Lakers Post Summer League Power Rankings

Lakers forward Cole Swider dominated Summer League play
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Last week, the Lakers concluded their NBA Summer League play with a victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. A lot of players stood out significantly and deserve not only a camp invite, but also a chance to play on the main roster when they are ready. After re-watching their games and analyzing my rankings.

4) Jay Huff

Despite not playing in many games owing to health and safety protocols, Huff demonstrated in the games he did play that he has been working hard on his game throughout his time with their G-league team, the South Bay Lakers. The former Virginia big man showed off his ability to spread the floor by hitting three-pointers, attacking the rim, and blocking shots.

With him already on the roster, he deserves a few call-ups as the season progresses, whether it’s due to an injury at the center position or simply to give the young player some playing time.

3) Max Christie

The Lakers’ second-round draft pick this year Christie came into his own during his summer league season. He showcased great defense and that he’s not afraid to shoot when open. While his three-pointers and mid-range shots will take some time to fall, it is only a matter of time. Because he is only 19 years old, he has all the time in the world to develop his game to the NBA level. With a great coaching staff and teammates surrounding him, the sky is the limit for the former Spartan.

Simply put, Christie will be an important part of the Lakers’ future in the post-LeBron era, along with a few of his summer league teammates.

2) Scottie Pippen Jr

With that last name, he doesn’t need an introduction. The son of the former Chicago Bulls star set the summer league on fire, scoring for himself, creating for others, and pick-pocketing his opponent for a steal. He had no fear, as he often took over games in order to earn that W for his team.

While he did join the organization as an undrafted free agent, let’s hope he receives more than just a camp invite and a two-way deal. The Lakers’ coaching staff may have another hidden talent on their hands, which might be crucial in winning a championship in the future.

1) Cole Swider

The draft’s self-proclaimed best shooter stood up to his billing, knocking down huge shot after huge shot, regardless of who was in front of him. He scored 21 points and made five three-pointers in the Lakers’ victory over the Pelicans. Defenders must not have read the scouting report because they kept leaving him wide open. And he punished them.

He had another outstanding showing, which begs the question of how an outstanding shooter like Swider did not have his name called on draft night. For whatever reason, he didn’t, and the Lakers were ready to snatch him up. Now front offices across the league will have to pay for it.

The Lakers even granted him a two-year, two-way contract, demonstrating that they not only believe in him, but also have huge ambitions for him. One thing is certain: the core of Pippen, Christie, and Swider will be terrific for the purple and gold’s future.

Lakers Draft Prospects: The Finals Power Rankings

As the NBA draft approaches in less than twenty-four hours, the team has worked out a large number of possible prospects. Some have even returned for a second workout. With a view to the future, these are the top four best prospect suitors for the Lakers.

4)Terell Brown Jr – Washington, Guard

Brown Jr. is a true two-way player who would significantly improve the Lakers’ depth at point guard. He is a hound on defense who scores and makes his teammates look good because of his excellent playmaking abilities. Brown Jr. should be high on The Lakers prospects draft board, as new head coach Darvin Ham wants his players to be versatile and give their best on both sides of the ball.

3) Johnny Juzang- Guard, UCLA

Juzang, a former UCLA Bruin, would not have to relocate if picked by his hometown Lakers. He is a high-level scorer who will rapidly become a fan favorite due to his ability to score. He would give instant scoring off the bench, which the squad desperately needs. It would be a special sight to see him off the bench with Austin Reeves and Stanley Johnson. With the addition of new coaching staff member Schyler Rimmer, who specializes in shooting, his career will take the next step.

2) Jabari Walker- Forward, Colorado

Walker, a big body, two-way player who can grab rebounds in bunches, would be one of the keys to the Lakers’ future if the Lakers front office is able to secure him. Walker has the potential to develop under the Lakers coaching staff, who understand how to bring out the best in young players, and he might be a key player for the Lakers in the post-LeBron future. He would contribute everything the squad requires, as a hardworking player who works hard on both sides and is eager to progress and learn.

