Baltimore Ravens Staff Changes: Defensive Coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale Fired

Now former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale & the Baltimore Ravens part ways. Come check out our reaction to it!

Former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen of the Ravens’ Flock, we have our first “parting ways” of the season! I know I’m late to the party but this one is a huge shocker to us all. The Baltimore Ravens and coach Harbaugh have parted ways with now-former defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale in a surprising fashion. Even I’m still screaming “what the f**k” here at home, on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime of our processing of this news, let’s look at some things.

First off, some of the timeline of work within the Ravens staff.

He worked from positional inside linebackers coach (2012-2015) to linebackers coach (2016-2017) to the defensive coordinator( 2018-2022) with the Baltimore Ravens. Beforehand, he was the DC and linebackers coach with the Denver Broncos. And before that, the LB coach with the Raiders and various college-level positions.

Martindale brings swagger with him everywhere he goes His play calling was pretty consistent, and his putting together the defense has been an incredible feat for the past four years as defensive coordinator. As far as his stats go, we’ll get to that soon, but there’s a large set of reasons why much of the Baltimore Ravens fan base would want to keep Wink in house.

Many of us wanted to see his bling or chain come out throughout the season, but unfortunately, we didn’t get many chances to see this happen. Oh well, and it brings us to the next bit of knowledge on now-former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale.

The official stats of the defenses he built while in Baltimore

Courtesy of Pro Football Reference, we can see all the percentages and overall grades that gave him official stats. We can see an abundance of head coach boosters to add to his resume during his time.

For time’s sake and reading material, here is a screenshot of the PFR stats.

With all that, statistically, he is a coach who has done well during his time with the Ravens. Like I said before, he’s a coach with much swagger, full of trash talk that can back it up, and a guy defensive players want to be around. This year, the trash talk has been overdone because of all the injuries/illnesses hit by the team, but do we expect any less from the unofficial third Ryan brother? 

The answer to that is no, and I loved every bit of it. 

Now, where does the new Ravens’ Defensive Coordinator search go from here?

At Ravens ATB, we’re already pushing out defensive coordinator candidates’ names internally and externally. I’m not even going to lie here; some are pretty awesome, and some are a little questionable. Nonetheless, here are some of our guys so far.


  • Linebackers Coach: Rob Ryan
  • Pass Game Coordinator/Secondary: Chris Hewitt
  • Defensive Backs Coach: D’Aton Lynn
  • Defensive Line: Anthony Weaver


  • Former Vikings HC: Mike Zimmer
  • Former Jacksonville Jaguars DC: Joe Cullen
  • Current That Team Up North (Michigan) DC: Mike MacDonald
  • Former Broncos HC: Vic Fangio

My favorite — or top two guys — to take the job would be coaches D’Aton Lynn or Chris Hewitt out of the current internal staffing options. It isn’t to say that coach Rob Ryan or coach Weaver wouldn’t be good guys to fill the role, because they both have tons of defensive coordinator experience, but we have to look at some other factors.

Two(ish) factors in my pick for coach Lynn are that he was hand-chosen to be the head coach of the college East West Shrine Bowl and would be a “fresh face” in the roll. Those are notable resume boosters in themselves.

Now for external hires

I’m looking at either Mike Zimmer or Mike MacDonald if we’re being sincere. Keep Fangio away from the team cause he might have another feud with our franchise quarterbacks again. Anyways, Zimmer is an experienced guy who knows how to run and build quality defenses at the professional level. Offensively, we know how he handled the Vikings.

On the other hand, Mike MacDonald has been a crucial piece in That Team Up North’s success in this 2021 season. Seeing him do what he did up there was both sickening (coming from an Ohio State household) and incredible (coming from a football and NFL individual fan). If he returned to the professional level and Baltimore, I would be a happy man.

The search for a new Ravens defensive coordinator will be a fun guessing game for our fans, but a stressful period for the organization. 

The Baltimore Ravens Future Overall Outlook for 2022

Welcome to the Baltimore Ravens’ Future Outlook for 2022. Come take a look on everything & let us know what you think.

