Texas vs TCU: Longhorns Week 5 RECAP

The Texas Longhorns handled the TCU Horned Frogs Saturday afternoon, beating them 32 — 27. Texas has not had a win in Fort Worth, Texas since 2013. The offense looked sloppy at times and struggled to throw the ball all game against an average TCU defense. Pete Kwiatkowski and Jeff Choate’s unit also struggled at times and had numerous missed tackles. Texas needed this win and fans should be excited to get it.

But the Longhorns did struggle against a mediocre TCU team and cannot play like they did Saturday if they want to contend for a Big-12 and even College Football Playoff berth. In this recap of Texas vs TCU from Week 5, I’m going to highlight something: good, bad, and surprising in this game and what it means for the future. Grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and let’s run through it!

Texas vs TCU Week 5 Recap
Image via ESPN.com

The Good

Kyle Flood has done an excellent job so far this season progressing this offensive line as run blockers. Week one and two this offensive line was getting blown off the ball. Defenders were making contact with Bijan at or behind the line of scrimmage regularly. Now, this offensive line has seemed to find their groove and has really excelled at getting a push and moving the line of scrimmage as a unit.

Texas has averaged roughly 345 yards per game on the ground in their last three games. Texas averaged roughly 154 yards per game in their first two games. The offensive line specifically excels when running outside zone and stretch plays. This allows Bijan and the other running backs to use their vision to find the hole in the defense. The interiors the offensive line is more athletic than they are powerful, especially Center Jake Majors, so getting them on the move and in front of the opposing defensive linemen works perfectly.

The Bad

There were a plethora of concerns after this sloppy game against an average TCU team. The defense continued to miss tackles in the run game, special teams allowed a handful of big returns, and most troubling Casey Thompson did not look sharp. Thompson had an incredible game versus Texas Tech. He completed 18/23 passes and threw for five touchdowns. However, Saturday afternoon Thompson struggled against TCU’s defense.

Thompson only completed 12/22 passes for 142 yards, adding one touchdown and one interception. The interception was especially bad, throwing into triple coverage on a first down play. There was absolutely no need for Thompson to take that risk at that point of the game. Texas was on their own 31 yard line, leading TCU 23 — 17, with 1 minute remaining before halftime. Thompson also had a questionable decision on the 2-point conversion.

With four receivers bunched to the field side and four defenders covering them pre-snap, Thompson opted to throw an uncatchable ball to Joshua Moore on a fade route on the boundary side where he was one on one. The field side play was a screen pass designed to get Bijan the ball with blockers in front of him, seemingly an easy play to gain two yards.

Thompson had numbers and good matchups on both sides of the formation, but the one-on-one fade route is the harder throw and the way he threw it gave Joshua Moore absolutely no chance at making a play on the football. Thompson had an easy screen play to the other side where he could’ve given the ball to the best player on the field and he opted not to. That choice cost Texas two points.

The Surprising

The most surprising take away from Saturday’s Texas vs TCU game is that Andrej Karic has proven to be one of Texas’ five best offensive linemen. Unfortunately he was forced into the game due to Denzel Okafor being injured. After the injury, Derek Kerstetter moved to left guard while Karic came in and served as Texas’ right tackle. The move allowed Kerstetter to play at his more natural position, in my opinion.

Kerstetter excels at fighting in a phone booth and though he has some athleticism, is much better as a power player. Kerstetter is extremely valuable to this offensive line because of his positional versatility. Karic proved to be a solid pass protector on the right side. Karic also did not give up any ground in the running game and should continue to improve if he keeps the starting job.


Overall, The Longhorns had a below average day and still managed to win. That is new to Longhorn Faithful. Usually a poor performance would end up as a loss, especially to a conference rival like TCU. It may have been closer than some fans wanted, but Texas vs TCU did provide us with many reasons to be encouraged.

Next week is the biggest game of the year against Oklahoma. Texas and Casey Thompson cannot play as poorly as they did last Saturday if they want to win. Oklahoma has been vulnerable. Even though they have talent, have not been able to hone it all and dominate anyone so far this season. Texas will be the best team they face thus far and we have a legitimate chance to beat them regardless of AP Poll rankings. Get ready Longhorns Faithful, because next week will be a fun one!

