Good overall athlete with a good arm. Moving up my board.

7. Kedon Slovis – USC

Came in and had an amazing freshman season. He was crazy accurate, over 70%. His play dipped in 2020 and even got benched at one point this season. He needs to figure out how to regain his form from his freshman year. He has a small frame and average arm strength.

8. Desmond Ridder – Cincinnati

Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Ridder has all the talent in the world, tall, athletic, big arm, but his accuracy and anticipation has never seemed to improved. The question becomes will it ever improve? His technique also needs work.

9. Jake Haener – Fresno State

Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Transfer from Washington. Small and a bit undersized. Average arm strength. Has grit a ability to will his team to a win. Great intangibles. Upside is somewhat limited. Really smart.

10. JT Daniels – Georgia

Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Transfer from USC who lost his starting job to Slovis. Has put up solid but not great numbers so far. Could move up if he takes it up a level and play more like he did at USC.

The Seattle Seahawks and RAS

In regards to the Seahawks their front office has been in place since 2010. Trends come and go and front offices sometimes change. We are only going back through the 2016 draft which gives us six years worth of drafts to pull data from. You can also find Kent Lee Platte’s website here: ras.football


The Seahawks have only drafted one quarterback since Russell Wilson, Alex McGough in 2018. So obviously not much to go off there. He did post an RAS score of 7.82.

Running backs:

To the running backs, the Seahawks have drafted 7 since 2016, which equals out to at least one a year. If you average out the scores you get a 6.81, which is only a bit above average. If Look at all the picks though outside of two guys Alex Collins and Deejay Davis they all scored a 7.28 or higher. This shows that overall Schneider and Carroll like their running backs to be relatively athletic. Looking further into the numbers the Seahawks like to draft bigger backs. five of the seven weight 217 pounds or more. They are all between 5’10-6’0. One key seems to be 40 speed. All of the running backs drafted have at least average speed or better.

Six of the seven outside of Alex Collins all scored at least average in explosion. Agility does not seem to be something that Carroll/Schneider emphasize. Three of the seven scored poorly where two only scored average. Going off this data we can say they like bigger backs with good 40 speed and at least average explosion.

Tight end:

Since 2016 the Seahawks have drafted four tight ends. Nick Vanett in 2016, Will Dissly in 2018, and Colby Parkinson and Stephen Sullivan in 2020. Their average RAS scores comes to a very average 5.77. That is mostly brought down by Dissly’s 3.79, although the rest are not all that high either. The highest is Sullivan with a 7.44. All four tight ends weight 250 or more. Interestingly enough they all vary in height. Vannett is 6’6, Dissly is 6’4, Sullivan is 6’5, and Parkinson is 6’7. Three of the four have good to great agility scores.

As for 40 times they do not seem important to the Seahawks. They vary from 4.89 to 4.66. Another interesting thing is three of the four had poor explosion testing. So that seems to be another test they do not find important. Two of them had 33″ arms and the other two had 34 and 35 respectively. So it seems Carroll and Schneider like their tight ends at least 250 and with decent agility scores.

Wide Receiver:

This position is some what interesting. The Seahawks have drafted eight receivers since 2016. The average of those eight is a decent 7.61. The one guy that really brings that grade down is Kenny Lawler, his RAS score was a 2.08. With his score removed the average goes up to 8.39. So it can be surmised that they look for pretty athletic receivers. Looking at the agility scores it seems this is another position that they do not care about agility numbers. Seven of the eight receivers drafted had average to poor agility numbers. Only John Ursua had high level agility scores. The Seahawks front office also seems to prefer receivers over 200 pounds; six of the eight drafted are 200 or over, with even four of the six being 214 or heavier. Five of the eight are over 6’0.

They do seem to prioritize 40 speed. Six of the eight ran 4.45 or faster. Seven of the eight though had a vertical of 35 or better (which is considered about average). Those seven also had broad jump scores of at least 10′ which is considered average, but six of those seven had a broad jump of 10’4″ or better which is considered above average. So it can be said they also prioritize explosion drills. Five of the eight also had above average bench scores. So it seems they like big, physical, explosive but linear fast receivers.

