The term interpolation has been in the news as of late, in part to Olivia Rodrigo and her team. The idea is that you sample a melody or portions of a melody, from a previously recorded song but re-record the melody instead of sampling it. While doing a spotlight piece isn’t a brand new idea, … Continue reading STAY FRESH: DANIEL GARCIA

AEW Match of the Month

Match of the Month: September

When Christmas is so close you can smell the yuletide on Michael Bublé. The time when New Year’s Eve plans start to unfold and we are always smacked with year-end list. Wrestling of course is no different. People start to rattle off matches from eight, nine months back and you have a faint memory if … Continue reading Match of the Month: September

Going To The Mat With Gender And Race: Black Professional Wrestlers In The ‘Pre-TV’ Wrestling Era.

Wrestling as both a martial art and sport is thousands of years old. There are cave paintings in France and Mongolia depicting grapplers that are over 15,000 years old. There are shockingly modern looking grappling holds and take-down defense depictions that have been found in the 5th Dynasty tomb of Ptahhotep. The 5th Dynasty was … Continue reading Going To The Mat With Gender And Race: Black Professional Wrestlers In The ‘Pre-TV’ Wrestling Era.

The “All Out” Exit Survey

The Around The Block Wrestling staff takes a look at the recent All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view All Out and breaks down the best and worst of the night.

Who Falls Short of Mysterio?

The Best Little Guy Not Named Rey Mysterio If you ask anyone who the greatest height deficient pro wrestler of all time is, they are going to say Rey Mysterio Jr. There is absolutely no doubt his name will be coming out of their mouths. That man has been giving us 30+ years of absolute … Continue reading Who Falls Short of Mysterio?

Is Griselda NWO?

Is Griselda the NWO?

It was just a casual Sunday afternoon when Westside Gunn’s piercing voice hit my ears as “George Bondo” started to play. Most days Spotify fills my daily mix playlist with a mixture of Griselda records and of course today was no different. As the second verse begins and Conway takes over for his stable mate … Continue reading Is Griselda the NWO?

NWA Powerrr Episode 37 Recap

This week’s episode of NWA Powerrr saw the continuation of the Block A and B matchups in the Champions Series. Let’s get right into what was a solid show, with decent NWA-style wrestling throughout carried by quite a bit of fun character work. Kenzie Paige Defeats Lady Frost Per usual, we kicked things off with … Continue reading NWA Powerrr Episode 37 Recap

AEW Dark 100: A Celebration

Tonight, All Elite Wrestling celebrates the 100th episode of AEW Dark. The YouTube show, originally conceived to air the previous week’s dark matches while previewing the upcoming episode of Dynamite, has transformed through the pandemic era into a place for independent wrestlers to showcase their talents. Let’s take a look back at why AEW Dark … Continue reading AEW Dark 100: A Celebration

A Look into Adam Cole’s Contract Situation

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, Bray Wyatt, and now Adam Cole. The internet has been set ablaze over the past month with major wrestling news, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon. As exclusively reported by WrestlingINC’s Raj Giri, Adam Cole’s contract with WWE is set to expire after SummerSlam. … Continue reading A Look into Adam Cole’s Contract Situation