BREAKING: Joey Gallo is Headed to the Yankees

Brian Cashman, good on you pal. The Yankees get their Lefty and outfielder all in one. let’s get into the details:

Who are the Yankees sending?

The trade is not confirmed yet as physicals need to be passed but according to Jeff Passan of ESPN the Yankees are sending RHP Glenn Otto, 2B Ezequiel Duran, SS Josh Smith and 2B/OF Trevor Hauver for Gallo.

Why this is huge:

The Yankees didn’t give up a single Top 10 prospect to get Gallo. This allows them to do to things: A) still have confidence in their farm system. B) Make another trade if they want.

How does this effect the season:

The Yankees are 2.5 games out of the second wildcard spot. They add an All-Star, and have 2 starting pitchers on the way back from the IL. The playoffs are very much in reach. Not to mention Per Aaron Boone, Voit is recovery a lot faster than expected.

All the Yankees have to do is get in the dance and they can go all the way. That’s how playoffs work. The road won’t be easy, especially after the A’s added Starling Marte.

Gallo is huge and his Lefty bat will hit a lot of balls over the short porch. Get ready Yankee fans.

Trade Target: Starling Marte

The Trade Deadline is right around the corner and the Yankees sit 4.5 games out of a playoff spot and 8 out of a division spot.

In their last 13 games the Yankees are 9-4 and look to be on a roll. While a second half run is expected by most, it will not be easy without reinforcements on offense. Starling Marte is a name that jumps out as a fit.

The Yankees have received abysmal production from their outfielders outside of Judge so this is a definite area of need. Marte currently boasts 134 wRC+ which would be the second best among Yankee starters. He also adds solid defense in both LF and CF, something that the Yankees need desperately in the OF.

Marte would come at a cost, but here is a trade that seems realistic:

Yankees Get:

Starling Marte (13.4 points)

Richard Bleier (3 points)

Marlins Get:

Deivi Garcia (14.8 points)

Anthony Seigler (2.3 points)

Albert Abreu (.5 points)

This trade also adds a solid relief pitcher who is under control beyond 2021. Trading Abreu opens an extra 40 man spot to add both players at little added value. This trade seems like a no-brainer if this team has title aspirations.

Only Brian Cashman knows what the Yankees plans are, but let’s hope he goes for it.

Yankees Trade Target : Joey Gallo

It’s July and everyone knows what that means, we are closing in on the trade deadline and the second half of the season. It’s a magical time where fringe playoff teams become World Series contenders… Now the Yankees find themselves in a bad spot, about 4 games out of the second wild card spot half a season to go. Who should they add to start winning games? Easy, Joey Gallo.

Joey Gallo, OF for the Texas Rangers, has been on a tear to finish June. He was hitting .435 with 7 HR and 13 RBIs in just 7 games. The thing that makes it possible for the Yankees to get Gallo, his season as a hole hasn’t been amazing.

Let’s talk about what it would take to make Joey Gallo a Yankee. Now according to Baseball Trade Values, a trade simulator, Joey Gallo is worth 37.3 points. Here is a mock trade that I could see happening:

Texans Get:

Deivi Garcia (14.8 points)

Estevan Florial (5.7)

Alexander Vargas (14.5)

Matt Sauer (2.9)

Yankees Get:

Joey Gallo (37.3)

This trade would also allow they Yankees to call up Hoy Park as they add a spot to the 40 man roster.

All in all, Joey Gallo could be the spark the Yankees need to get over the hump and back in contention. If Brian Cashman goes out and gets Gallo, he shows fans he wants to win and he may gain back some trust.

What to do with Clint Frazier

The Yankees’ have been struggling this year. Some holes need to be filled, and Clint Frazier seems to be losing his grip on a starting outfield position, with the resurgence of Andujar and the need for Lefty hitting.

I think it’s time to move Clint. A fresh start would greatly benefit him and if you move him for a guy like Ketel Marte, a lefty who can play anywhere, then you change the identity of this Yankees team. As for Clint, he clearly needs some sort of consistency and the Yankees can’t give him that.

Why the move is good for the Yankees:

Well, first off any move is a good move for this struggling team. Change can revitalize a team and bring new energy to the clubhouse. With all of New York calling for the head of Boone and Cashman, they need to make a move to salvage their jobs. Clint feels like a needed casualty to save the year. With Jasson Dominguez being the OF of the future Clint just doesn’t have a long term spot.

If Ketel Marte is what the Yankees get in return, they will probably have to give up a Pitcher from the farm as well. He is very versatile and gives the Yankees a good left handed bat. It would also give the Yankees the freedom to move DJ to the 2 hole. The offense would look completely different.

Why the move is good for Clint Frazier:

Frazier deserves a starting spot. The need for lefties in the Yankee lineup has stopped Clint from keeping his starting spot and held him back in the batter’s’ box. Clint Frazier needs to move on; the Diamondbacks would be great for him.

If Marte gets traded for Clint, then Clint becomes the starting center fielder in Arizona and would get a huge confidence boost. He would be able to get into a flow and hopefully thrive in the desert. Frazier has shown he can be reliable if he can have consistent at-bats.

I think every Yankee fan would be happy for Clint if he went elsewhere and succeeded. Let Clint shine somewhere else and help the Yankees at the same time. It is best for both parties just to move on.

Miguel Andujar: Here to Stay

After his stock hits an all time low, Miguel Andujar has been on a hot streak while the rest of the Yankees offense was slumping. Now, as the rest of line-up is heating up and Andujar is leading the charge. Andujar has a chance to be the Yankees left fielder of the future and here’s why.

Manager Aaron Boone said on June 8th Andujar’s hot streak, gives him some leeway in the batter’s box. That night, Andujar hits a 449 foot solo shot. Now that Andujar is not fighting for his job every day, he looks more comfortable on the diamond.

Why Should You get on the Miggy Hype Train?

Simple. We don’t have anyone in Leftfield and he has become a consistent hitter. Andujar has not been in left long and he is improving quickly which is awesome to see. Over the last 7 games Andujar is batting .296 with 5 HRs, 6 RBIs, and 10 hits.

Beyond that, Andujar has made great strides in the field. Boone giving him some leeway let’s Andujar relax about losing his spot. Miggy is now confident that he can stay in the line-up so his fielding has improved. Hopefully, this continues and he becomes a great fielder and a main stay of the Yankees for a long time.

Is This a Fluke?

No, Andujar has always has had this in him. All Miggy needed was confidence and he was ready to go. Will he always be red hot, no that’s not how life works. However, I believe he will continue to steadily move up in the eyes of the organization.

Obviously, Andujar is not a gold glover. Hopefully, the strides he made this year continue and they don’t stop for as long as he’s a Yankee. Less errors and a lot more impressive plays have been great for Andujar’s development. With the Yankees struggling on defense anything helps.

All in all, Miggy is up next. Hopefully, he is the left fielder of the future in New York and they can turn the season around. This Twins series and Andujar’s hot streak can help do that.