Best NFL Bets for Thanksgiving

Time for some bonus NFL betting content! We’ve got three games on the Thanksgiving slate, let’s see if we can build off the momentum from going 3-2 on Sunday. Here are three great bets for the Thanksgiving NFL action. All lines come via Draft Kings as of Wednesday afternoon.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Bills at Lions: Lions +9 (-110)

The Bills finally got back into the win column after a home win in Detroit over the Browns. Now, Buffalo heads back to the Motor City as the visiting team to take on the surging Detroit Lions. You read that right, the Lions come into this game riding a three-game winning streak.

Let’s be clear, that streak is likely to end this week. That being said, it might be somewhat close. The Lions are playing good football right now. The Bills haven’t been their best. Josh Allen doesn’t look completely himself, and that defense is hurting. I think the Lions find themselves down a couple scores, but get a garbage time score to pull within eight. Take the points.

Giants at Cowboys: Giants +10 (-105)

This feels like a gift. I get why the bookies have handicapped it this way, but I don’t agree with it at all. Their rationale is that the Cowboys are playing great, they typically play well on Thanksgiving, and the Giants are slowly coming back down to Earth. It all makes sense, but it’s not enough to lay 10 on the Cowboys.

There are a lot of unknowns in this contest. Divisional games tend to be a little screwy due to the extra familiarity. The same goes for Thursday games in general due to the lack of time to prepare. Another factor is this massive injury report. Who knows who is going to play and what shape they will be in.

Given all these unknowns, let’s focus on the facts. On paper, these teams are not that far apart. It is hard to win by double digits in the NFL. Take the points once again.

Patriots at Vikings: UNDER 42.5 Points (-110)

The Patriots and Vikings are not the matchup we are going to bet here to cap off our NFL Thanksgiving bets. Normally, that would be a no-brainer. However, there is a much bigger matchup to watch: Kirk Cousins versus prime time.

The man just stinks under the bright lights. That being said, he won’t have to be that good to get by New England. For that reason, we’re going with the path of least resistance and betting the total.

This is an easy one. Cousins doesn’t play well in late games and the Patriots have a very good defense. On the other side of the ball, the Vikings are average defensively, and the Patriots offense is in the bottom half of the league in points scored. Expect this game to be a race to 20. Take the under.

A Miami Dolphins Thanksgiving: What I’m Thankful For

With the 2021 NFL season winding down and things not going quite as planned, here’s a few things I’m thankful for as a Miami Dolphins Fan

miami dolphins thankful
Credit: The Phinsider

While the 2021 season has not panned out many fans had hoped, the three-game win streak has been a nice breath of fresh air but that does not mean there are not things to be thankful for as a Miami Dolphins fan.

A postseason trip seems unlikely barring an incredible season-ending run, which Miami has found themselves on the end of in previous seasons. With Week 12 upon us, the Miami Dolphins have not left much to be thankful for this season. Except, outside of a few individual performances.

As a 21st-century Dolphins fan (my age is not my fault), success and accomplishment come few and far between. However, there’s plenty to be thankful for as a fan of the orange and teal over the past 20 years. So on this Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at a few things the Miami Dolphins have made me thankful for:

As a Miami Dolphins fan I’m thankful for:

LB Zach Thomas

Let’s kick things off with one of the primary reasons I am a Dolphins fan. I was born and raised in Virginia. However, I personally disagree with the idea that Washington D.C.’s teams are assumed on Virginia citizens. So I have primarily viewed this as a fandom free-agent pass to find whatever team I want to invest emotional energy in. 

Every Sunday, I would go over to my grandfather’s house and watch that Week’s slate from 1 PM through 4 PMs, sometimes even the night game. So one Sunday early on, I had my grandfather list me all the NFL teams. As a ten-year-old does, I latched onto a team with my favorite color, orange, and prominent player sharing my first name, Zach. 

Zach Thomas interestingly comes up again as the five-time first-team All-Pro linebacker was recently named a semifinalist for the NFL Hall of Fame. There are too many discussion points that highlight how his omission from the Hall is absurd at this point. But I am thankful for Thomas’ play spurring his name into households and leading to my Fins fandom. 

WR Greg Camarillo

Let’s go in an opposite direction here: I’m thankful for WR Greg Camarillo for saving Miami from being the Detroit Lions. Before every channel on the TV was broadcast in high definition, yeah, 2007, the Dolphins had quite a rough season. Back in 2007, if you weren’t playing good football, you weren’t getting the HD treatment, but my grandfather had the NFL Sunday Ticket. The Dolphins were on TV, but that doesn’t mean the quality was great. 

I watched every week of the 2007 season, hoping, praying for a win. Then in seemingly the last moment possible, Week 15 rolled around a showdown at Dolphins Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens. Coming into the game 0-13, not many expected a surprise overtime upset. But after Matt Stover missed a 44-yard field goal, Camarillo took a mid-level pass 65-yards to the house to snap the winless streak. Miami finished 1-15 but saved the franchise from the embarrassment of the dread 0-16 season. 

You knew this was coming: The Miami Miracle.

As stated earlier, I’m a 21st-century Dolphins fan, not a lot of success to draw upon. The Adam Gase Era was filled with ups and downs, but despite missing the playoffs and Gase’s inevitable firing in 2018, things somewhat ended nicely? Picture this, Week 14, the postseason looks murkier and murkier. The Tom Brady-led Patriots are 9-3 and primed for another playoff run. What solves the situation? An absolutely bonkers last-second 69-yard touchdown to win the game by one point. 

The only player who touched the ball on that play that is still on the team is WR Devante Parker. The Miracle in Miami will forever live in Miami Dolphins history. Some might scoff at the idea that a regular-season game could mean so much, but sometimes people need something to hold onto. If that means beating your bitter rival in a meaningless game that could hurt draft position, so be it. It was fun, fabulous, and I am thankful for the Miami Dolphins giving me quite a few jaw-dropping fandom moments throughout this journey. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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