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Patriots vs. Jets Preview

The Patriots and Jets face off this week in a unique matchup of division rivals. Both teams will view this game as a must-win, but also as a get-right game. The Pats are 0-2 after facing two of the powerhouse teams in the league. The Jets are 1-1 after stealing an emotional victory against the Bills after losing Aaron Rodgers, but got exposed last week against the Cowboys.

The Patriots have won 14 (!!!) in a row in this series and hope that trend continues, while the Jets want to get that monkey off their back.

Photo Credit: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Series Record

Patriots 73, Jets 54, 1 tie

Patriots Offense vs. Jets Defense

Last year, the Pats and Jets treated America to a 10-3 game that was won on a Marcus Jones last-second punt return touchdown. This year may feature similar frustrations for both offenses. The Patriots are still looking to play a clean game of football on the offensive side; they have turned the ball over with generosity in the first quarter. The Jets’ defense is a sturdy group that will look to get constant pressure on Mac Jones and force him into mistakes.

The Patriots haven’t been able to get their run game going in the first two weeks. It’ll be tough sledding against a talented front seven for the New York Jets again this week. The return of Trent Brown and a healthy Mike Onwenu will give the Patriots their first look at their complete starting offensive line. The Patriots need to get some movement from the big guys up front to help open things up for the entire offense.

The Patriots need the running game to be established so they build the play-action game off of it. They don’t have many big-play threats, so the chunk plays will need to be manufactured by good play design and play calling.  

Mac can have similar success as the first couple of weeks, but needs to avoid the turnovers. The Pats are close to the top in the league for drives that cross into opponents’ territory, but are middle of the pack in scoring. Finishing drives, even if with field goals, will go a long way this week in what should be a low-scoring game. If anything, protecting the ball is the most important key to victory this week.

Patriots Defense vs. Jets Offense

The Patriots defense has played outstanding football against two top offenses thus far this year. Against the Jets on Sunday, they may be able to completely flex their collective talent. The Jets posed a severe threat at the beginning of the year when Aaron Rodgers was slotted to start this game. However, good friend Zach Wilson will get the start.

Wilson started his career against the Patriots with a four-interception performance, and has not shown much growth in solving Belichick since. Wilson has followed in Sam Darnold’s footsteps of being absolutely befuddled by the complex schemes of the Patriots. That should continue on Sunday, as Wilson likely throws a handful of picks to the Pats.

The Patriots did not face Breece Hall last year. He has an opportunity to make big plays out of nothing, but it would help if New York gave him the ball more than four times a game. The Patriots showed a disappointing effort in the run defense on Sunday night. While they invited the Dolphins to run, the Pats defended them poorly.

Belichick and the Patriots will be looking for a statement game here, and not having to worry about an explosive passing attack will allow them to play downhill with aggression in the run game.

Special Teams

New England showed they can still be light years ahead of everyone else in the third phase of the game. The Pats should have an edge here and be able to expose it for a couple of big plays. Return man Marcus Jones just went on injured reserve due to a labrum injury, so the return game may not be as explosive. The duo of rookie specialists has been solid thus far, and that should continue on Sunday.


The Patriots are looking for their first victory of the year. While they may not be desperate quite yet, they will be playing extremely hungry. This is a game that will be close early as both defenses shine and force a bit of a punting battle. The tide will start to turn as Wilson turns the ball over, allowing short fields for the Patriots offense.

This game should start to be a blowout by the late third quarter and the Pats won’t let it get close in garbage time. Patriots win 38-6.

How did the Patriots get to 0-2?

It’s been a less-than-stellar start to the season for the Patriots. While the schedule has done them no favors, they themselves have been unable to refrain from shooting themselves in the foot, either. They have been in both games to this point, but have been unable to finish. Here’s a few reasons why the Patriots have fallen to 0-2.

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The most obvious reason for the Patriots’ 0-2 start would be their -2 turnover ratio. The Patriots have turned the ball over twice in both of their first two games. Those four turnovers were either immediately responsible for points for the other team or for taking points off the board for the Patriots.

Against the Eagles, the Patriots’ turnovers immediately resulted in 9 points for the opposition. Against the Dolphins, the Patriots’ turnovers both occurred in fringe red zone situations, taking away at least two field goal opportunities if not more. When you have lost two games by a total of 12 points, the 15 points you lost due to turnovers is all the difference in the world.