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Texas Longhorns: Week 3 RECAP

Steve Sarkisian and the Longhorns had a nice bounce back game last Saturday against Rice. Dominating The Owls 58-0. Texas looked disciplined, tough, and focused. To highlight their discipline: Texas had just two penalties for twelve yards all game. Let’s look at what else propelled Texas to bounce back and get ready for conference play next week. Grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and we will get started.

Image via burntorangenation.com

The Longhorns Run Game

Texas might have the most talented backfield in all of college football. Headlined by Bijan Robinson, one of the most talented running backs in college football. Texas also boasts strong compliments with Roschon Johnson and Keilan Robinson, giving Sarkisian balance with toughness and game-breaking speed, respectively. Johnathan Brooks was a four-star running back out of Halletsville, TX. Brooks was someone who no one thought would be a big contributor as a true freshman, but he was given an opportunity Saturday during the blowout. He took it and ran well for 63 yards on 9 carries, good for 7 yards per carry. These running backs are all talented enough to play for conference champions, the only thing holding them back is the offensive line.

Kyle Flood inherited a talented but raw group. They were not developed well with the last regime and Flood is progressing them along slowly. As run-blockers, this offensive line is solid. They had good movement upfront this week against Rice, but overall they will get over powered by better competition. Arkansas proved that in Week 2. Jake Majors, a redshirt freshman, is forming into a good offensive center and leader on this line. Junior Angilau (RG—RS Junior) and Denzel Okafor (LG—RS Senior) have also been solid contributors in the run game. Christian Jones (LT—RS Junior) and Derek Kerstetter (RT—Senior) have been the two weakest links in the run game thus far.

Steve Sarkisian Highlighting Playmakers

Sarkisian did not waste any time Saturday getting the ball into his playmakers hands. Sark called on true freshman wide receiver Xavier Worthy to be his secondary playmaker behind Bijan. Using touch passes, screens, and the quick game, Sarkisian made life easy for Casey Thompson and the offensive line early in the game. Worthy would finish the game with 7 catches for 88 yards and a touchdown.

This was the type of offense I was expecting from Coach Sark to help protect the inexperienced quarterbacks. Quick throws and screen passes that stretch the defense horizontally also help the offensive line in pass protection. The fact that Sarkisian chose to highlight Xavier Worthy over Jordan Whittington was shocking to me. Whittington had an outstanding Week 1 against Louisiana-Lafayette, but struggled against Arkansas. Whittington’s natural yards after catch ability is obvious, something Sarkisian obviously knows how to use. His struggles with drops and ball tracking have seemingly took him out of favor with the offensive staff. Hopefully Whittington has a good week of practice and works hard to earn more opportunities against Texas Tech next week.

The Defensive Front Seven

Keondre Coburn (RS Junior — 6’2” 345 lbs.) is a run stuffing nose tackle. Next to him is Moro Ojomo (RS Junior — 6’3” 290 lbs.). Ojomo has a little more in his toolbox as pass rusher, but is another rock-solid run stuffing defensive tackle. Behind them on the depth chart is T’Vondre Sweat (Junior — 6’4” 335 lbs.) who continues the trend as a solid run stuffer. There were times when all three of these, what I like to call “Hog Daddies” were in the game at the same time. Clogging up all running lanes in the middle of the field. Overshown and Brockermeyer would do a nice job cleaning up and making tackles, but the Hog Daddies upfront are the reason the linebackers don’t get blocked.

The Concerning

As good as Bo Davis and Texas defensive tackles are, they still have some problems on the edges. Ovie Oghoufo had a good game as a pass rusher, accounting for one sack. As a run defender though, Oghoufo was undisciplined. Crashing the edge and allowing the runner to get around them instead of holding the edge and forcing the runner inside, to the teeth of this Texas defense. He also allowed Rice’s quarterbacks to get by him on bootlegs with the same problem. Ben Davis had similar problems. Pete Kwiatkowski and Bo Davis will need to work with the edge rushers and stress the importance of setting the edge, instead of running past their landmarks and allowing a runner to get around them.

