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Giants RB Saquon Barkley helped off the field after an ankle sprain

Saquon Barkley “Ordinary” Ankle Sprain

Sunday afternoon, Saquon Barkley went for a routine run up the middle as the Giants began to eat the clock up at the end of their thrilling comeback victory. However, the end result feels like a story Giants fans know all too well: another Barkley injury, this time in the form of an ankle sprain.

Barkley emerged from the bottom of the pile up visibly annoyed as he limped to the sideline. We could see him upset, even at one point throwing his helmet down in anger over the setback, as trainers and team doctors looked over the fallen running back.

Barkley was KEY in the Giants comeback victory over the Arizona Cardinals, showing why the claims of him being the best offensive player in New York remain true. All told, Barkley rushed for 63 yards and one touchdown, while putting up an additional 29 receiving yards and one spectacular, pylon-lunging touchdown before the ankle sprain.

Giants RB Saquon Barkley helped off the field after an ankle sprain
Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another Ankle Sprain for Barkley

For the second time in three years, we’ve seen the Pro Bowler injured on a common play. Previously, two years ago, we saw him inadvertently step on the foot of a Cowboys’ defender, causing him to miss four games with a sprained left ankle.

Monday, we received some clarity on the ankle injury from ESPN’s Adam Schefter. An MRI showed that Barkley suffered just an “ordinary” ankle sprain, rather than something more serious. Sources say this is going to sideline him for three weeks. A big emphasis during his time away will be on how well the Giants do in his absence.

Barkley, 26, is playing on a one-year adjusted franchise tag. The deal is worth up to $11 million. However, $900,000 of it is based in incentives. The Giants were looking down at a pretty brutal path with a healthy team. Missing their main scoring option is going to leave the Giants in a pretty interesting position.

What Happens Now?

Matt Breida, Gary Brightwell, and fifth round rookie Eric Gray are currently the only other backs on the roster. With Barkley’s exit, we saw Breida come in to finish the game. Realistically, he won’t be a viable option to replace Barkley’s scoring. Besides him not being that guy, the schedule is rough a head of them.

Brian Daboll and company seem set on running with what they have. Earlier in the day Monday, they made sure to be vocal with supporting Breida. Breida, who spent time with Daboll in Buffalo, should be able to get by on the ground. However the scoring and ability to open the field are going to be missed.

Hopefully the team can survive off the pass game, fronted by tight end Darren Waller. In the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see how the Giants ease Barkley back into the game. In the past, it’s felt like Barkley rushed his own return to help a drowning squad. Basically for nothing, but his own detriment. This is one of those time we will see just how good of a coach Daboll really is.

Saquon Barkley officially returns to Giants

Photo Credit: Reaves – Getty Images

Breaking news came down from East Rutherford, New Jersey yesterday, as New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley has agreed to a one-year deal with the team. The news came early Tuesday morning after what was months of negotiations, a failure to extend at the franchise tag deadline, and rumors that he’d hold out. Barkley’s signing comes on the heels of training camp and after the team secured veteran insurance in free agent James Robinson.

Saquon Barkley’s contract is a one-year deal (his franchise tag), worth $10.1 million, but the Giants added $909,000 incentives and provided a $2 million signing bonus. The upfront bonus and incentives were no doubt enticing, considering it was better than the initial tag offer that had neither provision. 

The New York Giants social media team announces it official.

What was the drama over Saquon Barkley?

Initially, the Giants were in negotiations to re-sign Saquon Barkley to a long-term extension that would keep him in Giants blue for several years. After several roster moves and the retainment of quarterback Daniel Jones, however, it seemed like Barkley’s value took a backseat. The team failed to come to an agreement and, instead, designated Barkley with the franchise tag. Thus began the current saga to determine what Barkley’s future in New York would be. 

Things between the Giants and Barkley remained at a standstill for quite some time. The Giants wouldn’t budge off their initial offers and brought those numbers down once the tag deadline passed. Barkley held firm as well, fighting for his value, but the deadline’s passing meant he’d have to play on the tag. This led Barkley to attend a “running backs-only” Zoom call in which other athletes at the position around the NFL discussed the state of their financial prospects moving forward as a whole. 

However, Barkley promptly came to an agreement on his deal with the Giants Tuesday. His agreement puts him in position to be the third highest grossing running back in the league for potentially the next two seasons if he maxes out this current deal and is tagged next year.

What does Barkley’s return mean for the Giants?

What it primarily means is that the Giants just retained a major weapon in their offensive arsenal. They’re in prime position to now head into camp developing the team chemistry and opening the playbook further under offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. And they’ll be doing so with their best running back on the field. It means that Barkley actually values his teammates and the organization, given his decision to sign even though it was for only slightly more money. 

It also means that Saquon Barkley now has an opportunity to prove his worth as a running back, unquestioned. Regardless of if he was worth a massive extension now or not, he’ll have a shot to show that in the second year of what is a modern, dynamic offense. This is something the Giants hadn’t had in years until head coach Brian Daboll and Kafka arrived. It’s something that he’ll need in order to hit his incentives too, which encourage a well-rounded season for the dynamic running back: 

All in all, Barkley’s return is huge. And while it could be his last season with the team, given his desire to a long-term, higher money deal, it will be interesting to see how this offseason drama and his incentive-laden contract will motivate the young phenom to perform. 

Without a doubt, Barkley has the passion and care for the game and fans. Here’s hoping Barkley remains healthy and can show the world his worth.