Three of the Patriots’ turnovers have occurred in the first quarter, contributing to slow starts. This team isn’t built to play from behind but has done no favors to themselves with the timing of their turnovers.

Offensive line play

The Pats had concerns all offseason about the offensive line. However, they decided to fill out the position with back-end roster types and mid-round rookies. Injuries to the group have made a questionable position even more of a liability. The lack of continuity throughout training camp has continued through the season’s first two weeks.

Only two offensive linemen have played in both games to this point. One, center David Andrews, has been his normal steady self. The other; right tackle Calvin Anderson, has fans hoping the team will sign La’el Collins.

The Pats wanted to focus on playing a smart and efficient offense that relies on play-action to get their chunk plays. When the offensive line is generating next-to-no push up front and not giving the quarterback time to look downfield, those chunk plays are going to be hard to come by.

The new contact rules for the offseason have made for less-than-stellar offensive line play in the first few weeks of the season. Let’s hope that some good health and continuity up front leads to improved overall offensive efficiency.

Lack of complementary football

There was a time where you could outplay the Patriots in every aspect of the game, but they would make the plays down the stretch when it counted. So far, one phase of the game has held up their end of the bargain, only to be let down by the other.

The defense has gotten key late takeaways in both games, only to watch the offense fail to find the endzone. Against the Eagles, a late fumble would’ve meant almost certain victory for yesterday’s Patriots teams. The blocked field goal against the Dolphins would’ve surely been points for the Patriots a few years ago.

The team will continue to find it’s identity, but vastly improving their complementary football will send this team from “contender?” to scary. The question is, can the Patriots get there after an 0-2 start?

Is Mac a closer?

Mac Jones has one game-winning drive on his resume in his three years as the Patriots starter. It came in 2021 against the Houston Texans, in a game that shouldn’t have been close to begin with. So far this year, Jones has had an opportunity to make a statement with fourth-quarter drives to take the lead or tie a game late. Football is a game of inches and the throw to Kayshon Boutte and the lateral to Cole Strange both were a hair within being first downs to sustain those drives.

However, the proof seems to be in the pudding with Jones. He hasn’t been able to finish a game late. It would be nice to see the offense not even get to a point where they are facing fourth downs on a gotta-have-it drive.

The team is trying to get an assessment on Jones this year for his future with the team. Starting to be a closer would go a long way toward making them feel much more confident in him going forward.

Patriots vs. Dolphins Preview

The Patriots dropped a surprisingly tight game against the Eagles on opening weekend. The offense looked like a real offense. The defense started the year at an insanely high level, limiting the defending NFC champs to effectively 16 points. The Dolphins secured their first win of the season after beating the Chargers on the road in a thriller. The Dolphins’ offense looked explosive, while the Dolphins’ defense looked very timid under Fangio’s lead. So what does all that mean for the Week 2 matchup between the Patriots and Dolphins? Let’s see!

Patriots vs Dolphins in 2022
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Series Record

Dolphins 60 wins; Patriots 55 wins

Patriots Offense vs. Dolphins Defense

The Patriots’ offense started the season with a first quarter that looked like Matt Patricia, not Bill O’Brien, calling the plays. However, the remaining three quarters resulted in some high-quality football, and a brief stretch where Mac Jones was perhaps the hottest quarterback on the planet. However, they topped out at 20 points and couldn’t convert when it was needed most.

The Dolphins played an unusually conservative brand of defense against Justin Herbert and the Chargers to start the year. The Patriots should not expect that to continue on Sunday. The Dolphins will be able to show more of their true identity on defense, as they probably do not fear Jones as they do Herbert.

The Patriots will want to play a possession game against the explosive Miami offense, starting with long, grueling drives on offense. The team would like to grind away the clock and ride running backs Rhamondre Stevenson and Ezekiel Elliott. Unfortunately, the big boys up front responsible for clearing the way are dealing with myriad injuries.

The Patriots started two backup guards last week, and, while they kept Mac clean, they could not generate much push against a lighter defensive interior. The return of Cole Strange and Mike Onwenu would go a long way to helping the Patriots secure their first victory on Sunday night.

