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2023 NFL Draft: Should You Buy the Hype on Tyler Van Dyke?

There's Nobody I'd Rather Have': Why Tyler Van Dyke Is Set To Succeed Early  - 305Sports
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It is time to look at the 2023 NFL Draft quarterbacks. There is a lot of hype on the internet because of how lackluster the 2022 class was, with some big name analysts saying we could see 7 first round quarterbacks. Now, I’m not going to talk about C.J Stroud or Bryce Young. We all know they are good and we all buy the hype with them. But there are five other quarterbacks that are getting crazy amounts of hype. First up in this series looking at 2023 NFL Draft QBs, Miami’s Tyler Van Dyke.

Who is Van Dyke?

Tyler Van Dyke was a 4-star recruit from Connecticut. He ripped up New England in high school, and not just on the football field. Van Dyke was the New England Pitcher of the Year, with a 6-0 record and a 1.08 ERA.

At Miami, Van Dyke took over for D’Eriq King when he went out with a season-ending injury. From there, Van Dyke had six games in a row with 300 yards and three touchdowns.

What is Van Dyke’s Skill set?

Tyler Van Dyke has a lot of talent, and he doesn’t lose his cool very often. Van Dyke’s arm is NFL level. The Miami offense last year was not very quarterback friendly. Van Dyke constantly had to hop on his horse and run, which led to him having to create more than he probably should have as a first-year quarterback. By no means did this throw off Van Dyke (which is good to see), however it did lead to a few mistakes.

Van Dyke does have some weaknesses. He occasionally holds onto the ball for too long, however this could have been because of what I mentioned before about Miami’s offense. His load time and release speed could also use some improvement.

Should You Buy the Hype?

In my opinion: buy with caution. I think he is going to have a great year in Miami, but is he in the quarterback three range? I don’t know just yet. With the shortage of first round quarterbacks in 2022, I think Van Dyke could sneak into the first. Who knows, if Mario Cristobal can get him a legitimate offense, Tyler Van Dyke might just climb his way to the top 15 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

D’Eriq King Inks an NIL deal with the Florida Panthers

The landmark deal between King and the Panthers sets a precedent for the future of college athletes.

University of Miami Quarterback D’Eriq King became the first college athlete to sign an endorsement deal on Monday.

The Hurricanes QB inked a deal with the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

King will appear at several Panthers games throughout the year, as well as have his own merchandise branded with his likeness.

The Panthers launched their NIL program three weeks ago, the first of its kind in professional sports.

The program, “FLA Athletes”, is to create a partnership between the Panthers and college athletes.

The Panthers’ willingness to pay college athletes for their name and image sets an exciting precedent for the future of sports.

For the first time in history the Panthers’ NIL program is the first major avenue for them.

The Panthers have announced their intentions to sign more athletes in the near future.

Specifically, the team mentioned its desire to have a diverse group of athletes including female and Olympic athletes.

Assuming this program finds success for both parties, many more college athletes are likely to want to join.

This deal between King and the Panthers opens up further possibilities for relationships between college athletes and professional teams.

Of course, no other teams have any such programs yet.

With time the opportunities Panthers’ NIL program can uncover, more teams could create similar program for their local college athletes.

The future partnerships between college athletes and professional teams could change the way athletes are compensated, and the Florida Panthers have the rare opportunity to be pioneers of this new frontier.

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