Another issue was Texas’ offensive line in pass protection. Even against Rice, Casey Thompson was under pressure often. Christian Jones and Denzel Okafor have been two of the worst pass protectors for Texas. When Rice used stunts or delayed blitzes, the left side of the offensive line was dreadful. Both playing in the left side of the offensive line is also not helpful, teams will continue to attack that side until they improve. Andrej Karic (LT—RS Freshman) and Tyler Johnson (LG—RS Sophomore) both deserve a start, in my opinion. Okafor has been good as a run blocker, but you cannot have two bad pass protectors next to eachother and expect to win many games.


Overall, The Longhorns bounced back in a big way Saturday and should be celebrated. Coach Sarkisian called a great game plan that protected his quarterback and offensive line. Pete Kwiatkowski also bounced back by calling a shut out. Even against Rice, it is impressive. This team has plenty of room to grow with a tough schedule of Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State all coming up. If they continue to develop and get better we could still see a 9 or 10 win campaign by the Longhorns.

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Texas Longhorns Week 2 PREVIEW

The Longhorns handled Louisiana-Lafayette handily last week. The Longhorns defense held the Ragin’ Cajuns to only 18 points. This week Texas heads to Fayetteville, Arkansas to take on the Razorbacks. Their first SEC opponent since announcing they will be joining the South Eastern Conference by 2025 at the latest. In today’s preview we will look at three key factors to the game and how Texas will fare. grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or cup of coffee and let’s get into it.

Image via arkansasrazorbacks.com

QB1 Under the Lights

The biggest challenge I think Texas will face is Hudson Card performing well while being on the road, at night, in a sold-out hostile environment. For a rookie quarterback, that is daunting task. Card impressed everyone against ULL at home, but in a friendly environment like the 40 acres. It remains to be seen how Hudson will face the pressure of playing a night game in a hostile environment and against a very solid Arkansas defense. With a veteran front seven and a talented group of defensive backs, the Razorbacks biggest strength is in their defense. Card will be able to impress a lot more people if he can manage to build upon his Week 1 performance and play even better in Week 2.

The Longhorns Playmakers

As Hudson Card tries to handle being in a new and hostile environment, his playmakers should help him along the way. Jordan Whittington had a spectacular Week 1. He displayed his elite yards after the catch ability while also showing he can get open in tight coverage. Bijan Robinson was as impressive as everyone though he would be, showing he’s an elite running back and perhaps the best in college football. Hudson Card can count on them along with Roschon Johnson, Joshua Moore, Keilan Robinson, and even Xavier Worthy, to make his night easier by winning their matchups and making plays.

The Razorbacks Run Game

Arkansas played Rice Week 1 and ended up winning 38-17. Scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter. Arkansas offense was not very good against rice, especially at moving the ball through the air. KJ Jefferson, Arkansas starting quarterback, had 12 completions on 21 pass attempts. He threw for 128 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception. Jefferson did contribute a lot as runner, though. Accumulating 89 yards on 9 rushing attempts and scoring 2 touchdowns. Arkansas ran for a total of 245 yards. Trelon Smith was their leading ball carrier and will be Texas’ biggest problem. The Texas defensive line will have to dominate the line of scrimmage and give Brockermeyer and Overshown the chance to make plays without having to shed blocks from the offensive line. This will be a nice test for Texas’ defense as their run defense is still a slight concern. Look for Overshown and Brockermeyer to each have double digit tackles again this week.


Overall, Texas should be able to win on the road against a bottom of the barrel SEC team. However, Arkansas will be tougher than many Longhorns fans expect. Hudson Card starting his first road game in Fayetteville will be challenging, even with his cast of playmakers alongside him. Arkansas run game is solid, but I believe Texas’ defense should be able to handle them like they did Louisiana-Lafayette. My final prediction for Texas @ Arkansas Week 2 is:

Final Score: Texas — 24, Arkansas — 10

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Longhorns Week 1 RECAP

The Sark Era has begun and as advertised it was All Gas & No Breaks. The Longhorns scored 38 points while limiting The Ragin’ Cajuns to 18 points. A very encouraging first game with a new head coach and starting quarterback. Let’s talk about what was good, what was bad, and what was surprising. Grab yourself your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and let’s break it down.