The passing game will be able to find success again in the short middle of the field. Mac was cooking last week against a very talented secondary. He should build off that performance against a depleted Miami secondary. Kendrick Bourne should continue his resurgence Sunday night, while the return of Devante Parker will be an upgrade over Kayshon Boutte. Hunter Henry should again provide a consistent security blanket for Jones and will be busy.

Patriots Defense vs. Dolphins Offense

If the Patriots allow it, the Dolphins will look to turn Sunday night into a track meet. The key to the game will be to force the Dolphins to play a brand of football they don’t seem to want to play: running the ball. The Patriots should play a conservative brand of defense, reminiscent of their “bend but don’t break” days, inviting the Dolphins to run. Making the Dolphins drive the field will shorten the game and play into the overall game plan.

However, the Pats will still pick and choose their spots to pressure Tua. They will try to simulate pressures, in hopes of getting any of their premier pass rushers one-on-one. The Pats have a host of pass rushers who should win their fair share of one-on-one situations with the Dolphins’ offensive line. The more they can confuse and pressure Tua, the more likely they will be to secure a couple of important takeaways.

Watching how the Patriots defend the Dolphins receiving corps will be interesting. They have successfully stuck Jonathan Jones on Tyreek Hill in the past, with or without help. Unfortunately, Jones has been hobbled with an ankle injury this week, and the Patriots probably don’t want to feed rookie Christian Gonzalez to the wolves. This doesn’t account for Jaylen Waddle either, who is Tyreek Hill lite. This might be a game where the Pats miss a sticky man coverage player in Jack Jones.

Just for fun, try to watch Keion White when he’s on the field this week. He is a STUD.

Special Teams

Rookie punter Bryce Baringer was everything the Pats hoped for last week and more. He had one slight hiccup when he bombed a 75-yard punt and outkicked his coverage. That’ll happen with 75-yard punts, though.

Rookie kicker Chase Ryland didn’t get much of an opportunity to showcase his strong leg, but he nailed both PATs and consistently sent the ball through the end zone on kickoffs.

The Dolphins feature ex-Pat Jake Bailey as punter and sound veteran Jason Sanders as kicker. The Pats will be happy if this turns into a “Jake Bailey revenge game,” as it means the explosive Miami offense is stuck in neutral.


The Patriots will need to keep this game close to have a chance. This game will turn ugly if the Pats fall behind early by double digits again this week. This might be a lower-scoring affair, as the Pats will want long, clock-burning drives on both sides of the ball. Additionally, the weather may favor the Patriots after Hurricane Lee blows through.

The Pats get it done and keep it close, finally getting a signature walk-off win in the Mac Jones era with a late, game-securing drive. Patriots win 20-19.

Patriots vs. Eagles Preview

The 2023 season kicks off with the Patriots hosting the defending NFC Champs the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles enter the season with realistic expectations of a championship, while the Patriots are trying to reclaim their previous status as perennial contenders. It’ll be the first glimpse of the Bill O’Brien/Mac Jones offense and a chance to see how the Patriots’ multitude of tweeners all fit together on defense.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Series Record

Eagles: 8 wins (including Super Bowl LII); Patriots: 7 wins (including Super Bowl XXXIX)

Patriots Offense vs. Eagles Defense

For the Patriots to be successful this year, the offense needs to return to the efficient model utilized in the early 2000s. They do not need to be a high-flying affair, but rather a competent and consistent offense. The defense will be good enough to keep this team in most, if not all, games, and the offense needs to keep from being the reason the team loses.

This game will be determined up front. The Eagles boast a ridiculously deep front seven littered with high-end pass rushers. The Patriots’ offensive line should be solid at four out of five positions at some point this season; unfortunately, it might not be game one. The Pats have dealt with a slew of injuries across the offensive line throughout the preseason. The lack of continuity and practice time may be apparent against the Eagles front.

A positive? The Eagles were among the bottom of the league in running games and stunts up front with their defensive line. If the Pats are going to be successful, it will be because of the big hogs winning their one-on-one match-ups.

The Patriots will need to lean on their running game to keep the offense on schedule and to keep the Eagles offense off the field. This game should feature a lot of Rhamondre Stevenson, while also giving Ezekiel Elliott a healthy workload in his Patriots debut. The Patriots may try to take advantage of the interior of the Eagles ‘defense with a steady dose of power and dive runs.