Well, it’s been a little over a week since the last Baltimore Ravens ball game. We’re into the heat of the playoffs, and I don’t know about you all, but I wish our Ravens were playing in them. Unfortunately, wishes are not always granted, but we can look towards the future. The Ravens’ future is very bright.

Shawn Hubbard.

In the last post-game press conference, Chuck Clark said, “Just watch how we bounce back.” There is nothing more reassuring than hearing that because he’s right. So far, the 2022 season is exciting to look forward to because of so much.

The Baltimore Ravens’ future outlook is one to be excited about

Outside of the obvious, we are finally getting Ravens football back in the spring/summer of 2022 via mini-camps, OTA’s, training camp, etc. There will be the return of the following players from injury:

  • QB Lamar Jackson
  • RB JK Dobbins
  • RB Gus Edwards
  • LT Ronnie Stanley
  • S DeShon Elliott
  • LB LJ Fort
  • CB Marlon Humphrey
  • CB Marcus Peters
  • FB/DL Pat Ricard

And the list goes on and on as far as injured players returning. That’s exciting in itself. Now some of these players are on the free agency market. That’s another topic we can discuss later on — outside of the need to re-sign my guy, center Bradley Bozeman! Extending Bozeman will be an essential key for this offensive line and the offense in general. We cannot break up the bromance of Kevin Zeitler & Bozeman!

Anyways, the Baltimore Ravens’ future, as far as existing personnel goes, is genuinely remarkable nonetheless.

Speaking of personnel, we have to discuss that it’s also draft season! We’ve dove into the draft content a little bit on the newest episode of Around The Flock already but let’s look at the set-in-stone stuff.

The Baltimore Ravens Future Draft Picks include the following.

Ravens media via twitter.
  • 1st Round – No. 14
  • 2nd Round – No. 45
  • 3rd Round – No. 76
  • 3rd Round – Comp pick (David Culley)
  • 4th Round – From New York Giants for Ben Bredeson
  • 4th Round – Normal pick
  • 4th Round – Comp pick (Matthew Judon)
  • 4th Round – Comp pick (Yannick Nqakoue)
  • 4th Round – From Arizona Cardinals in 2021 Draft
  • 6th Round – From Miami Dolphins for Greg Mancz

With a whopping total of 10 draft picks, they’ll be looking to bolster the depth chart with many young quality guys. I’m hoping they do a nice mix of positional needs, but we know the team places the best player available guys first. We’ve been taking mock drafts for the Ravens seriously around here. The Ravens’ future is looking so good here. I can’t wait to dig deeper into this draft class. I know our head contributor TD Hunter has already been diving into it but give me time to research prospects!

The Baltimore Ravens’ Future Opponents has finally been set!

Ravens Media via Twitter

We’ve received the last place schedule for the most part, but come next season, that won’t mean a damn thing. I mean, it will, but at the same time, it won’t. The NFL is a week-to-week league, with anything happening at any time. So looking at the possibilities of going to any games would be slim to none unless I decide to go to the Jungle, Paul Brown Stadium, again when the Ravens come to town. Another option I’m trying to convince my wife of is taking a trip to Jacksonville, FL, whenever the Jags and Ravens play.

That would be an incredible time. Another quick note on the Baltimore Ravens’ Future travel plans is that they get to play at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey twice in one season against the New York Jets and New York Giants.

Overall, I’m happy with this opponent’s layout & the possibilities with the actual schedule. I’m also super excited for this draft season & all the injury returns. 2022 will be an incredible year, and I hope everyone is looking forward to it like I am. As we’ve said many times, the Baltimore Ravens’ future is very bright.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article & remember to follow ATB Ravens everywhere you go!

Baltimore Ravens COVID-19 List: Chuck Clark

Unfortunately Ravens Safety Chuck Clark has been placed on the team’s Reserve/COVID-19 List. Let’s look at all the options going forward

Baltimore Ravens place Chuck Clark on COVID-19 list
Credit: Baltimore Ravens; Shawn Hubbard

It has been around 24 hours, if not less, since news broke that Baltimore Ravens safety Chuck Clark has been placed on the team’s Reserve/COVID-19 list.