Image via heartlandcollegesports.com

The Good

The best player on the Campbell-Williams field Saturday was Bijan Robinson. We should expect this to be the case for most, if not all, games this year. Robinson showed off his incredible balance, patience, speed, and power throughout the game. Bijan was also taking snaps out wide as a receiver to further stress the Ragin’ Cajun’s defense. As good as Bijan was Saturday, everyone was expecting him to be great.

Hudson Card was more of a mystery. No one was absolutely sure who would be starting at quarterback a month ago, let alone how the starter would play in his first career start. Card was protected early by Coach Sarkisian’s playcalling. Eventually the offense opened up more and Hudson took it and ran with it. Throwing accurately and on-time while making smart, quick decisions. Card showed off his arm talent by hitting an extremely tight window in the red zone to find Cade Brewer in the end zone. Card also displayed his athleticism, escaping a few sacks and running for positive yards.

DeMarvion Overshown looked like he improved from last year as well. Overshown, Texas’ star defensive player and leader, was much better against the run than he was last season. Overshown often filled his gap in run defense much quicker than he did in 2020. Obviously last year was Overshown’s first season playing linebacker, so improvement at the position seemed obvious. However, it’s nice to actually see the development so early in the season.

The Bad

DeMarvion Overshown did improve in run defense. However, The Longhorns defense as a whole was still not very good. Holding Louisiana-Lafayette to 76 rushing yards looks great, but that number is skewed by Texas sacking Levi Lewis four times for -29 yards. The Ragin’ Cajun’s had a handful of nice gains on the ground. Texas was able to handle them, but there are bigger, faster, stronger teams on Texas’ schedule who will capitalize on these long runs better than ULL did.

Texas’ pass defense was also slightly concerning. Again, the box score looks solid as they held ULL and Levi Lewis to only 282 yards on 40 pass attempts. However, they consistently gave the ULL receivers plenty of cushion and gave Lewis a lot of easy completions. Something that you cannot do with a more talented team like Iowa State or Oklahoma.

As good as Texas’ Offense was Saturday, the Offensive Line struggled to begin the game. In the First Quarter Bijan Robinson did not have many running lanes but was able to make plays regardless. Hudson Card was also under pressure a lot early in the game. The Offensive Line seemingly settled into a groove and improved as the game went on. As is the theme of the bad takeaways though, the Ragin’ Cajun’s are far from the most talented Defensive Front Texas will face this season. The Offensive Line’s improvement in-game is encouraging and I expect them to continue to improve. Coach Kyle Flood is one of the best Offensive Line coaches in college football.

The Surprising

We expected Texas to lean on Bijan Robinson and the run game. We also expected to get a healthy rotation of Roschon Johnson. I was surprised, however, that Keilan Robinson did not get any snaps on offense until the end of the game. Maybe Sarkisian will use him more depending on the matchup, but Keilan is a good pass catcher and could be used in the slot as well as in the backfield.

Jordan Whittington had a great game. Catching 7 balls for 113 yards and a Touchdown, Whittington displayed his elite yards after catch ability. I wasn’t surprised by his big game or that he was a great YAC threat, I was surprised by his route running skills. Whittington was more than just schemed open by Sark, he made defenders looks silly trying to stay with him on routes. Whittington is developing into a legitimate #1 Option in a potent offense.

There were only 26 pass attempts all game by Texas quarterbacks, but I was surprised by the lack of production from Joshua Moore and Xavier Worthy. Moore caught 3 passes for 17 yards, while Worthy caught 1 pass for 34 yards. Whittington, Moore, and Worthy were the only Texas wide receivers to catch passes on Saturday. I expect Sarkisian to throw the ball more as Card gets more comfortable in this offense and as matchups change. Saturday there was no real reason to throw the ball and risk turnovers because of how well Bijan and Roschon were running the ball.


Overall, this game went as expected from my pre-season predictions. The most important takeaway from this game was definitely Hudson Card looking comfortable before getting pulled late in the game. Card should give every Longhorns fan optimism for the future. “The Bad” in today’s game is not an over-reaction. They are all things that can be fixed during the season. The players are learning a new scheme on defense and sometimes coaching points will not hit home until they see them in live action. It will take time, but Coach Kwiatkowski is one of the best defensive minds in college football and I believe he will field an elite defense on the 40 acres eventually. Be excited Longhorns Nation. The Sark Era has begun.