1)Cole Swider- Forward, Syracuse

Swider, has wowed Lakers scouts so much that he has landed a second workout with the team this week. During his time with the Orange, he was a product of Jim Boeheim’s high-level scoring attack. He made 41.1 percent of his three-point attempts. Swider is the definition of a walking bucket, as he can score from everywhere on the court. His ability to make big shots would impress fans. With the Lakers giving him a second look, it appears like he will be one of the prospects wearing purple and gold very soon.

Lakers Workouts: Prospect Power Rankings 3.0

With The NBA draft taking place this week, the Lakers workouts have continued with the third round of potential prospects. With news of teams willing to offer the team a chance to obtain their second-round pick, here are rankings based on fit.

6) Phlandrous Fleming Jr – Florida, Guard

Fleming Jr., is a 6’4 210-pound guard, who transferred from Charleston Southern before finishing his career at Florida. He averaged 11 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals a game during his time as a Gator. Fleming Jr. had a number of accomplishments throughout his college career, including being named Big South Defensive Player of the Year twice and being named to the All-Big South Team twice.

He’s a terrific defender as well as scorer and could fit the Lakers’ need for defensive players who can shoot.

5) Darius Days- LSU, Forward

Days, the former Tiger, averaged 13 points, 7 rebounds, and one steal per game during his final season. In 2021, he was also named to the Preseason All-SEC Team. What distinguishes him is his versatility in playing either ball or on ball. On ball, he excels at knocking down shots, scoring in the post, and is ideal for pick and roll scenarios.

He can also spread the floor, creating opportunities for others, and he battles for rebounds. At 6’7 and 245 pounds, he really plays above his frame.

4) Fabian White Jr- Houston, Forward

Last season, White averaged 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists per game. During his five years at Houston, he also received a variety of honors, including being named to the All-AAC Team for the 2021 season and being awarded The AAC Tournament MVP.

He is recognized for his scoring variety and stands 6’8 and weighs 225 pounds. He can score from everywhere on the court and generates instant offense the moment he walks on the court due to his excellent shot IQ.

3) Michael Steadman- UMass, Power Forward

Steadman averaged 7 points and three rebounds for Massachusetts last season. He stands a towering 6’10 and weighs 215 pounds. While his stat line may not immediately capture your eye, it is his presence on the defensive side that makes people attacking the paint second-guess their decisions. He excels at pick and roll and stretching the floor. With the Lakers’ track record of developing small-school or lesser-known players, he might be one of the draft’s many steals.

2) Terrell Brown Jr -Washington, Guard

Brown Jr. stands 6’3 and weighs 185 pounds. Last season, he averaged 21 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals. He was also chosen to the All Pac-12 First Team as the lone representative from his institution in 2021. Aside from his scoring and playmaking, what stands out most about him is his great defense, with him being a pest on whoever he’s defending, nothing simple comes his way.

With the Lakers in need of depth at point guard and pesky defenders, if he’s available, the Lakers should call him. One thing is certain, he’s a do-it-all sort of player and is the ideal player in today’s NBA.

1)Jabari Walker- Colorado, Forward

Jabari Walker is the son of former Laker Samaki Walker. He is 6’8 and weighs 200 pounds. He averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds last season while playing at Colorado. In his sophomore season, he was awarded to the All Pac-12 First Team, and in 2020, he was named to the All Pac-12 Freshmen Team.

Looking at his game, he can score in bunches in any situation, whether it’s being fed the ball for a mid-range shot or displaying his range for a three. Walker isn’t afraid of a little contact, and he’ll muscle his way to the rim.

This potential draft pick would be well mentored by Anthony Davis because they have similar body types and play styles. With the Lakers hiring a whole new staff, he’s one that might bloom into a component of the team’s future, not to mention being a local talent from Inglewood, it’ll be the perfect homecoming.

Lakers Potential Head Coach Power Rankings

Potential Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham
Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare for the final stages of hiring their next head coach, three candidates are seeking to lead the famous Purple and Gold. While all three are excellent candidates, only one may be hired. Here’s how each one differs.