It is still unclear whether he contracted the virus or was in close contact. The NFL is currently tightening up its COVID protocols with the new cases and outbreaks thanks to the Omicron variant. So seeing him in action this Sunday is still a huge question mark.

Being a key player, not only in the Ravens’ secondary but also on the defense as a whole. Clark will surely be missed if unable to suit up on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Chuck Clark’s Stats

58 total tackles, one sack, and eight passes deflected. Also, a successful pick-up on the onside kick.

This guy has been relatively decent in coverage, a good tackler, and a solid overall player. Granted, even though he has a 62.4 PFF grade. He’s still a key player in this Raven’s defensive unit.

The Replacements

As we all know, this Ravens team brought back Tony Jefferson to help with a depleted secondary. Let’s explore some of the other guys real quick.

Geno Stone

 A young stud who is making his case to stay on this team instead of the practice squad and cut rotation, let’s look to see if he continues on a positive trend. So far, he only has 9 total tackles.

Anthony Levine

A guy who we’ve been able to count on for years, whether it’s in the special teams unit or on the defense as a strong/adjustment safety or a stacked up LB. He knows how to read the offense and get the job done if needed.

Hopefully, we’ll see Chuck Clark off the COVID-19 list and back on the field for the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. We have to be patient, positive, and hope for the best. 

Stay tuned for more awesome Ravens ATB content!

Baltimore Ravens and RAS

This next part will focus on the Ravens. As you guys continue to read through this series you will see the connect with RAS and teams drafting strategies are not as easy as saying all teams want to get bigger, faster, stronger. While yes that’s true in a way, but its not that simple.

See my previous parts:

Las Vegas Raiders | San Francisco 49ers | Indianapolis Colts

Teams have different things they are looking for athletically. The Ravens as you will see are kind of different.


Since Eric DeCosta took over for Ozzie Newsome he has drafted one quarterback. Trace McSorley in 2019. McSorley did it all and came away with a pretty good score of 8.29. But with such limited information there is not much to go off. Ozzie Newsome did draft Lamar Jackson the year before Decosta took over. So you might want to keep an eye on athletic quarterbacks, but I don’t see it as a definitive.

Running backs:

In DeCosta’s three draft classes he has drafted two running backs and one fullback. They drafted Justice Hill in 2019 and J.K. Dobbins in 2020. The lone fullback they drafted is Ben Mason in 2021. In regards to the running backs Hill did put up a score of 9.33. He did not do any agility testing. His speed and explosion numbers were elite. in Dobbins case he did no testing except for height and weight. Interestingly enough both are about 5’9 1/2, although I don’t think that means anything in particular. They both also had over 20 reps on the bench. Again I don’t know if it means much with a small sample size, but interesting none the less.

With Mason he is almost tight end size at 6’3 246. He had great explosion numbers and just ok to average speed and agility numbers. Since he is the only fullback drafted again we can’t take too much from it.

Tight ends:

DeCosta has not drafted a single tight end in his three years, so nothing to go off on here.

Wide Receivers:

In three short years DeCosta has drafted six receivers. He has drafted two receivers in each of the last three drafts. Marques Brown and Miles Boykins in 2019, Devin Duvernay and James Proche in 2020 and Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace in 2021. The six of them have an average ras score of 6.93. Wallace and Proche both scored on the low end, both below 5. Three of the other four scored 7.87 or higher. Marques Brown did not do any testing. One thing I can find in common with all the receivers is they scored very fast 10 yard splits. So that looks to be something that the Ravens find important with their receivers.

Pure speed also seems to be of importance to DeCosta. Four of the receivers drafted ran 4.5 or better. Three of those four ran 4.43 or faster. There is no 40 yard dash time on James Proche. Another thing is they do not seem to like exceptionally tall receivers. Outside of Boykins none of the receivers DeCosta has drafted were over 6’0. Four of them were 5’11 or shorter. The agility numbers are all over the place so it seems like the Ravens have no preference there. As for explosive drills they seem to like guys who are at least average or above. Wallace was the only one that tested poorly in those drills.