The Patriots may not find a lot of success passing to the boundaries, as the Eagles return stalwart corners James Bradberry and Darius Slay. Mac Jones should be able to find success in the middle of the field against a reworked safety duo. Hunter Henry and Mike Gesicki should be in for a busy day.  

Patriots Defense vs. Eagle Offense

The Eagles return a majority of starters from a top offense a year ago. They feature depth and talent up front, as well as a top-three wide-receiver duo. The quarterback is one of the best in the league. Their backfield took a hit after Miles Sanders left after a career year. The Patriots defense will have to be the strength of this team, and they will be tested immediately in week one.

The Patriots must pick and choose their spots to be aggressive against this Eagles offense. Sending extra defenders to rush the quarterback will leave the defensive backs manned up against a talented receiving corps. The Patriots lost a sticky cover man in Jack Jones this week. Jonathan Jones and rookie Christian Gonzalez face a challenge as the top corners against A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith. The Patriots can get away with intermittent man coverage calls, but can’t make a habit of it on Sunday.

The Patriots should be able to find success if they can get Jalen Hurts to throw while on the run. Hurts’ numbers last year while scrambling were below average. The key is to limit his ability to turn a scramble into a long gain on the ground. The Patriots should focus on sending interior pressure while keeping an athletic body on Hurts as a QB spy. The Pats can use the likes of Mack Wilson, Marte Mapu, Adiran Phillips, Jabrill Peppers, and Kyle Dugger as QB spies, while also giving multiple looks from different personnel groupings.

Special Teams

The Patriots will roll out rookies at both kicker and punter this year. Both Chase Ryland and Bryce Baringer feature booming legs, but may struggle with consistency early in their careers. Baringer can help the Patriots win the field position game even when punting from deep in his own territory. The Patriots reloaded the roster with special teams stalwarts after a down year in the game’s third phase. The Eagles have a steady kicker in Jake Elliott, but should not have an edge elsewhere on special teams.


The Patriots will need to play a very smart and efficient game on both sides of the ball to win the season opener. On a day when New England will be celebrating the legacy of The Goat, its fans may be left wishing for his presence on the field again. The Eagles will be able to harass Jones as the offensive line tries to find its footing.

The key to the game will be in the turnover battle. New England will need to steal a few possessions if they want to win this game. The Patriots will be able to keep up with the Eagles otherwise. Expect the Patriots to keep it close in the first half before the Eagles pull away late. Eagles win 28-20.

Speaking of Tom, how lucky were we!? Congrats GOAT. You deserve it.

Patriots Roster Breakdown: Defense, Specialists, and Special Teams

Earlier, we reviewed the Patriots’ offensive roster. Now, it’s time to see how the Patriots’ roster looks on defense, with expectations and nuggets for each player. The Patriots are set to have a very athletic and young defense that will be relied on to win games throughout the season. The offense should be much improved, but the defense should be one of the best in the league.

Patriots Roster Breakdown: Defense

Photo Credit: Carly Mackler/Getty Images

Defensive Line

Christian Barmore

There might not be a more critical piece to the defense than Christian Barmore. Barmore has shown his ability — when he has been able to stay on the field. He has top-end ability to push the interior of the pocket and can win quickly at the point of attack. Pairing his interior pressure with elite edge rushers such as Josh Uche and Matt Judon would launch this defense into a new stratosphere. That newfound height for this defense will depend on Barmore’s ability to stay on the field.

Keion White

The Patriots’ second-round pick, Keion White, was all business on draft day, and has continued that attitude throughout his short Patriots tenure. In his preseason debut, he was all over the field and figures to play a significant portion of snaps this season. White was initially thought to be a situational role player, but may have forced himself into a more prominent role with his dominant display throughout the summer. White figures to be a bit of a tweener, playing inside on passing downs and on the edge in early downs. He may put up flashy numbers without any of the expected flashy show.

Deatrich Wise Jr.

Deatrich Wise, a defensive captain, enters his seventh year with the team. He has improved every year in his career, with 2022 bringing a career high in sacks and tackles. However, more than half of those sacks came in a single game against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Wise again figures to be a prominent piece of the New England defense and should rarely leave the field.

Davon Godchaux

If Barmore is the quick interior penetrator, then Davon Godchaux is the anchor in the middle. Entering his third year with the team, Godchaux projects to play on early downs, primarily as a run stuffer. He has shown some ability to rush the passer and would be best served in a rotation on the interior.

