MASSIVE Update In The QB Battle

What I’m hearing from sources close to the situation is that…

It is Hudson Cards job to lose at this point. This late in the game it’s easy for me to say, Hudson Card will be named the opening day starter sometime next week. I stated previously that I thought Sark would announce his starter this week sometime, but as I thought on it more it became clear that Sark will make his opponents wait as long as possible to know who the game 1 starter is.

Sark’s first game as Texas head coach will not be a cake walk. That is why I believe he will sit on the starter announcement as long as possible. The longer he waits the less time ULL (University of Louisiana Lafayette) will have to prep for said starter. This is the smart move by Sark, giving himself an advantage in week 1 over stout competition in ULL.

I’ve stated before that Hudson Card is my favorite to win the QB1 job. Card fits Sark’s system extremely well and he has the most upside between the two. You should expect to see Card excel in this offense early on. There may be a few hiccups in game 1, but please don’t panic. Sark knows what he is doing because he has been in the situation many times before. I also don’t expect to see Casey Thompson transfer out right away. I do believe he will transfer out after the season is concluded, but I doubt he transfers before then.

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SEC Bound Sooner Than You Think

July 21st was turned upside down when Brent Zwerneman tweeted out, “Houston Chronicle exclusive: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference”. Since that moment, Wednesday afternoon, Twitter has been on fire with excitement from the OU and Texas fanbases; as well as depression and alcoholic behavior from the Texas A&M fanbase.

Justin Tucker hits the game winning field goal over aggy

The news shocked most of the football world. However if we are being honest with ourselves the move was inevitable. The Big 12 has been on its last leg for a couple years now. The level of play has dropped dramatically and it all came to a point when no Big 12 team (AKA Oklahoma) made the College Football Playoff for the first time in three years.

Texas and OU joining the SEC will breath life into a down but promising Texas program, and give OU an actual challenge against tougher competition. Overall the move should benefit both programs a ton. The biggest benefit should be seen in the recruiting department. Both teams excel at recruiting however, there are a lot of recruits who view the SEC as the path to the NFL. Now that A&M won’t be able to claim the “only Texas school in the SEC” narrative Texas should see a nice bump in recruiting.

I see the move happening in either 2022 or 2023. Texas and OU are both bound to the Big 12 TV contract until 2025. However both schools will buyout their portion of the contract or the Big 12 will disband and that contract will be null and void. It’s crazy to me to think this could be Texas’ final season in the Big 12, but it’s very exciting thinking about the future.

I’ll end with this, if Sark can’t put up results on the field the recruiting side of it will once again become stagnant. The famous phrase “Winning cures everything” is true at the University of Texas. Win football games and you keep your job. It’s that simple. I believe Sark will get that done and push Texas over the top. If not we will be looking for a new Head coach in 3-4 years.