The weight of the players also stands out. Outside of Marques Brown every receiver weights 190+. Even Brown now is listed at 180. One final thing that stands out about the receivers drafted is arm length. Outside of Proche they all have 30″ arms or longer, and even Proche was close at 29 3/4. Bateman and Boykins both have 33″ arms. It could be said that they do not like receivers with arms that are short at least relatively to their bodies.

Offensive line:

This position is also of interest in regards to the type of players DeCosta has drafted. He has drafted four offensive linemen in his three drafts, and all four are guards. He drafted Ben Powers in 2019, Tyre Phillips and Ben Bredeson in 2020, and finally Ben Cleveland in 2021. Average out their ras scores and you get a very average 5.95. That is mostly due to Cleveland who brings a score of 9.63, Powers and Phillips both scored under 5, Bredeson did not do any testing. Even if you go back to some of Newsome’s recent drafts the offensive linemen did not score high. Guys like Orlando Brown for example.

DeCosta seems to like big strong guys. All four of his drafted guys were 6’4+ and all are above 307. Cleveland and Phillips are 330+. Explosion and agility scores are not important at all for DeCosta and the Ravens. Bredeson did no testing at all. All three that tested were either average or below average. On the agility tests all three tested poorly. Phillips and Cleveland were the only ones who ran the 40 and both were on opposite ends. Bench Press does not seem important either; two of the three could only did 20 and 21 reps respectively.

Defensive line:

In his three drafts DeCosta has drafted three defensive linemen. Daylon Mack in 2019 and Justin Madubuike and Broderick Washington in 2020. Washington did no testing outside of the bench press. Mack scored a 4.16 RAS and Madubuike had a 9.32. It does seem the Ravens prefer shorter/squattier defensive linemen. All three are between 6’1-6’2. Also both Mack and Madubuike had great 10 yard splits, identical 1.73’s. Both also did well on the bench with over 30 reps. Although it is a small sample size we can say they like their defensive linemen on the shorter size and quick fast 10 yard splits.

Edge defenders:

The Ravens have drafted three edge defenders/defensive ends in DeCosta’s reign; Jaylon Ferguson in 2019, Odafe Owah and Daelin Hayes in 2021. The three’s average ras score comes out to a 7.77 which is pretty solid. Ferguson is on the bigger size at 270 where both Owah and Hayes are in the 250’s. All three also have good arm length between 33-34″.

As for RAS Ferguson had the lowest score with a 5.46, Owah was a freak with a 9.92, and Hayes with a solid 7.93. Ferguson had average scores across the board except for agility which were poor. Owah was elite on all testing while Hayes was above average on everything. The number are all over the place, so there is not enough information to get a good idea on what the Ravens look for at the position out side of decent arm length and that they do not emphasize agility drills and they like guys who have at least decent speed.


DeCosta has drafted only two linebackers in his three drafts. He has drafted both Patrick Queen and Malik Harrison both in 2020. Queen had a RAS of 7.99, which was mostly brought down by his height and weight. Harrison scored a 9.42. Both of them had great scores in explosion. Both of them had broad jumps of 10’2″ or higher. Harrison had the slower 40 but still ran a solid 4.66. Queen did not do agility drills but Harrison did and put up an elite 3 cone time of 6.83 with an average short shuttle of 4.32. Also their 10 yard splits where a 1.64 and 1.58, those are above average to elite.

In regards to linebackers it seems size isn’t important to them, but explosiveness, 10 yard dash, and 40 time as well seem important to them.

Defensive backs:

Eric DeCosta has drafted 4 defensive backs since he became GM in 2019. He has drafted three corners and one Marauder (safety). The average of their four RAS scores is 6.95, which is a little surprising you would think it would have been higher. DeCosta drafted Iman Marshall in 2019, Geno Stone in 2020, and Shaun Wade and Brandon Stephens in 2021. All three corners are 6’1 or just under and all are 192 pounds plus, and 2 out of the three are over 200.