Lawrence Guy

Lawrence Guy initially stayed away from team activities this summer before reporting for training camp, due to reported discontent over his contract. Guy still has two years left on his contract and could be a potential candidate to be moved at the trade deadline, depending on needs elsewhere on the roster. Before we get to that point, he will provide a level, veteran presence for the entire defense, who plays hard and goes about things the “Patriot Way.”

Daniel Ekuale

Daniel Ekuale is a depth piece on the defensive line who has shown flashes in the previous two seasons with New England. With the team moving on from Carl Davis, Ekuale should see an uptick in snaps. He may put together a sneaky good season for those watching closely.

Sam Roberts

Roberts enters his second year with the team after being selected in the sixth round out of Northwest Missouri State. He had flashes of good and bad throughout the preseason and survived the dreaded roster bubble. Roberts projects to be a frequent gameday inactive, but plays with a high motor if he gets the chance.


Matt Judon

The household name on the Patriots’ defense after Devin McCourty’s retirement, and for good reason. Judon has 28 sacks in his two seasons in New England and will look to add to that total in 2023. The pass rush stalwart should again be amongst the league leaders in sacks, and will benefit from a healthy Barmore and a dominant pass-rush partner in Uche. Judon will need to stop his late season disappearing act if the Patriots want to make a postseason push.

Josh Uche

Josh Uche finally realized his potential in year three after being highlighted as a potential star in his other two seasons. The undersized linebacker out of Michigan is responsible for coordinating the Patriots pass rush on the field. Uche plays with great speed, and has paired it with a tenacious bull rush to complete his game. Uche is entering a contract season and will look to put together a season that gets him premier pass rush money in the offseason.

Anfernee Jennings

Anfernee Jennings caught a lot of eyes with his all-out play in the preseason finale. Throwing up mid-play and still making the tackle will do that for you. Jennings has struggled to get on the field since being a third-round pick out of Alabama in 2020. If Uche and Judon are the Patriots’ edge pass rushers, Jennings is the edge setter in the run game. He provides a strong anchor and should not often lose contain — if he isn’t guessing during the play. Jennings may find himself a frequent spot on the gameday inactive list simply due to the numbers and abilities elsewhere.


Ja’Whaun Bentley

Ja”Whaun Bentley has improved his play every year in the league and has rounded into a do-it-all linebacker. He broke into the league as a downhill run stuffer with the Patriots, but found himself playing a majority of snaps last season. Bentley is a field general in the middle of the field and should put together solid, but not flashy, numbers in 2023.

Jahlani Tavai

Jahlani Tavai may be the best part of the most recent Patricia experiment. After following Patricia to New England from Detroit, Tavai has become a consistent producer on the New England defense, and was awarded a contract extension last year. Tavai will play primarily on the early downs or in bigger personnel packages.

Mack Wilson Sr.

Mack Wilson enters his second year with the Patriots and could be an answer to the influx of athletic quarterbacks in the league. He is an undersized linebacker who shows tremendous play speed and effort. His role should grow as he gets more comfortable in the defense. Mack could find playing time through a QB-spy role against more agile quarterbacks.


Christian Gonzalez

The Patriots first-round pick has been touted as an absolute steal since draft night. Viewed by many as a top ten pick, Gonzalez fell due to positional need elsewhere in the league, as well as concerns about his lack of physicality. Gonzalez has gotten a lot of run with the Patriots’ veterans throughout the summer and should be a game one starter. It’s a disappointment the team didn’t bequeath him with number 24, as he has a superb chance of continuing the Patriots legacy of lockdown corners.  

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones was the Patriots slot corner for a number of years before transitioning to the boundary last season. He put together an overall solid season, but struggled when matched up one-on-one with the league’s premier receivers. Jones returned to New England after turning down more money elsewhere. His health bears watching, as Jones has been dealing a nagging injury throughout the preseason. There is quite a drop off from Jones to the next boundary corner on the New England roster.

Marcus Jones

The do-it-all rookie last year was the most exciting part of Patriots football in 2022. Marcus Jones now returns with a year of experience and an All-Pro season under his belt. Despite his small size, Marcus Jones can lay the wood and is electric when he gets the ball in his hands. The last player before Marcus Jones to have a receiving, punt return, and interception return touchdown in their rookie season? Deion Sanders. Marcus jones should put up another highlight reel season in 2023.