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Texas Longhorns 2021 Season PREDICTIONS

Week 0 is behind us and Week 1 of the CFB season is only a few days away. Last week my colleague Michael Farber posted his season predictions, you can check those out here. This week I will give my in-depth analysis on what we can watch for in each of these games and the potential hurdles Texas will face. Grab your favorite beer, cocktail, or a cup of coffee and let’s get into it!

Image via npr.org

Week 1 (0-0)

Texas vs. LouisianaLafayette

The Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns will pose a challenge in Week 1 for the Longhorns. Bringing back Senior dual-threat quarterback Levi Lewis and an experienced offensive-line, Pete Kwiatkowski’s defense will have their hands full stopping this rushing attack. I envision Coach Sark leaning heavily on their own running game while getting Hudson Card broken into this offense. Ultimately, Bijan Robinson will have the break out game everyone expects from him and Texas wins handily in my opinion.

Final Score: 38 — 17, Texas

Week 2 (1-0)

Texas @ Arkansas

This is one of the most important games on The Longhorns’ schedule. I could picture the memes and jokes all over the internet now if Texas loses this one, “Texas joining the SEC? They can’t even beat their WORST teams!” I think Arkansas is going to be a solid team this year and will give Texas a great, physical game. However, Texas should have the talent and playmaking ability on offense and defense to handle the Razorbacks in the end.

Final Score: 28 — 24, Texas

Week 3 (2-0)

Texas vs. Rice

This is a perfect game for The Longhorns to “grease the wheels” and let Hudson Card sling it early and often. This game should feature a lot of Hudson Card and the receivers while giving Bijan a break. If Card struggles in this game Texas fans should be slightly worried, I don’t envision that being a problem though.

Final Score: 52 — 17, Texas

Week 4 (3-0)

Texas vs. Texas Tech

Hudson Card better be ready to sling it in this one. Last year Same Ehlinger accounted for six touchdowns on the way to a 63-56 overtime victory. The Red Raiders are being led by Tyler Shough, a quarterback transfer from Oregon. A Four-Star quarterback out of Arizona, Shough is seemingly a big upgrade to Texas Tech’s offense. Pete Kwiatkowski has plenty of experience going against high octane offenses in the PAC-12. With Texas’ deep defensive backfield, they should be able to hold Matt Wells’ offense off enough for a victory.

Final Score: 45 — 42, Texas

Week 5 (4-0)

Texas @ TCU

The Horned Frogs have arguably been Texas’ biggest rival outside of Oklahoma the past decade. With Texas sporting a 3-7 record against TCU in that time frame, Coach Sarkisian must find a way to get Texas their first win in Fort Worth since 2013. TCU boasts another strong defense under Gary Patterson with Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson and Noah Daniels leading the unit. Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson should have a heavy workload, keeping Hudson Card’s rookie mistakes to a minimum. Texas’ backfield is good enough to lead this team to a few wins this season, this is one of them.

Final Score: 31 — 28, Texas

Week 6 (5-0)

Texas vs. Oklahoma

The Red River Showdown is one of the most anticipated games in all of college football. Usually a high scoring affair, Texas and Oklahoma have combined for 318 points in their last four meetings (79.5 PPG). However, both Oklahoma and Texas are primed to boast strong defenses this season. With Hudson Card still getting his feet wet this early in the season and Oklahoma being led by Heisman favorite: Spencer Rattler, I do not foresee Texas being able to keep up with Oklahoma on offense. The defenses will keep this game close, but Oklahoma and Rattler are eventually too much to handle in this matchup.

Final Score: 31 — 24, Oklahoma

Week 7 (5-1)

Texas vs. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State will be another tough game for Texas. The Cowboys are projected to have eleven seniors or graduate transfers in their defense as starters or rotational pieces. That is an incredibly veteran defense going against a Texas quarterback who will be starting just his 7th game of his college career. Oklahoma State will also be led on offense by Spencer Sanders, a redshirt Junior who has flashed great playmaking ability in the past. The Longhorns defense will give Sanders and company problems on offense, but Oklahoma State will be doing the same to Card and company. Texas drops two consecutive one-possession games.