So it can be said that the Ravens front office likes larger corner. Again a theme that seems to play out with all their draft picks is that agility scores are not important to them. Marshall and Stephens had average to poor scores. Shaun Wade did not participate in agility drills. Explosion also seems to be a test they do not find important, of the three corners none have similar scores. Their scores run the gamut from poor to great and in-between. This is one position where the 10-yard splits may not be important. Brandon Stephens had a poor 10-yard split of 1.62. All of their 40 times are 4.53 or faster. So it can be said they like their corners to have at least decent speed.

To Stone the only marauder of the group, his overall speed is decent, and he has decent size at 5’10 207, but had poor explosion grades. This falls in line with the rest of the defensive backs, in that DeCosta does not seem to care about these tests.

Final Thoughts:

The Ravens are very peculiar in regards to their draft picks and athletic testing. It does not seem like they put a huge emphasis on it outside of certain tests. They seem to find 10-yard splits important almost across the board. They like freaky athletic linebackers, big physical corners, Shorter defensive linemen, Big strong offensive linemen, and DeCosta also seems to prefer solid built, but not overly tall wide receivers with good speed.

Ravens Report: Preseason Week 1 Review/Reactions

Welcome to the ATB Ravens Report on the Preseason Week 1 match up vs the Saints. Come join the conversation as we dig into the details of the game.

Good morning/evening, readers of all ages, it’s been about a few days since game day and I’m happy with the results but there are some fan based criticisms to go along with it. We all have our opinions on the team so far, but here’s mine with some bits to try to convince you on some other matters.

So without further ado let’s get into it… Wait a sec, but first coffee or whatever adult beverage of your choice or juice box of choice.

Also I’d like to notate that during the game I was at a friend’s party Saturday and missed most of the second half due to adult drinking activities. And Sunday my dogs had a play date with the dog who lives at the house they’ll be staying at while we go on vacation, the Monday was back to work till the next day off, so this piece got delayed. Moving on….

The Secondary was on fire most of the night!

Yes, you read that bold lettering right. Outside of normal miscues & catches made during zone assignments, the secondary was on point & didn’t miss much of a beat. With 3 INTs, 9 Pass Deflections, Half a sack, 2 QB hits, a fumble recovery, a bunch of tackles & just them locking up NOLA WRs all evening. I’d say that was a hell of a job.

Geno Stone, Anthony Averette, & Brandon Stevens were the rotation guys that I definitely seen shine the other night. You can’t change my mind on that. Also as expected the regular starters made some noise too.

Marlo, Peters, & Elliott all kept up on their assignments. Which made not only the fans but the coaches happy.

The only criticism I had was Chris Westry with that bad “Taunting” penalty, and zone coverage… I understand it’s necessary in the game but I can sill complain the entire time… Yes, that was a Bob’s burgers reference.

WAIT! …We can’t also forget about Shaun Wade from THE Ohio State University sealing the deal at the end of the game with a sealing INT. I’ll be honest I was little nervous when the put him in an outside spot but he didn’t do bad.

Give credit to the trenches too!

Now I know that this game was to work out a lot of the depth, same with next/this week but you know we all can be impressed with the pressure being put on not only on the QB but also the run game. 1st & 5th round LB picks in Odafe Oweh & Daelin Hayes were both creating some good noise. Oweh putting in work at not only EDGE and off ball LB but at Gunner on the punt team. Also heard either my fellow Baltimore Ravens fan & kind of boss/kinda colleague TD Hunter or someone on twitter say he played a snap at Safety, like what?! This kid is a monster.

Hayes was putting just as much work but as a true EDGE rusher. Even though he’s still young & in developmental staged & a different number, I’m getting T-Sizzle vibes. The guy had a slight upper hand in tackles than our star defensive pick but you know the unit is getting it done.

Shhhh…. I heard some rumbling of a bullrush.

The Ravens base D-Line did a hell of a job getting penetration to stop the run & keeping pressure on the QB too. All from Justin Madubuike, Broderick Washington to Chris Smith & Aaron Crawford. These guys up front continue to impress not only during practice but game time too.

Madubuike & Smith impressed me alot with what I did see. Will be excited to see what they can do next week.