Offensive line:

The Seahawks have drafted eight offensive linemen since 2016. Four tackles, two guards and two centers. The average RAS score of the eight is 6.21. Two of their draft picks really bring the score down. Justin Senior and Jamarco Jones both had sub 1 RAS scores which is terrible, the rest were 7.76 or above. Also right off the bat the Seahawks seem to like bigger offensive linemen. Six of the eight are 310 or heavier, with four of the six being 320+. Their heights are kind of all over from 6’2-6’8, so it does not seem to matter to them. Of the offensive tackles all have had arm length’s of 34″ or more. The interior guys have all been around 33″

We have no testing numbers for Joey Hunt, not even arm measurements. Outside of Jones and Senior the rest all score at least average on explosion testing. As for speed testing, again outside of the two outliers they all tested at least average in speed. The agility testing is all over for them so they must be tests that the Seahawks do not worry about too much when it comes to OL. On the bench testing six of the eight all tested out at least average to very good.

Defensive line:

Since 2016 Carroll/Schneider have only drafted four interior defensive linemen. Jarran Reed in 2016, Nazair Jones and Malik McDowell in 2017, and Demarcus Christmas in 2019. The average RAS score of the four is an even 5. Looking more into those numbers you find that Malik McDowell is the one that really boosts that number up with his score of 9.03. The rest of them are 3.9 or lower. So athleticism does not seem to matter to the Seahawks.

They seem to prefer the linemen on the lighter side. The heaviest one is Reed at 307. Three of the four have a 40 time of 5.11 or faster. Another common factor across the roster is agility scores. They are all either average or below average in agility. Explosion drills are also treated the same.

Edge defenders:

The Seahawks from office has also drafted four edge defenders in the last six drafts. Rasheem Green in 2018, LJ Collier in 2019, Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson in 2020. Taylor has no testing on file. So the three that do their RAS scores average out to a solid 7.09, mostly brought down by Collier’s 3.25. So none of them are over 6’4 which is kind of interesting. Two of them actually are under 6’3.

The Seahawks like them on the heavier side, the lightest one is 264. Two of them are over 275. All three have average to good testing numbers on the explosive drills. Green and Robinson had 40 times of 4.73 or faster. They both also had average numbers on agility testing. This might be the one position so far that they at least seem to look at agility numbers. There is not much else to go off in regards to this position, other than they seem to like guys who are relatively athletic.


Linebacker is definably an interesting study in regards to the Seahawks. Schneider and Carroll have drafted five linebackers in six drafts. Jacob Martin and Shaquem Griffin in 2018, Ben Burr-Kirven and Cody Barton in 2019, and Jordyn Brooks in 2020. The average RAS score of four of the five drafted (Jordyn Brooks didn’t test enough to get a score) was a crazy athletic 8.72. So with those numbers we can assume the Seahawks like their linebackers to be elite athletes. With having athletes of this level there is of course a trade off, three of the four are 237 or smaller-with two of them being 230 or less. Also they are not exceptionally tall. Two of them are 6’2 and the other three are 6’0.

One test that definitely stands out is 40 times. They all run a 4.64 or better, with three of the four running a 4.56 or faster. The four that tested in vertical and broad jump all had at least average numbers there. This does seem to be a position that they prioritize agility testing. three of the four that tested put up elite agility testing and the other had a great 3 cone drill but a less than average short shuttle. The Seahawks definably emphasize speed and agility testing here with at least average explosive testing.

Defensive backs:

As for defensive backs they have drafted eight since 2016. Schneider and Carroll have drafted five corners, and three safeties. The Seahawks here are a bit of a mixed bag. Their average score is a slightly above average 6.91. They have two guys with sub 5 scores, but then they have three with scores over 8.3.

In regards to corners they seem to have two different types. They have three corners that were 6’0-6’3 194+ or 5’9 185-200, Tre Flowers is the talled at 6’3 the other two are 6’0-6’1. With the corners the Seahawks drafted they all ran 4.5 40’s or faster. Again they do not seem to care much about agility drills all the corners were average to poor in those drills. Four of the five put up average to above average scores in the vertical jump and broad jump. So it seems size and speed are of importance at corner with at least average testing in the vert and broad jump.

With the safeties all three are 6’0-6’1, but not exceptionally big, Delano Hill was 216 but Thompson is 204 and Marquise Blair is 196. Again explosion and agility testing was poor or average. Tedric Thompson ran a 4.6 but the other two ran sub 4.5, so it seems they emphasize speed at safety with average size for the most part. Somewhat similar thresholds to their corners.

Final Thoughts:

The Seahawks are anther interesting study in regards to what RAS and pro-day/combine testing says about their draft preferences. Roster wide it seems they do not care about agility drills outside of off ball linebacker and Tight end…kind of. They only take highly athletic linebackers. They like big fast receivers. Their defensive linemen are pretty unathletic. Their corners and safeties are held to similar thresholds. Finally they like their offensive linemen bigger guys with average speed and explosion.