Darvin Ham

Darvin Ham is a former NBA player who is also familiar with the Lakers, having previously worked for them in 2011. He began his coaching career as an assistant to then-Lakers head coach Mike Brown. Ham worked with Lakers stars Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard.

He was also a helpful hand in building some of the best teams we’ve seen. He was involved in the Atlanta Hawks’ amazing success in 2014 and 2015. During his time as an assistant, the team reached the number one seed in the East and won the division title.

Last but not least, he has a championship on his coaching record as a pivotal figure in last year’s NBA Finals defeat of the Phoenix Suns. Ham could use what he’s learned throughout the years to help the Lakers.

2) Terry Stotts

Terry Stotts, the former Trailblazers head coach, coached some of Portland’s best seasons, leading them to many playoff appearances and forming one of the top backcourt duos of the 2010s with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. During his time in Portland, several “Dame Time” moments occurred. Lillard’s clutch game winner over Paul George in the playoffs is one of the most memorable.

The question now is what sort of transformation he can bring to the Purple and Gold? The answer is a mix of his free flow offensive style and his “Horns” offense. This would be ideal for the Lakers, as the Horns offense has the majority of its players spread out around the court, creating multiple scoring opportunities.

Terry Stotts would be a strong backup plan if the Lakers failed to sign Darvin Ham.

3) Kenny Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson is currently on Golden State Warrior’s head coach Steve Kerr’s staff in an assistant role, where he has been instrumental in the team regaining its former dominance. Atkinson’s brilliant basketball mind has aided the growth of young sensation Jordan Poole, who has had a breakout season.

Atkinson formerly coached the Brooklyn Nets for four years, missing the playoffs three times. In his lone playoff season, he turned the franchise around, winning 42 games and transforming point guard De’Angelo Russell into an All-Star. His guidance also aided the development of Caris LeVert and Jared Allen, both of whom are excelling.

All three are great choices to be the next Lakers head coach. They can’t go wrong with either one, and whomever they land will accept one of the best jobs in the league.

With all due respect, the Lakers must hire Mark Jackson

After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, the Lakers are looking to rebound. This starts with finding the right coach who will fit the team like a glove. With the recent news of the Purple and Gold interviewing Mark Jackson, he could be the perfect hire to hoist banner number eighteen in the Crypto.Com Arena.

What could Mark Jackson bring to the Lakers?

Mark Jackson’s basketball mind is vastly underrated when it comes to his coaching style. He is often credited with laying the groundwork for the Golden State Warriors dominance. He coached a deadly young duo in the Splash Brothers, so just imagine what he might do with two seasoned veterans in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Sure, he hasn’t coached in years, but you never lose your passion for basketball; it’s ingrained in you.

Jackson also creates a degree of defensive feasting. Meaning he will make it difficult for his opponents to score. When looking at his tenure with the Warriors during the 2013-14 season, they were ranked fourth in team defensive efficiency. That same season, the offense tanked top 10 in team scoring.

Averaging well over 104.4 points per game should indicate that not only was that team capable of locking down opponents, but numerous buckets were also made.

If Jackson is hired, think about how high that defense rating would be! Think about how much scoring would improve if he became the Lakers’ coach. He has the ability to unlock so much within their team roster and bring back memories of the Warriors club he coached not long ago.

How this Helps Lebron and Anthony Davis

This hire would greatly benefit the Lakers team because of the intense energy Mark Jackson brings to his teams. It could also be viewed as his revenge tour. You get a coach who has an a high emphasis on defense and scoring. Who do the Lakers have on their roster who is a defensive assassin and an ageless marvel who still chases down blocks and scores in the high twenties as if they are still in their fifth year of their career?

Oh, two people named LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Having these two also helps Jackson since it gives him an opportunity to prove his critics wrong. His hiring is even endorsed by Lebron himself. So, with all due respect Lakers, please give Mark Jackson the position and bring another Larry O’Brien to Los Angeles.