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Who Could The Blues Trade for this Off-season

The St. Louis Blues are on the verge of making an appearance in the Stanley Cup again, but there needs to be moves made! With the Blues as of yesterday “Exploring trade options for Tarasenko”, there could be more than just one blockbuster moves made this off-season to try and create a more well-rounded roster.

Last season the Blues were at the mercy of multiple injuries. Tarasenko, who’s supposed to be the star of the Blues, struggled majorly. After having off-season surgery on his shoulder, yet once again, the Blues have decided it was time to move on from the former star. With Tarasenko now on the trade block, there could be some big moves made this off-season with him being available for trade.

There has been a lot of names mentioned towards the Blues, but some are unrealistic. However, there will be a move made this off-season so with that being said, let’s take a look at some names that could be a St. Louis Blue next season.

Matthew Tkachuk: Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way, Matthew Tkachuk. If Calgary is crazy enough to trade away the 23 year old, the Blues should be on the phones until they have the ability to put him in a Blues uniform. The St. Louis native is more than likely dreaming to play for his father’s team, and be able to succeed. Matthew has played in 349 games thus far into his career, and within those games he has 110 goals, 168 assists, which totals to 278 total career points and a +/- of 28. The Blues have a serious need for adding a wing, and being able to add Tkachuk would give the Blues a young piece to continue to build around. Not to mention that Tkachuk is known for his play along the boards. Adding the physicality of Tkachuk would be absolutely amazing to add in the Blues forward lines.

Brady Tkachuk: I already said one of the obvious names, so I’m just going to go ahead and say the second obvious one, Brady Tkachuk. Brady, who is even younger than his brother, and is perhaps the more talented offensive player. With great puck control, and a great shot, Brady Tkachuk has a lot to offer a team like the Blues. Most people feel as though Matthew would be more realistic than Brady, but Brady is a restricted free agent, and if they find a way to approach them with an offer you can’t turn down, they could get at least one of the Tkachuk brothers. In Brady’s 198 games played he has posted 60 goals, and 65 assists for 125 points and a +/- of -41. Brady is a very physical and aggressive player in the offensive zone, and having a player like Brady could be a big part to what the Blues are looking to build in the upcoming seasons.

Dougie Hamilton: The Hurricanes have said that they are looking to do a sign and trade with defender, Dougie Hamilton. Hamilton is set to be a unrestricted free agent this off-season, and given the value he holds, the Hurricanes are looking to profit off the situation. Hamilton is currently a consensus top five defender in the NHL and is still only 29 years old. Hamilton would fit the Blues perfectly within his play style. Berube runs his team as a primarily offensive team, and as a offensive defenseman, Hamilton fits that style of play perfectly. Hamilton has played in 607 games in his career and has 106 goals, 235 assists, for a total of 341 points as well as having a +/- of 72. Hamilton, although he may not necessarily fit what I see as our biggest need, he fits the style of play perfectly and would be a excellent addition.