Colts Camp Week In Review

With game 1 of the preseason coming up in a week lets look back at the past week of camp. It has been eventful there’s no doubt with some no names making waves and some old heads still turning them. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly from training camp so far.

The Good

Ben Banogu has had a great camp. Banogu is a 3rd year player and it seems the light may have turned on for him. After working with All-Pro DeForest Buckner this offseason it seems to really be paying off for Ben. Its also really nice for the Colts from an organizational standpoint as Ballard talked about giving these young pass rushers time to develop in his year end presser.

No rookie has had the impact so far in camp as Mike Strachan. The 7th round prospect from DII is having a wonderful camp and makes a great case for a roster spot. I did have Strachan making the roster as WR before camp, as mentioned here, and that holds true now as he is producing day in and out.

There’s not much to say but the drive by Kenny Moore is the reason he is as good as he is. The best slot corner in the NFL has gotten stronger and more explosive per Albert Breer. He has started playing outside corner better as well. His determination to be better and honestly I don’t know many players that make stellar plays and complain they should have done better. Big year incoming from 23.

The Bad

So far this camp there is one consistent thing and it’s not good. Injuries are everywhere and not minor ones. Darius Leonard had an ankle surgery to start it off. Wentz was diagnosed with an injury he has had since High School to miss 5-12 weeks. Quenton Nelson is found to have the same injury as a result of a developmental anomaly and will miss 5-12 weeks. Ryan Kelly suffered an elbow injury and will miss the rest of camp. DeForest Buckner left a practice with a foot injury as a precaution. Julian Blackmon, who was rated the 8th best safety entering the 2021 year by USA today, has been battling injuries and left practice Friday with his knee wrapped up. This team can be incredibly special but these injuries to prime players really hurt.

The Ugly

The worst part of camp so far is not Jacob Eason but it does affect him. It’s the offensive line hands down and specifically the LT position. With all the injuries to the offensive line it may come as no surprise they’ve struggled but the left tackle spot was a need all offseason and the front office did hardly anything to fix it. They signed an injured Eric Fischer, who is recovering from a torn ACL. Meanwhile they signed Sam Tevi to start as the solution and how is that working so far?

Great rep by Turay there to get pressure but front to back just an awful job by the Colts week 1 starter. All playoff hopes rest on the ACL of Eric Fisher. Hard to expect Eason to perform great while he’s waiting for the hit to come. Expect Eason to take a lot of snaps vs the Panthers to really establish a rhythm with the offense.