Jack Jones

Jack Jones was a pleasant surprise last year with his aggressive style of play and sticky man coverage tendencies. He proved to have knack for the ball and was expected to start opposite of Gonzalez as a boundary corner. Unfortunately, the off-the-field troubles that plagued him in college continued this offseason, as he was arrested at Logan International airport in possession of multiple firearms. His status is questionable and a suspension is probably looming.

Shaun Wade

Shaun Wade was obtained in a trade from the Ravens two seasons ago. Since then, Wade has been active for a handful of games, but has mostly stayed on the Patriots practice squad. Wade can play in the slot or out wide, but has so far proven to be a depth piece and not a reliable starter.


Kyle Dugger

Kyle Dugger is one of a few unicorns on New England’s defense. He can hit like a runaway train or cover wide receiver one-on-one. He plays in the box as an extra linebacker or can play deep over the top. Dugger is in line for a significant contract after this season if New England doesn’t sign him before it’s over. Dugger should put together another great campaign in 2023.

Jalen Mills

When Jalen Mills initially signed in New England, the expectation was for him to be used all over the field in a role similar to the one he played in Philadelphia. Instead, injuries and the Stephon Gilmore trade left him being used primarily as a boundary corner. Mills was released this offseason before re-signing with New England with the expectation he’d be used more as a safety after McCourty’s retirement. The veteran got a lot of run in the preseason at his new position and should be a versatile piece of the defense.

Defensive back

Myles Bryant

Patriots’ fans favorite player to hate is sticking around for another season. And not because Belichick enjoys the anger and discontent, but because Bryant is extremely good — in a limited role. His top-end speed and lack of size can be exposed if he is used in extended stretches, but as a package defensive back he is a smart and reliable player.


Marte Mapu

If Kyle Shanahan is building a position-less offense in San Francisco, Belichick is doing the same on the defensive side of the ball. Mapu was viewed as a reach in the draft as a tweener linebacker/safety out of Sacramento State. However, Mapu may end up being the steal of the draft. He rarely left the field in training camp, as he played a new position with each wave of substitutions. Mapu has incredible football intelligence and very well may be an every down player for New England.

Jabrill Peppers

The former Michigan star seems to have found his swagger again in New England. As a do-it-all player in college, Peppers found himself in the Heisman conversation. This preseason, the defensive-back-who-primarily-plays-linebacker actually lined up to field punts. He brings versatility and big hit ability to the second and third levels of the defense.

Adrian Phillips

Adrian Phillips was signed as special teams ace, but has grown into a defensive star in New England. He and Peppers offer similar versatility and violence with contact, allowing a confusing rotation of defensive players in the New England secondary. Phillips is a prototype Belichick player who should enjoy another solid season in New England.



Chase Ryland

The Patriots chose to keep the rookie out of Maryland over trusted veteran Nick Folk, which should be all we need to know about how they view his potential. Ryland features a big leg that may intermittently lapse in accuracy. He should have a solid rookie season before putting it all together in year two.


Bryce Baringer

If the Patriots’ thirty yard punts drove you crazy last year, Belichick agreed with you. Bryce Baringer, a rookie, features an absolute cannon of a leg that should bring special teams back to “weapon” status in New England.

Special Teams

Chris Board

The Patriots were exposed on multiple levels on special teams last year. Chris Board was signed in the offseason to help remedy that issue. The special teams ace gained national attention in Detroit last year, and should be a core piece of the special teams turn around in New England.

Joe Cardona

The Navy long snapper was injured last year and finished the season on injured reserve. Cardona beat out competition this offseason to retain his role on the team. We shouldn’t hear his name often, due to his mistake-free style of play.

Brenden Schooler

Brenden Schooler enters his second year in the league after being an absolute stud on special teams as an undrafted rookie. He should continue to build his reputation as one of the best in the league, and hopefully learned not to try to get in Belichick’s good graces with grandiose gestures….

Matthew Slater

Realistically, this is the future Hall of Famer’s final season. Slater will continue to be the penultimate professional on and off the field.

Ameer Speed

Slater’s potential replacement is officially listed at corner, but spent training camp on the Slater practice plan: special teams, special teams, special teams. His name boasts his most noticeable attribute. He should be the gunner opposite of Slater and will prove to be hard to out-kick.