Final Score: 28 — 24, Oklahoma State

Week 8 (5-2)


Week 9 (5-2)

Texas @ Baylor

After two consecutive losses and a bye week, Texas heads to Waco to face the Baylor Bears. Baylor had a down year in Dave Aranda’s debut season, going 2-7 in their Big-12 only schedule. Picking up two wins against Kansas and Kansas State, both at home. This should be a pick-me-up game for The Longhorns and Hudson Card. Look for this as a huge statement game for Sarkisian and Card. If they flourish their development will be going smoothly. If they struggle we will be left wondering if this head coach and quarterback are the ones who will bring the 40 acres back to prominence.

Final Score: 42 — 17, Texas

Week 10 (6-2)

Texas @ Iowa State

Matt Campbell has done a fantastic job turning The Cyclones into legitimate National Championship contenders. With the trio of Brock Purdy, Breece Hall, and Charlie Kolar leading the Offense for Iowa State, Texas’ lack of linebacker depth will be exposed. DeMarvion Overshown’s biggest weakness is in the run game and being physical at the line of scrimmage, a bad matchup when going against Breece Hall. Mike Rose is an All-American linebacker for ISU and won Big-12 defensive player of the year last season. Bijan Robinson will likely not be able to take control of this game alone, Card will need to play the best game of the season if Texas is to have a chance in this one. Ultimately, Clock management and solid defense will be the story of this game, giving the edge to The Cyclones.

Final Score: 31 — 21, Iowa State

Week 11 (6-3)

Texas vs. Kansas

The Longhorns are fortunate to have a relatively easy schedule at the end of the season. Kansas should pose no threat and Bijan Robinson should be on the bench before halftime. This is a perfect game to see how Texas’ younger players like Byron Murphy II (Freshman, Defensive Tackle), Ja’Tavion Sanders (Freshman, Tight End), Casey Cain (Freshman, Wide Receiver), etc. are developing with real playing time.

Final Score: 52 — 12, Texas

Week 12 (7-3)

Texas @ West Virginia

The Mountaineers are another team that does not look like a legitimate threat to Texas in 2021. Although better than Kansas, West Virginia under Neal Brown has a 7-10 conference record and has not beaten Texas in the two games they have played. I expect to see the starters for Texas the entire game, but I also expect Hudson Card to begin to blossom into a legitimate playmaking threat himself. Instead of leaning on Bijan and the rest of the Longhorn playmakers, Hudson Card has to begin to show why he is Texas’ QB1 for 2021 and beyond.

Final Score: 38 — 21, Texas

Week 13 (8-3)

Texas vs. Kansas State

This will be another tough game for Texas to end the season. Kansas State will have a great running game led by Duece Vaughn. As mentioned with Iowa State, this will present a problem for Texas unless Overshown improves as a run defender. One of the other linebackers like Luke Brockermeyer or David Gbenda also must show they are worthy of being starters in 2022, as DeMarvion Overshown will most likely be headed to the NFL in April. Texas is too talented to lose this game, although I predict it will be closer than most Longhorns fans would expect.

Final Score: 41 — 38, Texas


Texas Finishes 9-3 On The Season

A 9-win campaign in the first season as a Head Coach on the 40 acres has not been done since Mack Brown in 1998. That is very favorable company to be in and should be praised as a huge success. Steve Sarkisian is working with a lot of talent left behind from the Tom Herman era, but that talent was never developed properly and development takes time.

Sarkisian’s staff looks like one of the best in college football and the most important thing to look at is who improves from the beginning of the season to the end. Does Hudson Card struggle against Arkansas but flourish later in the year against Iowa State or Kansas State? If so, that is a good sign for Sarkisian and the Longhorns future. The same can be applied to every player, especially young starters like Xavier Worthy (Freshman, Wide Receiver), Jake Majors (RS-Freshman, Center), Jerrin Thompson (Sophomore, Defensive Back) and Alfred Collins (Sophmore, Defensive Lineman). It is bound to be an exciting season for Longhorns fans as they get ready to make the leap into the SEC. Steve Sarkisian and his staff have a lot on their shoulders, trying to prove they belong in the best conference in college football. It all starts September 4th.

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