Also lets get back into the LB’s because there’s a few things that need to be discussed…

I think it’s starting to get Hot In Here!

Ok, it wasn’t just me who thought Ray Lewis got younger, came out of retirement, and dawned the number 6? I wasn’t going crazy after all. Young 2nd year ILB Patrick Queen was balling so hard that it gave so many of us vibes of having ole prime Ray Ray back. Dude balled out in the first quarter & in the little bit of the second. With 4 total tackles, 4 solo, 1 sack, 2 TFL, & 1 QB hit in just alittle bit of time. Holy Sh*t batman! We’re definitely looking at something special here.

Can’t have 6 without the 3, got our own version of the Three 6 Mafia in L.J. Fort & Pat Queen. L.J. may have had half of Queen’s numbers but hey he got the job done and is proving to be a key impact rotational player that many of us know he is.

Another small name that I thought did very well before going down with injury was Kristian Welch. He was on top of his assignments & stayed hustling the entire time.

To the Offensive side of the trenches

Now most of us can understand that yes the OL didn’t do as much as we expected. They were utilizing immediate/3rd string back ups as well as playing versatility merry go round with active starters. Ben Bredeson & TCC did fairly well but I swear there were times when I seen starting C Bradley Bozeman & RG Ben Powers out at Left & Right Tackles. Same with back up LT Tyre Phillips at LG.

John Harbaugh & Co want to make sure that their Linemen can hop in any spot at any given time because the Next Man Up mentality. With all the regular starters in, personally I believe that these guys can be a force to be reckoned with.

It’s clear that Huntley is QB2

Yes, you read that one right too. Tyler Huntley is the clear QB2 not only because of Trace McSorley being out of the rest of the preseason due to a back injury but also because as mentioned in a previous piece of work, he is a close mimic or has exact similar skills that of Lamar Jackson. Trace has good skills as a pocket passing & mobile QB but it’s like their molding him to be the old style offense they used to run with Flacco.

With Huntley you can stay on a exact forward route that you want in the offense. While going 12/16 for 79 yards with a passer rating of 85.2 and rushing for 43 yards on 7 carries & 1 TD. This guy is literally showing flashes of 2018 LJ8 in the preseason.

WR rotation showed out.

We all missed out on the preseason debut of the one we’re all waiting on for the Offensive side of the ball, Rashod Bateman. Injuries happen, especially early on with everyone trying to get acclimated to the league, but we did get good looks at what the rest of the depth looks like.

Devin Duvernay(4 catches for 28 yards) & James Proche(1 catch for 8 yards along with almost all the special teams work) both did fairly well. As you can see in the parentheses some of the stars but they set up the run & created opportunities for other WRs.

This group is still going to be very fun to watch via the preseason.

Other battles are just as heated

Running back, Fullback, & TE depth are all huge wants but right now with how things went Saturday we could be seeing some new faces stay on the roster.

In the RB room, Ty’Son Williams(10 Carries & 41 yards) & Nate McCrary( 5 carries & 31 yards) both made names for themselves in the second half. I’m excited to see what they do in the next game. Justin Hill on the other hand, not as productive but hopefully he’ll bounce back.

TE3 and more battles heated up as Josh Oliver, Tony Poljan, & Eli Wolf all made attempts to fill those spots. Josh Oliver was slowly making progress in the hopes that he’ll be the official TE3 we’ve been looking for.

Ben Mason was making moves to make himself known to in not only the TE role but the dual role in the FB as-well that they’ve been experimenting with the past few years now. So that made me happy with what I did see. I think keeping him & Pancake Pat on the team will help this monstrous rushing attack tremendously.

Wrapping up with final notes

As we’re almost to Preseason Week 2 & as I’m typing this, roster changes/cuts are being made, so be on the look out for those. All these roster decisions on the front office & coaches are stressful but yet exciting. It’ll be fun to predict the final 53 man roster

Well with all that being said thank you for stopping by and hopefully reading all of this. I hope you enjoyed & don’t forget to check out all the content on the Around The Block network. Also on all forms of social media. Have a great day!